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Date & Time: BIDDING ENDS: Monday May 20, 2019 7:00PM
Location: Eagle Auction Center
103 Hagan Street
Clover, SC 29170
Highlights: We are pleased to offer the Estate of the late Stephen Bougar who served as a teacher in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. During his years overseas Mr. Bougar became a prolific collector of artifacts and art from the Middle East, Africa, Indonesia, China, United States and Many other places in the World. In addition to the Bougar Estate we will offer a variety of antiques, collectibles and household goods from other partial estates.
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OFFERING THE ESTATE OF STEPHEN BOUGAR AND OTHERS INCLUDING; Magnificent collection of carved African masks, African Baobab Tree of Life carvings, Collections of Lenox porcelains, Cappella dei Magi poster, Middle Eastern hashish pipes, Afghanistan warrior bracelets, Indian wedding cymbals, Persian knife and scabbard, Persian curved knife and scabbard, Afghanistan alabaster handled knife and scabbard, Indian tobacco cutter, Trible bronze cow bells, Bronze Buddha, Afghan Kukri knife and scabbard, Bronze bird incense burner, Vintage Geisha dolls, Bronze and iron cast and hand tooled bowls, African lion needlepoint, Leonardo DaVinci print, Greek God statues, c600-900 BC Israeli Byzantine Ring, Steel African war club, North American Native American war club from Great Lakes area, Ying Yang painting with signature, African mahogany war club, Large bronze buddha with champlevé applied, Bronze Congo effigy head, Carved stone Nigerian head, Indian iron elephant toy with wheels, Monk’s prayer box, Persian curved knife, scabbard, belt, powder and primer boxes, African fertility vest, (3) African carved dwelling doors, Bronze statue of Leonidas, Iron Persian warriors pummel, Iron Persian warriors 3-edged dagger, Camel bell, Very nice camel saddle, Collection of Fenton and Westmoreland milk glass, Collection of pink depression glass, Collection of Hummel cups & saucers, Ashton-Drake baby dolls, Vintage light fixtures, Militaria, Antique and vintage canes and walking sticks, Vintage signs and advertising, Antique kitchen wares, Antique doll trunk, Native American pottery, Antique patent medicine bottles, Vintage and antique milk bottles and boxes, Advertising tins, Sea shells, Horse tack, Rebel Collectibles, Framed goods and mirrors, Enamel ware, Antique oil lamps, Bookcases, Vintage and antique books, 1961 Chrome pay telephone, Burton Pro wave rider and travel case, Vintage automobile wheel covers and hub caps, Antique boxes and crates, Textiles, Small appliances, Furniture, Coca-Cola collectibles, Desk and office machines, File boxes and cabinets, Folding chairs, Lasko heaters and fans, Indonesian puppets, Tools, Marbles, Ammunition and casings, Antique tool box, Vintage toys, Vintage LPs and so much more. 447 Lots for sale to the highest bidder.

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In addition to EXTENDED BIDDING we also may use a staggered closing. For a staggered closing: starting with the first 25 items listed in the auction. 25 items will close each minute. EX: 1-25 Close at 7:00, 26-50 Close at 7:01, 51-75 Close at 7:02 and so on. Please keep in mind that any item receiving a bid in the last 5 mins of it's scheduled closing time will be extended. The is experimental and we are happy to answer any question anytime.

The auctioneer is held harmless in the event of computer, software, hardware or server malfunctions, or down time during this auction event.

A Buyer's Premium of 15% will be added to your high bid and will be part of the final selling price. The Buyer's Premium represents the bidder's share of the cost of producing the auction. Seven percent (7%) sales tax will be added to the final invoice of all South Carolina residents. If a bidder has a resale tax number it is the bidder's responsibility to email a valid certificate to to receive the reduction.

State Sales Tax, Property Tax, State Registration Fees on vehicles will not be charged by the auctioneer and are the responsibility of the buyer to pay the appropriate government agency. Any firearms sold by Broadwell & Associates, Auctioneer are being sold as antique/vintage collector items. Working condition is to be determined by the purchaser by personal inspection. To purchase a firearm you must be (21 yrs) twenty-one years old, a resident of South Carolina, complete a Federal Firearms Application form and have in your possession valid South Carolina Drivers License. Under no circumstances will firearms be shipped. Delivery must be taken at the auction site.

Your payment method will be pre-determined when you register. You will pay by credit card; Visa and MasterCard only. Your credit card number will be on file and the full amount of your purchases including the buyer's premium and sales tax, if applicable, will be charged to your account within (2) two hours of the close of the auction. Your acceptance to the Term and Conditions set forth herein includes your agreement not to initiate a chargeback on your credit card. A declined credit card will result in a ($30) thirty dollar processing fee to use a different card or to process a certified check.

**All vehicles must be paid for in cash or certified check. We do not accept credit card payment on any items that require titles. Titles will be mailed within 10 days of payment and auction close.

No goods will be removed from the auction site until paid for in full. The date and time for removing your purchases will be provided at the end of these Terms and Conditions. No exceptions to the scheduled pick-up times will be made. Items not picked up at the auction site will automatically be shipped by UPS to your address of record (unless this item requires Deconstruction or Uninstalling). Charges for packaging, shipping and handling will be charged to the credit card on file with Maxanet but are charged directly by UPS and are not included in charges or services provided by Broadwell and Associates Auctioneer. By not picking up your items at the auction site you agree to UPS's rates and guidelines and imply consent for UPS's agent to act on your behalf in taking possession of these items. All shipping transaction are between UPS and the buyer, Broadwell & Associates, Auctioneer will not be involved in disputes of any type.

If any buyer request special pick up times or instructions, there will be a $25.00 per hour (1 hour min.) charge to your credit card per event to cover cost of staffing. In additional, an item not picked up will be forfeited. Payment will not be refunded. If you cannot meet the terms and conditions of this auction please Do Not Bid.

Deconstruction of structural purchases including, cabinetry, flooring, framing, sheeting, windows, doors, fireplaces, appliances or any other such purchases are solely the responsibility of the buyer. All labor, loading, equipment, tools or vehicles required to deconstruct will be provided by the buyer. Uninstalling of fixtures, plumbing, electrical appliances, lighting, built-ins, specialty equipment or any other such purchases are the responsibility of the buyer to remove. All labor, loading, equipment, tools, or vehicles required to remove all purchases will be provided by the buyer. The buyer is responsible for safety of personnel used to remove or deconstruct and the safety of others picking up goods in the same area. The buyer will be held responsible for any unnecessary damages done to the property resulting from the removal process. In the event that an item that requires Deconstruction or Uninstalling is not picked up, that item will be forfeited.


Auction Opens: Monday May 13, 2019 8:00AM
Bidding Closes: Monday May 20, 2019 7:00PM
Preview: Saturday May 18, 2019 9:00AM - 12:00PM
Pick up: Tuesday May 21, 2019 9:00 am - 11:00 am and 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Contact: Broadwell & Associates
427 Christmas Tree Lane
Clover SC 29710
Phone: 803.222.1086 or 803.517.8711
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