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190930 ESTATES AND CONSIGNMENTS AUCTION - BIDDING ENDS: Monday September 30, 2019 7:00PM

Item Description
1.32" X 47" Multi Media On Canvas Horse Wall Treatment
2.17" x 14" Country Lane Print
3.15" Ladies Leg Bedroom Lamp
4.10" Hand Blown Crackle Glass Pitcher
5.3" & 9" Artisan Crafted Candle Holders
6.8.5" Ruby Red Avon Salad Bowl
7.8" Artisan Made Hand Thrown Stoneware Bowl
8.8" Hand Blown Squat Vase w/Applied Handle
9.32"W x 50"H x 15"D ANTIQUE Solid Walnut, Cut On The Farm, Step Back Cupboard Hand Crafted. NOTE: It Has A Hidden Document Box Behind The Drawers
10.[4] Pcs. 3"-6" Of Artisan Williamsburg Pottery
11.24" Dia. X 31" Drop 6-Light Chandelier
12.17" Decorative Ceramic Frog Watering Can
13.Pr. Of 13" Fox Figurines
14.10" Artisan Made Pottery Jug
15.44"W x 73"H x 22"D Heart Pine Beaded Panel Mountain Made Wardrobe. NOTE: Beaded Paneling Removed From A Home Built In 1887
16.41" Wrought Iron Plant Holder
17.28" x 36" Mahogany Frame Beveled Mirror
18.32" Bathroom Toilet Paper Holder
19.21" Serpentine Necklace w/A Sterling Silver Palmetto State Pendant. Weight Of Pendant Is .40 Toz
20.Sterling Silver Bracelet Weighing 1.07 Toz.
21.Sterling Silver Pandora Bracelet Weighting .71 Toz.
22.Sterling Silver Heavy Link Bracelet Weighting 1.14 Toz.
23.2" Sterling Silver Floral Pin Weighting .57 Toz.
24.1.5" Sterling Silver Lady Bug Pin Weighting .56 Toz.
25.3" Sterling Silver Monogramed Hand Mirror
26.16" Serpentine Sterling Silver Necklace w/Heart Pendant w/Total Weight .60 Toz.
27.16" Sterling Silver & Mother Of Pearl Necklace w/Matching Earrings
28.18" Sterling Silver Necklace w/A Round Locket That Opens To Display [6] Pictures w/A Total Weight Of .35 Toz.
29.17" Sterling Silver Serpentine Necklace w/Artisan Pendant Weighting 1.07 Toz.
30.3" Natural Clam Shell Coin Purse
31.Lot Including A 2" Vittorio Ribbon Pen, Chico Earrings & Silver Necklace
32.c1880 Swiss Made Systeme Roskopf Open Face, Lever Set Pocket Watch w/Repouse Case
33.1905 21 Jewel Hamilton Railroad Grade Model 940 Pocket Watch
34.Armitron Quartz Hunter Case w/Stag & Setter Covers & Pheasant Face Pocket Watch
35.Vintage 21 Jewel Geneva Antimagnetic Manuel Wind Wrist Watch
36.Vintage RARE Leonidas Automatic Triple Calendar Moon Phase Watch
37.Lot Including 8" & 15" Watch Pobs, Westclox Pocket Ben Watch "AS IS" & Railroad Watch Case
38.[5] 1963 Red Seal Legal Tender $5 United States Notes
39.[5] 1963 Red Seal Legal Tender $5 United States Notes
40.[5] 1963 Red Seal Legal Tender $5 United States Notes
41.[5] 1963 Red Seal Legal Tender $5 United States Notes
42.[5] 1963 Red Seal Legal Tender $5 United States Notes
43.[5] 1963 Red Seal Legal Tender $5 United States Notes
44.[5] 1963 Red Seal Legal Tender $5 United States Notes
45.[5] 1963 Red Seal Legal Tender $5 United States Notes
46.[5] 1963 Red Seal Legal Tender $5 United States Notes
47.Novelty 1981 Carolina Gamecock Dollar & 1976 $2 Rock Hill, SC Post Office Bicentennial Bill
48.1928 G Red Seal $2 Bill
49.[2] 1963 Red Seal "Star" $5 Bills
50.1953A Red Seal $5 Bill
51.1934D Blue Seal Certificate Of Legal Tender $5 Bill
52.[5] 1976 Green Seal $2 Bills
53.[5] 1957 & 1957A $1 Silver Certificates
54.[5] 1957, 1957A & 1957B $1 Silver Certificates
55.[5] 1957, 1957A & 1957B $1 Silver Certificates
56.[5] 1935E, 1935F, 1935G $1 Silver Certificates
57.1963A $1 Federal Reserve Note Misprint w/NO SERIAL NUMBER & Faded Seal & Back
58.1966 Red Seal Legal Tender $100 Bill
59.1934A Green Seal Long Version Of Legal Tender $20 Bill
60.Currency Including $1 Hong Kong, [1] Yen Japan, $5 Liberia, & $1000 Yen Nippon[Japan]
61.100 Pcs. Assorted Coins From Around The World
62.[2] 1986 .999 Pure Silver Liberty Dollars
63.1896 Morgan Silver Dollar Mounted In A Silver Bezel
64.[2] 1923 Liberty Silver Dollars
65.[9] 1971 & 1972 Eisenhower Dollars
66.[20] Washington Silver Quarters
67.[20] Washington Silver Quarters
68.[20] Washington Silver Quarters
69.[20] Washington Silver Quarters
70.[20] Washington Bicentennial Quarters
71.[20] Franklin Silver Half Dollars
72.[20] Franklin Silver Half Dollars
73.[20] Franklin Silver Half Dollars
74.[20] Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollars
75.[20] Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollars
76.[20] Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollars
77.[20] Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollars
78.[20] Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollars
79.[10] 1964 Kennedy Silver Half Dollars
80.[9] 1967-69 Kennedy Silver Clad Half Dollars
81.[12] Kennedy Bicentennial Half Dollars
82.[15] Assorted Date Kennedy Half Dollars
83.[10] Assorted Date Roosevelt Silver Dimes
84.Collection Of U S Coins Including [2] Buffalo Nickels, [1] V Nickel, [5] Indian Head Cents, [7] Steel Pennies & [12] Wheat Pennies
85.[4] Pcs. Of Military Payment Certificates
86.3" Geo Stone
87.5" Geo Stone
88.Collection Of Badges Including Texas Cattleman's Detective, Pinkerton Detective, N. L. H. & P. Co. Inspector, U. S. Marshal, & Hillsboro Co. Deputy
89.U S Military General Purpose First Aid Kit w/Complete Original Contents
90.Glass & Stone Marble Collection & Vietnam Patches
91.[15] Bronze, Sorocco, & Iron Antique Toy Animals
92.Vintage Westclox Pocket Ben w/Second Hand
93.Waltham Black No Numeral Face Wrist Watch w/Diamond At The 12 O'clock Position
94.Seiko Quarts Day/Date Model 8223-8009 Wrist Watch
95.Bulova Accutron Day Date Stainless Calendar Watch
96.Hamilton Gold Fill Case Gentlemen Dress Watch In As Is Condition
97.Pulsar Model V041-9100 100m Water Resistant Stainless Steel Watch
98.Collection Of Watches Including A Pulsar Man's Dress Watch, Elgin Galaxy Man's Watch, A Timex Lady's Watch & A Lorus Mickey Mouse Watch
99.Mason's Commemorative Coin & [2] 1978 Potentate Coins
100.9.5" x 13.5" Stained Glass Sun Catcher
101.11" x 8" Anton Peck 3-Dimental Shadow Box
102.[6] Left Hand Mule Hanes
103.48" x 21" Decorative Carved Beveled Buffet Mirror
104.25" x 28" Custom Matted & Framed Floral Print
105.33" Composition Base Table Lamp
106.Tic-Tak-Toe Checkers, Chest & Domino Set
107.17" Console Bowl & [6] 4" Glass Balls
108.16" USA Hand Crafted Basket
109.50"W x 26"H x 22"D Mahogany 3-Door TV & Home Electronics Base
110.8" x 11" Hand Thrown Artisan Vases
111.12" Wrought Iron Fitted Glass Vase
112.34"W x 61"H x 17"D Hand Crafted Chifferobe. NOTE: Minor Repair Needed
113.28" Tuscan Table Lamp
114.9" Cobalt Blue Vase
115.11" Cobalt Blue Snack Bowl
116.8" Cobalt Blue Hand Blown Pitcher
117.Jwin AMFM Clock Radio
118.66"W x 82"H x 20"D Mahogany Chippendale Triple Dresser w/Beveled Mirror
119.43" Wrought Iron Plant Stand
120.25" x 28" Custom Matted & Framed Floral Print
121.12" x 17" Farm Scene Lithograph
122.30" x 22" Teddy Bears Photograph
123.[3] 12" Needle Work & Print Wall Treatment
124.5.5" Celeste Blue Fostoria "American" Candy Dish
125.30" Composition Vase Table Lamp
126.11" Cowboy From Welded Horseshoes
127.4" - 6" Blue Delph Pottery Planters
128.[2] 27"W x 26"H x 18"D Mahogany 2-Drawer Night Stands
129.8.5" Hand Crafted Figurine. NOTE: Small Chip On Base
130.24" Mid-Century Kitchen Stool For Restoration
131.[4] Assorted Size Decorative Baskets
132.[5] 10"-13" Cobalt Blue Wine Bottles
133.18" Bowditch Orchard, Bakerville, NC Shipping Crate
134.24" x 36" Sweeney Todd Movie Poster
135.Antique Keg & [12] Handcrafted Walking Sticks
136.11" x 16" Tin Indian Motorcycle Sign
137.15" Original 1937 New Jersey License Plate In Excellent Condition
138.[3] 33" Wrought Iron Pot Holders
139.33" Decorative Ornamental Iron Pot Holders
140.[8] Assorted Oil Lamp Chimnies
141.12" Commercial Grade Aluminum Pot w/Iron Handle
142.18"W x 14"H x 12"D Vintage Handcrafted Pine Stool
143.Lot Including Wooden Carriage Wheel, Figurines, Gloves, Books, Etc.
144.Lot Including Ghord Dipper, Rolling Pin, Coca Cola Trays, Etc.
145.[9] Assorted Tin Boxes
146.Pr. Of 15" Cast Iron Andirons
147.64"W x 17"H x 19"D Primitive Boot Bench
148.King Size Mahogany Pencil Post Head Board
149.[5] Assorted Size Baskets
150.Pr. Of 26" x 21" Custom Matted & Framed Vintage Open Wheel Racer Photographs
151.16" Tuscan Bedroom Lamp
152.20" Dia. X 19" Drop 3-Light Stainless Steel Chandelier
153.11" Hand Painted Ceramic Bull Bank
154.Vintage Swing-A-Way Wall Type Knife Sharpener
155.23" 4-Pc. Cobbler's Shoe Lapse Set
156.13" Antique Bracket Oil Lamp
157.14" 3 Pc. Cobbler's Shoe Lapse
158.7" & 9" Hand Thrown Artisan Pottery Bowl & Vase
159.Collection Of Nascar Hero Cards & Other Sports Memorabilia
160.Qt. Jar Of Vintage & Antique Mike Bottle Caps & Stoppers
161.[2] Miniature Sinclair Motor Oil Can Banks
162.Antique Universal No. 333 Meat Chopper
163.1-Gal Snowdrift Shorting Bucket. NOTE: No. Lid & It Is Kosher
164.Vintage Butt Can, Animal Traps & Fish Basket
165.White & Red Enamel Antique Chamber Pot
166.5 Pc. Set Of Cobbler's Shoe Lapse Form Set
167.16 Titles Including Self Help, Novels & Health
168.US Military General Purpose First Aid Kit With Original Contents
169.6 Pc. Cobbler's Shoe Lapse Form Set
170.Nabisco Premium Saltine Cracker Box
171.Cow Figurine Collection
172.Cow Figurine Collection
173.Cow Figurine Collection
174.[2] Brass Casement Door Pins & Brass Bell
175.Antique Brass Hinges, Porcelain Door Knobs, Cabinet Hardware & Knobs
176.Collection Of Children Books
177.32" Primitive Hearth Broom
178.44" Primitive Broom
179.24" Sq. "Awesome" Canvas Wall Treatment
180.23" x 27" Custom Matted & Framed World Globe Print
181.35" Gun Rack
182.53" Solid Oak & Iron Porch Swing w/Chains. NOTE: Very Nice
183.Pr. Of 37" Sq. Fleur De Paintings On Board
184.25" x 31" Custom Matted & Framed Still life Print
185.26" x 30" Shadowbox Framed Multi Media Photo
186.24" X 28" Custom Matted & Framed Floral Print
187.5 Gal. Safety Gasoline Can
188.[2] Solid Oak Youth Chairs
189.12" Magazine Rack & 21" Table Pedestal
190.Vintage 12" "Drink" Coca Cola Ice Chest. NOTE; No Lid
191.17" Vintage Royal Crown Cola Ice Chest. NOTE; No Lid
192.Table Lot Including Radio, Candle Holder, Barn Lantern, Avon & More
193.Lot Of Chair Cushions
194.Lot Of 6 Oz. & 10 Oz. Coke Bottles & Crate
195.Bag Chair & Stadium Seat
196.24 12 Oz. RC Cola Bottles & 7UP Crate
197.32" Credit Card Sign
198.Paint & Rollers
199.36" Crow Bar & Pruner
200.Heavy Duty Drive Belts
201.14" Parts Organizer & Screws
202.Lot Of Nails, Etc.
203.Scott's Handy Green II Seeder
204.Power Shot Hand Stapler w/Staples & Tool Pouch
205.500 Watt Hooligan Flood Light
206.25 Titles Of Children's, Novels & Horses Books
207.Army Manuals, Medical, Furniture, Etc. Books
208.DVD's & Vintage Tins
209.Books, Lamp Shades & Frames
210.[2] 12" & [2] 16" Hand Decorated Concrete Stepping Stones
211.Jantum Iron IR130C Fishing Reel & Garcia Rod
212.Vintage Ford Hubcap
213.[4] GMC Truck Hubcap
214.[2] Razors. NOTE: One Needs Wheels
215.[4] 15" Mercedes Wheel Covers
216.Vintage Wood Cabinet Radio For Restoration
217.18" x 27" Steel Framed Mirror
218.Mosquito Lamp, Sanding Block, Glue Gun Etc.
219.DeWalt 1/4 Sheet Heavy Duty Palm Grip Sander
220.All Around Shop Vac
221.Weed Killer, Mosques Spray, Root Rot, Etc.
222.Lot Of Frames & What Nots
223.20" Drape Table, Pot Stand, Basket, Etc.
224.Lady's Med. Dress, Smock & Jacket
225.Lady's Over Coat, Parka & Rain Slicker
226.[3] 10" Hanging Pot Rack
227.42" Galvanize Dipper. NOTE: Rusted Bottom
228.21" Copper & Iron Dipper
229.12" Antique Juliann Slicer
230.Wooden Kitchen Stool
231.16" Cast Iron Grill & Cutting Board
232.[2] Maple & Oak Youth Chairs
233.Bridle, Bit & Stirrups
234.Size 6 David's Bridal Girl's Dress
235.Wrought Hat Rack
236.48" x 72" Southwestern Hand Woven Blanket
237.Harbor Breeze 5-Blade Ceiling Fan
238.Vintage 13" & 20" Hanging Shelves
239.[4] 13" Chevrolet Hubcaps & [4] 14" Chrysler Hubcaps
240.Sign Lettering Kit
241.Steel Porch Chair & School Chair For Restoration
242.[3] Boxes Of Christmas Decorations
243.[4] Assorted New Pocket Knives
244.[4] Assorted New Pocket Knives
245.[4] Assorted New Pocket Knives
246.[4] Assorted New Pocket Knives
247.[6] New Pocket Knives w/No Boxes
248.[5] Swiss Army Type Gentlemen's Pin Knives
249.[5] Styles [30 Total] 8" Patriot Magnet Ribbons
250.[3] Lensatic Folding Compasses
251.[3] Lensatic Folding Compasses
252.8 x 21 Rubber Armored Binoculars
253.8 x 21 Rubber Armored Binoculars
254.10 x 25 Rubber Armored Binoculars
255.10 x 25 Mustang Camouflage Binoculars
256.[3] 6" United States Army Magnets
257.Navy Collection Of Coins Including Aviators, Seals, & Veterans
258.9" Blade Survivor Knife & Sheath
259.4 Pc. Set Of Colt Stainless Steel Professional Throwing Knives w/Carrying Case
260.12" Blade Bowie Knife
261.[4] Upholstered Side Chairs
262.[2] 18" Decorative Sequin Pillows
263.28" Sq. x 31"H Oak Pedestal Game Table w/Chest, Backgammon, Checkers & Cards
264.[4] Maple Rush Bottom Chairs
265.36" x 60" Glass Top, Bamboo Base Dining Table
266.36" Iron Pot Hanger
267.Standard Treasury Of The World's Greatest Music
268.Lot Of New Survivor Merchandise
269.Lot Of New Survivor Merchandise
270.Military Lot Including Playing Cards, Cassettes, Badges, Face Paint & Fuel Cells
271.66" Tuscan Floor Lamp
272.[3] 28" - 32" Adjustable Height Industrial Chic Stools
273.[2] White Porch Rockers
274.61" Decorative Floor Lamp
275.30 x 39" Round Industrial Chic Pub Table
276.30" x 39" Round Industrial Chic Pub Table
277.[4] Decorative Upholstered Parson Chairs
278.AB Lounge Sport Exercise Chair
279.Walnut Frame Finger Carved Victorian Arm Chair
280.Mahogany Wing Back Queen Anne Chair. NOTE: Some Animal Damage On Back
281.28"W x 38"H x 19"D Vintage RCA Victor 27" Console TV
282.30" Ornamental Iron Table Lamp
283.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
284.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
285.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
286.[11] Patent Medicine Bottles
287.8" Cash Register Topper Sign For The 52th Annual Cleveland County Fair
288.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
289.Pronto Folding Camera
290.Vintage Brownie Super 27 Camera
291.Brownie Starmetic Camera
292.Antique Brownie Target Six-20 Box Camera
293.Antique Kodak Rainbow Hawk-Eye No. 2 Model C 120 Box Camera
294.Brownie Reflex Camera
295.Antique Brownie No. 2A 116 Box Camera
296.Agsa Vintage Isoflash-Rapid Camera
297.Vintage Kodak EK6 Instant Camera In Original Box
298."NEW" In Original Box Kodak Field Case For Pony 135 Camera
299.Vintage Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Flash Camera
300.Kodak Brownie Starflex Camera In Original Box
301.Kodak Brownie Vesta Camera In Original Box
302.[2] NEW Kodak Instamatic Model K Field Case
303.10" Velvet Jewelry Box & Contents Including Cub Scout Ring
304.Table Lot Including Bowling Ball, Toaster, Computer, Etc.
305.Table Lot Including Stanly Thermos, Lamp, Vintage Telephone, Vintage Nascar Program, Etc.
306.Lot Of Silverplate Pitchers, Ice Bucket, Cream & Sugar. NOTE: Mostly AS IS
307.Lot Of Shelving
308.Chevrolet & Dodge Ram Truck Hubcaps
309.Lot Of Collectible Bottles
310.10" Pendant Light
311.32" x 26" River Scene Print
312.Mr. Christmas Holiday Carousel That Plays 21 Christmas Songs & Includes The Circus Calliope Wagon & [8] Carousel Figures
313.John F Kennedy Assassination News Papers
314.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
315.Lot Of Rogers "Daffodil" & "Wood Rose" Silver Plate
316.Lot Of Alvin "Louisiana" Silverplate
317.Lot Of Community Plate
318.Lot Of "Amelia" & Odd Silver Plate
319.Lot Of Rogers & Other Silverplate
320.Lot Of 200 Plus Pieces Of Vintage Tableware
321.[3] Antique Oil Lamp Bases
322.Coleman Sleeping Bag
323.24" Candlestick Lamp
324.22" Sq. x 26"H Rotating Vintage TV Table
325.Lot Of Bathroom Rugs
326.[3] 26" Canvas Suitcases
327.26" & 22" Canvas Suitcases
328.Vintage 19" & 22" Samsonite Hardside Suitcases
329.Vintage Hartmann Hard Side Suitcase
330.13" Plastic Bowl Full Of Sea Shells
331.12" Oil Lamp & 1/2 Gal. Of Oil
332.Box Full Of Car Lot Keys
333.12" Steel Skillet
334.COMPLETE U S Army Canteen W/Pouch, Cup & Cap w/Guard
335.Plastic Coca Cola Dispenser Panel
336.48" x 72" Southwestern Hand Woven Blanket
337.3 Pc. Altec Lansing Speaker Set
338.Primitive Hand Crafted Wooden Shovel
339.72" x 84" Antique Patchwork Quilt
340.Pr. Of 5" Antique Hobnail Oil Lamp Bases
341.Pr. Of 5" Antique Hobnail Oil Lamp Bases
342.7" & 8" Antique Oil Lamp Bases
343.7" Antique Amber Lincoln Drape Oil Lamp Base
344.Collection Of Lamp Shades
345.Collection Of Small Teddy Bears
346.[2] 5" Oil Lamp Bases
347.Pr. Of 5" Vintage Oil Lamp Bases
348.[3] 6" - 12" Decorative Hat Boxes
349.[3] 6" - 12" Decorative Hat Boxes
350.[3] 6" - 12" Decorative Hat Boxes
351.[3] 6" - 12" Decorative Hat Boxes
352.J F K Assassination Papers
353.25" Decorative Table Lamp
354.Pr. Of Computer Speakers
355.Pr. Of 27" & 36" Hay Hooks
356.Lot Of Doilies & Hand Work
357.Lot Of Table Cloths
358.[3] Sling Shots
359.Gevalia Coffee Jar
360.Lot Of Bowls, Pans & Cups
361.Lot Of Teddy Bears
362.Set Of Drapes
363.Books, Cards & Vases
364.Decorative Items, Office & Personal
365.Telephone, Planters, Caps
366.Lot Of Plush Toys
367.Lot Of Decorative Pillows
368.[4] Antique Oil Lamp Bases
369.Applique Crochet Full Size Spread w/[2] Shams
370.Lot Of Assorted Decorative Items
371.Vintage Skate Case & Contents
372.Lot Of Framed Prints
373.[6] Pcs. Of Vintage Luggage
374.Lot Of Decorative Blue Bottles
375.Wrought Iron Table Base
376.[3] 7" Vintage Lamp Shades
377.Assorted Decorative Items
378.Pots & Pans & Toaster Oven
379.Lot Of Decorative Items
380.Tools & Shop Supplies
381.Sewing & Knitting Supplies
382.Queen Size Electric Blanket & Mattress Pad
383.Assorted Decorative Items
384.Assorted Decorative Items
385.Table Cloths & Christmas Lights
386.[4] 17" Decorative Pillows
387.[4] 17" Decorative Pillows
388.Assorted Decorative Glass
389.Box Of Linens
390.24" Craftsman Tool Box
391.76" x 76" Crows Foot Antique Quilt
392.66" x 88" Antique Patchwork Quilt
393.Assorted Decorative Items & Hangers
394.Lot Of Plush Toys
395.Lot Of Shop Tools & Supplies
396.[2] Light Fixtures & Swivel Bracket
397.Set Of NEW Ace Starter Wrenches & Set Of NEW Great Neck Combination Wrenches
398.3.5" Wilton Vice, Oil Can, Tri Square & Bits
399.Lot Of Cloth Remnants
400.Lot Of Table Cloths
401.Lot Of Decorative Accessories
402.[2] 30" Stainless Steel Table Lamps
403.Lot Of Decorative Accessories
404.Lot Of Sheets
405.Lot Of Decorative Accessories
406.Lot Of Stemware & Vases
407.Lot Of Decorative Accessories
408.Lot Of Pillows & Decorative Items
409.Copper Pan Etc.
410.Lot Of Dishes, Etc.
411.[2] In Progress Quilt Tops
412.Lot Of Decorative Accessories
413.Lot Of Old Keys
414.Craftsman 4-In-1 Level w/Laser Trac
415.[2] Glass Moving Suction Cup Handlers
416.[6] Vintage Ink Bottles
417.5.5" Trench Art Bud Vase From A 4.18 Mortal Round & 7.62 Bullets
418.Collection Of Bone & Stag Handle Carving Pcs.
419.6" Shovel & Hatchet In Monax Glass Souvenir Of Blossburg, PA
420.1928 "Scotland In Scene & Story" Booklet w/1931 Menu From The S.S. Adriatic Of The White Starred Line
421.14" & 18" Bamboo Ladles
422.1982 World's Fair First Day Cover
423.Partial Box Of Antique American Crayons
424.Prince Albert Tobacco Tin & A Peach Sweet Snuff Notebook
425.Antique Cast Iron Smoothing Iron
426.12W x 46H x 12D Storage Cubical W/Contents
427.Lot Of Prints & Posters
428.Singer Sewing Machine & Cabinet
429.China & Shopping Basket
430.Lot Of Framed Goods & Wall Treatment
431.Lot Of Books
432.Bedroom Ensemble
433.Brookstone Foot Bath
434.Rubbermaid Cooler
435.Commercial First Aid Station
436.5-Gallon Gas Can
437.Lot Of Games & Decorative Lights
438.Lot Of Candles
439.Rival Crock Pot
440.Mixing Bowls & Salad Spinner
441.Casserole Dish & Storage Bowls
442.Lot Of Corning Ware
443.Lot Of Pots & Pans
444.Ceiling Fan
445.Commercial Mop Bucket & Ringer
446.Exercise Mat & Balls
447.Axiom Magforce Travel Trac Bike Stand
448.Youth Adirondack Fish Chair
449.Table Lot Of Christmas Decorations
450.2 Gal. Beverage Dispenser
451.12" Mini Bedroom Lamp
452.Pr. Of Size 7 Northwest Territory Rubber Boot
453.Pr. Of Size 9 Combat Boots
454.Lot Of Baskets & Decorative Apples
455.[3] 6" - 12" Decorative Hat Boxes
456.Broan Ventilation Fan
457.Approx. 100 File Folders
458.Candle Holders, S'mores Grill, Car Radio, Etc.
459.Vintage Hassock, Garden Fencing, Clothes Rack & Material
460.Antique Guide, Novel & Humor
461.Lot Of Cook Books
462.Paint & Products
463.Ozark Trail 2-Man Back-Pack Tent
464.Neck & Shoulder Massager & Miracle Bamboo Cushion
465.Garden Products
466.5-Pc. Phillips Stereo Speaking System
467.NEW Spin Spa Brush
468.Lot Of Pasture Fence Hardware
469.Corelle Therma Server
470.Lot Of Decorative Accessories
471.Used Two-Compartment Kitchen Sink. Note: Good Condition
472.[4] 27" Storage Boxes & [1] 21" Storage Box
473.[2] 50" x 60" Fleece Throws
474.Child's Baby Sitter
475.[3] Professional Movers Blankets
476.22" Humming Bird Feeder