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170724 Personal Collection Relocation - Bidding Ends: Monday July 24, 2017 7:00PM

Item Description
1.[2] 13" Contemporary Hobnail Oil Lamps
2.16" Contemporary Mellon-Base Oil Lamp
3.[4] 8" Decorated Metal Flu Covers
4.[4] 8" Rosanna French Fashion Plates
5.7.5" Metal Egyptian Replica Artifact Statue
6.7' Holy Land Replica Artifact Olive Oil Vessel
7. 3" Holy Land Replica Artifact Perfume Pitcher
8.7.5" Holy Land Replica Artifact Wine Bottle
9. 5" Holy Land Replica Artifact Olive Oil Plate
10.6" Holy Land Replica Artifact Wine Pitcher
11.[2] 8" Royal Doulton Carolyn Wright Limited Edition Bird Plates Including; "Goldfinch Garden" and "Chickadees' Castle"
12.9" Harker Potter Co. 22K Gold Trimmed "Last Supper" Plate
13.[2] 6.5" and 8" Crystal Bells
14.Crystal Salad Set
15.[2] 6" and 7" Crystal Bells
16.Pair of 8" Crystal Candle Holders
17.[3] 8" Franklin Mint Morgan Crain Limited Edition Bird Plates Including; "Bluebirds At Dawn", "The Old Wooden Bucket" and "Song Of The Cherry Blossom"
18.9" Glazed Contemporary Pottery Vase
19.Child's 3.5" Antique "Green Handle" Flour Sifter and 4.5" Antique "Red Handle" Egg Beater
20.6" Vintage Durable Toy Co. "Uncle Sam's 3-Coin Bank" NOTE: It Has Money In It and Registers $8.85
21.[10] Antique Sugar Sacks and [2] Antique Salt Sacks
22.2002 Copy of "The Sleeping Beauty" From The Ballet of the Mariinsky Theater
23.11" Sq. Vintage Mid-Century Decorated Ash Tray
24.24" x 28" Antique Frame With Fawn Photograph
25.12" Sq. "Towels and Soap 5" Sign
26.6' LIKE NEW Male Manikin
27.9.5 M Men's FootJoy Golf Shoes NOTE: Hardly Worn
28.Authentically Reproduced Man's Large Wool Confederate Uniform Including; Hat, Jacket, Shirt, Pants and Suspenders
29.Reproduction Canvas Bivouac Water Bucket With Covered Cup
30.Primitive Antique Uniform Hanger
31.Antique US Model 1855 Civil War Era Bayonet
32.Antique Springfield Model 1873 45-70 Bayonet
33.10" National Steel Frying Pan
34.36" Hand-Forged Long-Handled 10"Frying Pan
35.15" Enameled Wash Pan
36.18"Dia. 18" Drop Early American Style Copper-Clad Hanging Lamp
37.RARE Antique 1 Qt. Blue Ball Perfect Mason Lucky No. 13" Jar
38.Vintage 1/2 Pt. Ball Special Wide Mouth Jar and Ball Mason 250ML Jelly Jar
39.[2] Antique Pale Green Slope-Shoulder 3-Loop or Loop Signature Ball Mason Jars
40.[2] Vintage 1 Qt. Blue Ball Perfect Mason Jars #2 and #5
41.Antique 1 Qt. Light Blue Slope-Shoulder Ptd. 1867 Mason Improved Jar With Combination Glass and Zinc Top
42.[2] Antique 1 Pt. Pale Blue Ptd. 1858 Mason's #2 Jars
43.RARE Antique 1910-1923 1 Qt. Slope-Shoulder Olive Green Ptd. 1858 Mason's Jar
44.RARE Antique 1910-1923 1 Pt. Slope-Shoulder 3-Loop or Loop Signature Olive Green Ball Mason Jar
45.Antique 1 Qt. Clear Glass Mason's Ptd. 1858 Jar With Glass and Aluminum "Peep Hole" Top
46.Antique 1 Pt. Blue Ball Mason #5 3-Loop or Loop Signature Jar
47.Antique 1 Qt. Apple Green CFJ "Midget" Slope Shoulder Ptd. 1858 Jar
48.Antique 1 Qt. Clear Glass Mason's Ptd. 1858 Jar
49.Antique 1 Qt. Light Blue Slope-Shoulder Ptd. 1858 Mason's Maltese Cross Hero's Jar
50.Antique 1 Qt. Kerr Glass "Economy" Jar With Glass Lid and Steel Snap-On Retainer
51.RARE Antique 1 Qt. Light Blue Woodbury (Woodbury Glass Works) Jar Without Lid
52.RARE Antique 1 Qt. Whitney Glass Works "The Telephone Jar"
53.Antique 1 Qt. Clear Glass CFJ Slope-Shoulder Jar With Glass and Zinc Lid
54.Antique 1 Qt. Light Blue Atlas-Mason's Patent Jar With Glass and Aluminum "Peep Hole" Top
55.RARE Antique 1 Qt. Blue Climax No. 5 Jar With Glass Lid
56.Antique 1 Qt. Blue "Plain" 3-Loop or Loop Signature Ball Jar
57.Antique 1 Qt. Blue Banner Wide Mouth #4 Jar
58.Antique 9" Brown-Glass Cork-Top Bitters Bottle
59.Set of c1930 Madame Alexander Composition 7" Dionne Quintuplet Dolls in Antique Basket and Includes c1930s 15" x 11" Framed Portrait
60.1997 Production Unopened 18 Oz. Box of Dale Earnhardt Wheaties
61.1996 Production Unopened 18 Oz. Box of Dale Earnhardt Wheaties
62.Antique Hemingray #42 Glass Insulator On The Original Retainer
63.[2] c1915 4-H and H-11 Dietz Oil Lantern Globes
64.25" x 10" Wall Treatment From Sutter Club Brand Apricot Crate Ends
65.12" x 17" 1989 Green and Red Coca-Cola Metal Sign
66.13" x 9" "Churning Waters Bait and Tackle" Metal Sign
67.16" x 13" Vintage "Super Chevrolet Service" Metal Sign
68.Antique 40 Cal. Youth Percussion Muzzle-Loader With 36" Barrel NOTE: Some Restoration Needed
69.Stevens/Savage Arms Model 73 Bolt-Action 22, 22L, 22LR SN P961178
70.24" x 9" Wooden "Live Bait" Arrow Sign
71.33" Diamond Shaped "No Outlet Highway Sign
72.1961 Ontario Canada License Plate
73.24" x 18" "No Lifeguard On Duty" Sign
74.[3] 1957 & 1957A $1 Silver Certificates
75.[3] 1957 & 1957A $1 Silver Certificates
76.[3] 1935E & 1935F $1 Silver Certificates
77.[3] 1935E & 1935F $1 Silver Certificates
78.[3] 1935E $1 Silver Certificates
79.[3] 1935E $1 Silver Certificates
80.1953 $2 U S Note
81.1928G $2 U S Note
82.1953 $5 Silver Certificate
83.1953 $5 Silver Certificate
84.[5] 3" Sterling Silver Communion Cups. NOTE: W/Dents And A Total Weight Of 2.37 Toz.
85.Sterling Silver Size 7.25 Lady's Costume Cocktail Ring
86.Antique Lanier Fabricators, Paris Opera Glasses w/Enamel Over Silver & Hand Etched Opera Glasses. NOTE: Best I Have Ever Seen
87.1996 Revell-Monogram Die Cast Premium Edition Dale Earnhardt No. 3 Goodwrench Monte Carlo Atlanta 1996 Paint Scheme Hot Wheels
88.1996 Revell-Monogram Die Cast Premium Edition Dale Earnhardt No. 3 Goodwrench Monte Carlo Atlanta 1996 Paint Scheme Hot Wheels
89.1984-1994 Rawlings Official League Baseball, Bobby Brown Commissioner & Players Signature is Unidentified.
90.[30] Lt. Ed. 23K Gold Plated Commonwealth Of Dominica "Great First In Aviation" Stamps. NOTE: Issue Price For The 30 Stamps $480
91.4" Vintage Soroco Paperweight Commemorating The Battle Ship "Texas" At San Jacinto Battleground.
92.[2] Hammonton, NJ Continental 1866-1966 Wooden Nickels
93.[70] Boy Scout Jamboree & Special Event Patches
94.Unopened 1995 Set Of 198 Chromium Series Maxx Nascar Cards
95.1995 Signed Chris Kenady Hockey Card
96.1992 Signed Vaughn Dunbar Football Card
97.1992 Signed Tommy Maddox Football Card
98.1996 Signed Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball Card w/Certificate
99.Topps Lt. Ed. No. 025337 22K Gold Foil Card Of Mickey Mantle's 1952 Rookie Card
100.1988 Don Russ Signed Kurt Schilling Card
101.1996 Lt. Ed. NFC Super Bowl XXI Card w/Certificate
102.1995 Signed Chris Kenady Hockey Card
103.[25] Assorted Baseball, Football & Hockey Cards
104.7" Embossed Aluminum Santee Cooper, SC Public Service Plate
105.1996 Revell-Monogram Lt. Ed. Jeff Gordon No. 24 H.O. Train Collection
106.[12] Mark Martin Racing Greeting Cards & Envelopes
107.1993 Revell-Monogram 1/24 Scale Die Cast Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet Lumina
108.[9] Nascar Cards Including [3] Dale Earnhardt Daytona Cards, [2] Dale Earnhardt North Wilkesboro Printers' Proof Cards, [1] Dale Earnhardt Winston Cup Card, [1] Dale Jarrett, [1] Ernie Irvan, & [1] Sterling Marlin. NOTE: All Are 1995-1996 Editions
109.24" x 18" Metal "No Diving" Sign
110.1921 N. Y. License Plate. NOTE: Repainted
111.1947 PA License Plate
112.1945 N J License Plate
113.1961 "Prison Made" Montana License Plate
114.18" Vintage Steel "Visitor Parking Only" Sign
115.10" National Forest Boundry Sign
116.20" x 30" Lutheran Church, Vineland, N. J. Sign
117.24" x 18" Corona Extra Sign
118.[6] Assorted State License Plates
119.[6] Assorted State License Plates
120.[6] Assorted State License Plates
121.[6] Assorted State License Plates
122.[6] Assorted State License Plates
123.Antique "Anthem Choir" Music Book By W.A. Ogden
124.13" x 16" May 11, 1985 Billboard Magazine "Hot Country Singles" Chart w/Personal Signature Of Reba McEntire
125.[2] 14" "Danger, Firing Range" Signs
126.18" Cabbage Board
127.15" Masterbilt Propane Gas Cooker w/13" Stock Pot & Near Full Bottle Of Gas
128.5 Gal. Pyrex Distilling Jar
129.48" x 30" Interstate Batteries Metal Sign
130.36"W x 56"H x 14"D 4-Shelf Rack
131.18" Antique Oil Lamp
132.18" Antique Oil Lamp
133.18" Vintage Oil Lamp
134.Antique Hand Forged New England Clamp Rake
135.16" Vintage Bellows
136.32" Commercial Slaw Cutter w/Slide Box
137.Woodstream Old Pal Floating Minnow Bucket & Old Pal Cricket Box
138.No. 10 Galvanize Bucket & 18" Chicken Feeder
139.Galvanize Calf-Teria Weaning Bucket & Funnel
140.Like New Coleman 2-Burner Propane Stove
141.Antique Southern Railway Signal Lantern
142.14" Embury MFG. Air Pilot Red Globe Signal Lantern
143.12" Dietz "Little Wizard" Red Globe Signal Lantern
144.[2] Pitch Forks Including 16" 4-Tongs & 13" 5-Tong
145.1 3/8" x 7' Hand Auger
146.1 1/8" x 4' Hand Auger
147.28" Antique Hand Forged Edger
148.[2] 23" Patterns For Forged Strap Hinges
149.[2] 46" Wooden Laundry Tongs
150.Cast Iron Tractor Seat
151.30" Commercial Ice Tongs
152.13" Grinding Wheel & Arbor For Hand Turning Or Foot Pedal
153.[2] 12" 2-Tong & 3-Tong Pitch Forks
154.Columbiana Pitcher Pump. NOTE: No Base
155.16" Cast Iron Implement Wheel
156.52" Vintage Lyle Sign Co. "No Parking Between Signs"
157.No. 2 Planet Jr. Edger w/ Original Label
158.55" Primitive Plant Setter
159.Antique 4-Tong Pitch Fork
160.Antique 7' 3-Tong Hay Stack Pitch Fork
161.Antique 7' 2-Tong Hay Stack Pitch Fork
162.Antique 4-Tong Pitch Fork
163.57" "Long Handle" Adz
164.17" x 12" Bigmouth Brewing Co. Ale Sign
165.12" x 16" Vintage 25 Budweiser Sign. NOTE: Faded
166.12" x 18" "No Parking Between Signs". NOTE: AS IS Condition
167.24" x 18" Corona Beer Sign
168.18" x 24" Coors Beer Sign
169.12" x 16" Vintage Coors Beer Sign
170.18" x 12" Embossed Metal "Schmidt's" Beer Sign
171.15" Chopper
172.29" Chopper
173.Antique Pick
174.Vintage Spade
175.Short Handle 6-Tong Pitch Fort
176.Wooden Handle Coal Scoop
177.67" 2-Man Cross-Cut Saw
178.Antique Buck Saw
179.Antique Goat Single Tree
180.Antique 20" Fireman's Ripper
181.48" Fitted Single Tree
182.Antique 30" Hand Forged Single Tree Frame
183.9" Mechanical Driveway Bell
184.Vintage Brass Sprinkler Ring
185.Vintage Hand Scythe
186.Vintage Oar Locks
187.Antique Draw Knife
188.Antique Galvanized Well Bucket
189.Coated Wire Oyster/Egg Basket
190.10 Qt. Galvanized Water Bucket
191.Horse Drawn Planter
192.Antique Irish Sod Shovel
193.[2] 12" & 14" Knife-Handled Monkey Wrenches
194.Antique 10" Furniture Clamp
195.WWI Army Helmet
196.54" Antique Paddle w/Tip Repair
197.3/4" x 12" Antique Hand Auger
198.Antique Single Bow Sheep Sheer
199.2" x 16" Antique Hand Auger
200.3" x 18" Antique Hand Auger
201.16" Furniture Clamp
202.Master's Little Giant Plant Setter w/Original Brass Label
204.23" Metal & Clay Sun Burst Wall Treatment
205.11" AUTHENTIC WW1 Era Wooden Noise Maker Used to Warn of Gas Attack
206.16" Barn Lumber Board w/Display Of Hair From Game Animals Of Jackson Hole, WY. Including Moose, Elk, Antelope, Deer & Bear
207.[2] Spring Loaded Animal Traps
208.42" x 22" Antique Tapestry Of c1750 Period
209.15" Wooden Margarita Sign
210.12" Antique Meat Hook
211.7" Antique Meat Hook
212.14" Lazy Susan & 13" Stain Steel Calendar
213.61"W x 58"H x 24"D Stainless Steel Patio Sink On Wheels, NOTE: Would Make An Excellent Fish Cleaning Station
214.28" "Walking O" Livestock Branding Iron
215.[2] 15" & 18" Cast Iron Ladles
216.HARD TO FIND Larkin Food Chopper
217.Hand Wrought Iron Single Tree
218.15" Steel Shop Pail w/Lid
219.5 Gal. Military Fuel Can
220.1974 Melex Model No. 112 Serial No. D875124729 3-Wheel Electric 36V Golf Cart. NOTE: Motor & Drive Train Are Good, Batteries Not Holding Charge Well But Includes A NEW Battery Acid Replacement Kit, The Charger, The Scotch Block, Tarp & 4 Extra Golf Cart Tires & Rims
221.21" Hand Wrought Iron Pot Hanger
222.18" Dia. X 28" Drop Early American Style Hobnail Milk Glass Hanging Lamp
223.The Bobber Floating 12-Pack Cooler
224.72 New Outdoor Replacement Bulbs, [2] 25-Light Outdoor Strings and [2] 18' Blue Cord Lights
225.34" x 57" x 17" Plastic Storage Shelves
226.Stainless Steel Pots and Pans With Large Trivet
227.Delta Shower Assembly and Delta Kitchen Faucet
228.[6] 12 Oz. Cans of Antique White and Green Spray Paint
229.Wii Pad, Parts, Electronics and Accessories
230.[7] 24" Shelf Boards, [2] 36" Shelf Boards With Brackets
231.42" Oak RetroTread Step Tread
232.24" Billy Cheeseman Farrier Sign and [7] Farrier Tools
233.14" Straight Sheers and 12" Left Radius Sheers
234.16" Electric Truck Horn
235.20" and 13" Butcher's Saws With 15" Meat Hook
236.Folding Army Shovel
237.5" Wooden Single Block and 7" Wooden Double Block
238.7'7" Vintage Frog Gig
239.6'6" Antique Pruner
240.12" x 9" Photograph of Haleys Comet Signed by The Photographer Todd Bush 4/87
241.Antique Cast Iron Oil Lamp Wall Bracket
242.1966 U.S. Army/Marine Entrenching Tool
243.Antique Oil Lamp In Cast Iron Wall Bracket
244.20" Cast Iron Wash Pot NOTE: IT'S A GOOD ONE, No Cracks, Both Handles Intact, Legs In Good Shape
245.18" Cast Iron Implement Wheel
246.Antique Planet Jr. Hand Plow With Original Labels
247.12 Qt. Shoemaker Dairies Aluminum Milk Crate
248.Rods and Reels Including; Shakespeare and Zebco
249.American Meter Co. Double Regulated Parking Meter
250.Pair of Vintage Thermos Bottles With Good Glass Liners and 4-Cups Each
251.10 Qt. Galvanized Water Bucket
252.13" Antique Dovetail Product Box With Partial Label For "Glace Pineapple Slices"
253.Early c1950 International Harvester Model 'C' Tractor Grill
254.Antique 6'6" Oar
255.Antique 6' Oar
256.22" High Fishing Boat Seat For a 3/4" Receiver
257.5' Jolt Pull-Behind Float With Braided Rope
258.5' Illusion Pull-Behind Float With Braided Rope
259.[5] Assorted Life Vests
260.Ozark Trail Cooler Float For 18" Cooler
261.[2] Folding Bag Chairs
262.[2] 40" and 48" Stern Lights
263.36" SportsStuff Towable Booster With Braided Ropes Fore & Aft NOTE: Keeps Tow Ropes Out of The Water For a Smoother Ride
264.10 Qt. and 6-Pack Coleman Coolers
265.Hummingbird Feeder, 80 Oz. Hummingbird Food and Steel Bird Feeder
266.[5] ProGard Baseball and Card Holder With Wooden Base
267.LIKE NEW Medium US Marine "Semper Fi" Digital Camo and Black Motorcycle Helmet
268.Glassware, Soap Dispenser and Electric Salt Lamp
269.Kitchen Glassware, Measuring Cup, Stein
270.9-Pieces of Decorative Brass
271.9-Pieces of Decorative Brass
272.Black & Decker 6V-12V Battery Maintainer
273.Pelouze 400 lb. Capacity Postal Scale
274.Craftsman 6" Electric Buffer-Polisher
275.Rotozip Rebel Spiral Saw
276.Lot of Antique, Old and Vintage Furniture and Cabinet Hardware
277.Lot of Wine Corks and Artificial Grapes
278.Homelite Gas Powered AP125 Multi-Purpose Transfer Pump
279.DeWalt DW411 1/4 Sheet Electric Palm Sander and Case
280.Schumacher 2-50Amp Batter Charger
281.Schauer 6-12 V 4-Amp Battery Charger
282.[10] Qts. Of Quaker State HD-30 Motor Oil, Funnel and Filter Wrench
283.Pair of Footjoy 7M Golf Shoes NOTE: Like New
284.[4] Assorted Antique Wrenches
285.Onkyo Surround Sound System
286.54" Stainless Steel Char-Broil 4-Burner + Side-Burner Propane Grill With Cover, Just-Grillin Tool Set and Bottle of Gas NOTE: Nice One
287.Rattan Patio Set With 56" Loveseat and 33" Arm Chair NOTE: Need Cushions and Painting
288.48" x 28" Glass-Top Wrought Iron Patio Table and [4] Chairs NOTE: Needs Paint
289.DIY Folding Aluminum Chairs With New "Clemson Orange" Webbing Package
290.DIY Aluminum Chairs With New Green/White Webbing Package
291.Vintage Spring-Back Steel Porch Rocker
292.Antique Singer Treadle Sewing Machine Frame NOTE: Has a Couple of Break in The Iron That Need Welding
293.16"W x 34"H x 12"D Hand Crafted Pine Kitchen Storage Cabinet
294.Oak Slat-Bottom Slat-Back Beach Rocker and Arm Chair
295.80" Tall 3-Light Post Lantern Light NOTE: Never Installed
296.24"W x 25"H x 8"D Adjustable Shelf Wall Cabinet NOTE: NEW in The Box
297.1000 lb. Capacity Swing-Back Trailer Jack NOTE: NEW in The Box
298.38" Lasko Tower Fan With Remote Control
299.DeLonghi Oil/Electric Room Heater
300.RoPro 125psi Reverse Osmosis Water Storage Tank
301.LSI #441091 250W Auto Photo Cell Switch, Yoke Mounted Outdoor Light
302.FULL 15 lb. Rhino Blue Propane Tank
303.Hoover Portable Deep Cleaner Steam-Vac
304.[13] Assorted Horse and Mule Shoes
305.[3] Antique Hammers & Hatchet
306.Lot of Antique Door Hardware
307.Lot of Metal and Glass "Peep Hole" Jar Lids
308.Lot of Fruit Jar Lids and Retainers
309.Box of Reflectors and Roll of Non-Tear Paper "Posted" Signs
310.15 lb. Atwood Mushroom Boat Anchor
311.Wilton 4" Bench Vise NOTE: Need T-Bar Handle
312.9" Corsair Hand Planer
313.Simplex 22-Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack
314.Inner Works For a 1923 White Mountain Triple Motion Ice Cream Freezer
315.[3] Vintage 10", 14" and 22" Galvanized Buckets and Tub
316.Galvanized Coal Hod and Watering Can
317.Campbell-Hausfeld Sand Blasting Outfit
318.[4] Assorted Grease Guns
319.[2] Corner Framing Clamps and [3] 6" Bar Clamps
320.[6] Assorted Size C-Clamps
321.[2] 32" 3/4 Pony Clamps
322.[2] 2.5" x 6' and 1.25" x 6' Shop Vacuum Hoses
323.24" Framing Square, 12" Speed Square and Saw Horse Kit
324.Bradley Industrial Eye Wash Station
325.Porter-Cable 20V Lithium Battery Drill NOTE: No Charger
326.NEW Weed Warrior EZ Lock Trimmer Head
327.NEW 14" Oil Lamp and [2] 22 Oz. Bottles of Lamp Fuel
328.[2] Black & Decker FSB12 12V Fire Storm Batteries With Charger
329.[9] Old Chevy Truck Hubcaps
330.6' Vinyl Folding Table
331.6' Vinyl Folding Table
332.[1] 2 Gal. and [2] 5 Gal. Gas Containers
333.[10] Assorted Size and Style Oil Lamp Chimneys
334.Stage Light Set-Up With [3] Color Lights, 120V 160W Flood Light, [1] Strobe Light, Controls and [1] Ballroom Ball
335.Table Lot of Collectibles, Old Tools, Glassware Etc.
336.Lot of Drop Cords, Reels and Work Lights
337.[2] Pickup Truck Bug Shields NOTE: Some Scratching
338.Kobalt 36" Landscape Rake
339.36" Vinyl and 42" Stainless Steel HVAC Duct Clamps
340.[12] Rolls of PreSpacing Surface Protection Tape
341.Vintage 20" Kennedy 2-Drawer Tool Box With Till and Contents NOTE: Loaded!
342.Dayton Stainless Steel Single Compartment Sink
343.36" Pulsing Irrigation Sprinkler