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200601 CLOVER ESTATE AUCTION NO. 7 - BIDDING ENDS: Monday, June 1st at 7:00 pm 7:00PM

Item Description
1.1922 Peace Silver Dollar (Fine)
2.1923 Peace Silver Dollar (Extra Fine)
3.1924 Peace Silver Dollar (Extra Fine)
4.1926 Peace Silver Dollar (Very Fine)
5.1925 Peace Silver Dollar (Extra Fine)
6.1922 Peace Silver Dollar (Extra Fine)
7.1922 Peace Silver Dollar (Almost Uncirculated)
8.1923 Peace Silver Dollar (Almost Uncirculated)
9.1922 Peace Silver Dollar (Almost Uncirculated)
10.1922 Peace Silver Dollar (Extra Fine)
11.1922 Peace Silver Dollar (Almost Uncirculated)
12.1922 Peace Silver Dollar (Almost Uncirculated)
13.1922 Peace Silver Dollar (Almost Uncirculated)
14.1922 Peace Silver Dollar (Almost Uncirculated)
15.1922 Peace Silver Dollar (Almost Uncirculated)
16.1922 Peace Silver Dollar (Extra Fine)
17.1923 Peace Silver Dollar (Almost Uncirculated)
18.[4] 1964 Kennedy Silver Half Dollars (Almost Uncirculated)
19.[4] 1964 Kennedy Silver Half Dollars (Almost Uncirculated)
20.[4] 1964 Kennedy Silver Half Dollars (Almost Uncirculated)
21.[4] 1964 Kennedy Silver Half Dollars (Almost Uncirculated)
22.[4] 1964 Kennedy Silver Half Dollars (Almost Uncirculated)
22A.2012 One Owner Volkswagen Passat TDI 4-Door Sedan with 2.0L 4-Cylinder Diesel Engine, Manual 6-Speed Transmission. New Battery Just Installed, Platinum Inferior, 183,361 Actual Miles (Serviced at 183,000 miles. Payment by Cash or Certified Funds Only.
23.13"Dia. X 17" Drop Brass and Crystal 4-Arm Chandelier
24.8" Dia. X 11" Drop Foyer Light
25.8'1" x 11'3" Vintage Persian Style American Isfahan Carpet NOTE: Some Edge Fraying
26.10K White Gold Lady's Signet Ring Size 8.75 NOTE: Weight of .12 Toz.
27.14K Yellow Gold Lady's Diamond Solitaire With a .05 Ct. Diamond, Size 5 NOTE: Total Weight is .05 Toz.
28.Blended 14K Gold and .925 Sterling Lady's Diamond and Pearl Ring With a 5mm Pear.02 Diamond in Size 7 NOTE: Total Weight is .14 Toz.
29.2" Vintage Signed "Lalique" Glass Frog Paperweight
30.4" Antique c1800 Hand Wrought Fat Lamp
31.5" Antique Hand Crafted Beaded Pin Cushion Dated 1907
32.5" Boar's Tusk Nose Piece Acquired in the Dani Man Baliem Valley Near Papua, New Guinea
33.6" Vintage Lady's Tapestry Hand Bag
34.Collection of [3] Vintage 1.25" - 3" "Hopalong Cassidy" Metal Buttons
35.3' Vintage Marbles-Gladstone Chrome Camper's Match Safe
36.3.5" Antique c1800 Hand Wrought Fat Lamp
37.Antique Engraved Southwestern Spur
38.[2] 1.5" and 3.75" Prehistoric Sharks Teeth
39.Vintage Official Boy Scout Belt and Buckle
40.[2] 5"x7" Antique Photographs of Native American Indians
41.Antique U.S. Army Leather Side-Arm Holster
42.[4] Issues of "The Saturday Evening Post" For May 1937 (Complete Month)
43.[4] Issues of "The Saturday Evening Post" For July 1943 (Complete Month)
44.[7] Issues of "Life" Magazine From the 1970's
45.[4] Issues of "Look" Magazine From 1967 and 70
46.[7] Issues of "People" Magazine From the 1970's and 90's
47.30" x 47" Vintage Original Oil on Board Landscape Signed by the Artist J. Hause
48.24" HIGH QUALITY Bronze and Marble Stag Deer Lamp
49.24" HIGH QUALITY Bronze and Marble Stag Deer Lamp
50.1 Gal. Antique c1910 White House Vinegar "Apple" Bottle
51.11" Vintage c1950 Hull Art #106 "Clover" Planter NOTE: Excellent Condition
52.9" Vintage c1950 Hull Art #110 "Clover" Vase NOTE: Excellent Condition
53.22"x18" Original Oil on Canvas Riverscape Signed by the Artist J. Hause
54.6" Signed Weller "Neiska" Satin Vase NOTE: Excellent Condition
55.[10] 1988 "Raisin Men"
56.Vintage Official Boy Scout Belt and Buckle
57.[8] 6" (4-Mated Sets) 1973 Pepsi/ Warner Bros Cartoon Glasses
58.1885 E. Bless & R. Drake Antique 1883 Cast Iron Charcoal Iron
59.10" RARE 1862 Drake Plantation Brown Glass Bitters Bottle NOTE: Excellent Condition
60.3.5" Antique Wooden Double Block
61.c1930 "Green Handle" Jar Lid Remover
62.[10] Sea Shells
63.c1930 "Green Handle" Potato Ricer
64.[39] Vintage 45RPM Records NOTE: With and Without Jackets
65.[12] "Charlotte Knights" and Autographed Little League Baseballs
66.Vintage 1950-60 Russian Double Pouch Rifle Cleaning Kit NOTE: Never Used
67.[3] 5"-6.5" Christmas Music Snow Globes
68.9" 7-Piece Set Alabaster Tea Set
69.[15] Patent Medicine and Drug Store Bottles
70.[8] 1.5" Pepsi/Warner Bros. Cartoon Glasses
71.Antique Copper Seed Scoop
72.7.5" Antique Goat Yoke
73.6" Bronze Cleveland Faucet Co. Nozzle Produced For Denver Brewing Co,.
74.[2] 8.5" Antique Decorative Cork-Top Bottles
75.[3] 1 Pt. Antique Milk Bottles
76.12" 3-Gal Hand Turned Lemonade Dispenser. NOTE: No Top Or Spout
77.[3] 6.5" Glass Confection Jars
78.[2] 9" & 10" Hand Blown Early Bottles
79.4" Antique Wooden Double Block
80.Antique Smudge Pot Marked "NCSHC" (North Carolina State Highway Commission)
81.[6] Assorted Cigar Boxes
82.1997 Edition Of Gearbox Lt. Ed. Wayne Gas Pump Replica
83.8" Vintage Cast Iron Sprinkler
84.12" Porcelain Collectible Memories "Sherry" Doll In Original Packaging
85.10 Pc. Collection Of Tobacco Tins
86.8" Vintage Tin Cream Can
87.20" 1921 Souvenir Canoe Paddle
88.[2] 15" & 17" Vintage Textile Loom Shuttles
89.9" Cast Iron Well Pulley
90.28" x 24" Original Oil On Canvas "The Old Mill" Signed By The Artist Robert Fillmore
91.Antique No. 6 Smoothing Iron
92.Antique Bromwell's 5-Cup Sifter
93.Cast Iron Bacon Press
94.6" Antique Cast Iron Frying Pan
95.17" Antique Coal Tongs
96.10" Antique Home Grade Ice Tongs
97.[4] Vintage Cast Iron Trivets
98.1929 Edition Of John Robert Gregg's "Gregg's Speed Studies" NOTE: Fair Condition
99.[11] Assorted Value Cotton Mill Coins From Mt. Holly Mills In Mt. Holly, N.C.
100.[7] 3/4" to 2" Tumbled Marble Spheres
101.[75] Assorted Fine Bird Arrow Points
102.[17] Medium To Large Arrow Points
103.4.5" Vintage Belt Mounted Bob-Bet Bait Box "Just Half A Turn & There's Your Worm"
105.[14} Small To Large Arrowhead & Spear Tips
106.20" Polished Limestone Native American Necklace
107.[14] Small To Medium Arrowheads & Artifacts
108.[29] Small To Medium Arrowpoints
109.Antique U. S. Army Leather Side-Arm Holster. NOTE: Some Restitching Needed
110.[65] Fine Bird Points
111.[2] 24" Native American Bead Necklaces
112.Collection Of Milk Bottle Caps, Coca Cola & Griffin Drug Co. Pencils, Includes a 12" x 9" Oak Showcase
113.[7] Dell 10 & 12 Television Hero Comics
114.[8] 10 & 12 Quality, Super & Gold Key Comics
115.[6] 12 "Kid Colt Outlaw" Comics
116.22" Coca Cola Store Front Clock
117.14" Westlox Commercial Electric Clock. NOTE: Runs & Keeps Time
118.12" x 17" Contemporary "Cow Chip" Metal Sign
119.17" x 32" Antique Printer's Tray
120.17" x 32" Antique Printer's Tray
121.37" x 28" Custom Matted & Framed Duck Print Personally Signed By The Artist Art LaMay Lt. Ed. 503/1250
122.1 Gal. Antique Galvanize Oil Lamp Filler Can
123.10" Antique Cast Iron Ice Tongs
124.10" Antique Cast Iron Frying Pan
125.Antique No. 5 Cast Iron Smoothing Iron
126.Vintage Aluminum Bicycle Package Boot
127.[2] Superior Tool Hand Saws
128.[10] Assorted Paper Collectibles
129.[16] Assorted Pocket Knives
130.45 Pcs. Of Military Badges, Buttons, Bars And Pins
131.[17] Assorted Pocket Knives
132.12" Dove Tail Box & Tiny Collectible Contents
133.[15] Assorted Advertising & Political Knives
134.24"W x 12"H x 11"D Antique Shipping Crate
135.15" Antique Crate, Bucket & Pail
136.LARGE No. 3 Universal Meat Grinder
137.[3] Assorted Old Hatches
138.Antique 1896 "Keen-Kutter" Meat Grinder
139.Antique No. 5 Smoothing Iron
140.Antique H. B. & Co. No. 7 Smoothing Iron
141.20" Vintage Galvanize Coal Shovel
142.Ekco Super Speed Mixer
143.24" x 12" "Detour" Sign
144.30" "Stop" Sign. NOTE: Shot Up
145.11" Wilcox "The KKK Wants You!" Pewter Plate
146.30" Native American Beaded Necklace
147.36" Native American Carved-Feather Necklace
148.30" Beaded Native American Necklace
149.26" Beaded Native American Band
150.16" Beaded Native American Band
151.46" Beaded Native American Headband
152.c1900 Beaded Wall Pocket
153.Pr. Of Brass Children's Antique Spurs. NOTE: No Wheels
154.[2] 2.5" & 4.5" Pre Historic Shark Teeth
155.[4] 3" Sinclair Miniature Motor Oil Can Banks
156.Antique Wizard Jar Wrench
157.James Cosgrove & Son , Charleston, S. C. Bottle. NOTE: Lip Chipped
158.[7] 1" - 2.25" Hero Buttons
159.[6] .75" - 2.25" Campaign Buttons
160.2" Winchester Knife Advertising Wet Stone and Winchester Model 94 Button
161.7" Buffalo Scrotum Medicine Bag
162.Collection Of Geo Stones
163.Official 2.5" Harley Davidson Pocket Knife
164.Collection Of Patent Medicine & Drug Store Bottles
165.Collection Of Patent Medicine & Drug Store Bottles
166.Complete 12 Vol. Set Of "Daughters Of The American Revolution Magazine" January - December, 1929
167.8" Southwestern Style Native American Covered Basket
168.10" Clay & Hide Native American Tom-Tom
169.Repo 1943 U. S. M6 Knife
170.Coca Cola Tray w/Tiny Collectibles
171.[2] Wall Mounted Saddle Racks
172.Vintage Oil Filler Spout
173.[3] 48", 30" & 24" Wooden Level
174.[3] 48", 36" & 24" Metal Levels
175.[2] 48" x 1/2" i.p. Pony Clamps
176.[2] Vintage Disston Hand Saws
177.48" Strait Edge & 36", 28" & 28" Metal Levels
178.13" Lay's 5 "goB-Tweens" Potato Chip Jar
179.1-Qt. Vintage Pennzoil Glass Outboard Motor Oil Bottle
180.[9] Tin & Aluminum Advertising Pieces
181.12" Hand Carved Decorative Horse
182.2-Gal. Blue Banded Stoneware Lemonade Dispenser NOTE: Repaired Lid
183.[3] Leather Holsters
184.LARGE 12" Hand Painted Italian Pitcher
185.[6] Vols. 1975 & 1976 Of "Civil War Times Illustrated"
186.[3] Cannon Falls Night Lights
187.10" Mitchum M & T Peanut Jar
188.2-Ton Craftsman Hydraulic Floor Jack
189.Micro-Flare Roadside Kit
190.Antique Reel Push Mower. NOTE: Needs Handle
191.Kidde Fire Extinguisher
192.5-Gal. Military "Gerry" Fuel Can
193.5-Gal. Military "Gerry" Fuel Can
194.Pr. Of 3 Ton Craftsman Jack Stands
195.6-Pc. Enamel Canner & Steamer Set
196.Lot Of Hand Tools
197.Lot Of Hand Tools
198.[5] Assorted Hammers
199.Lot Of Machinist Cutting Tools
200.[5] Assorted Hammers
201.[3] Assorted Size Hand Saws
202.Vintage Black Flag Insect Sprayer
203.9" C-Clamp
204.17" Antique Block Plane
205.6.5" Antique Groove Plane
206.4" Heavy Duty Block
207.36" Antique Hand Made Butchering Rack
208.10" Antique Draw Knife
209.7" x 3/4" Antique Auger
210.10" Antique Hand Scythe
211.Vintage Brace
212.12" Husky Limb Saw
213.Vintage No. 1 Universal Meat Grinder
214.[3] Yard Sticks, [2] are Advertising
215.1944 Whitman Publishing Children's "Dog Stories"
216.1950 Whitman Publishing "Howdy Doody" Coloring Book. NOTE; No Back Cover
217.25" Modern Stainless Steel Lamp
218.31"W x 28"H & 20"D Corner TV Stand. NOTE: Doors Needs Catches
219.[2] Frames Including A Gold Gilt 11" x 14" Inside & A Silver Gilt 12" x 15" Inside
220.13" x 24" Bell-South Telephone Sign
221.24" x 18" Heavy Aluminum "Buses Only" Sign
222.24" x 18" Heavy Aluminum "One Way Only" Sign
223.24" x 18" Heavy Aluminum "Late Arrival" Sign
224.24" x 18" Heavy Aluminum "All Visitors"
225.24" x 18" Heavy Aluminum "Staff Parking" Sign
226.21" x 15" Heavy Aluminum "Arrow" Sign
227.18" x 12" Heavy Aluminum "Stable Area" Sign
228.36" Vintage Tripod Automotive Jack
229.Mechanical Fuel Transfer Pump
230.LARGE 48" Draft Horse Single Tree
231.9" Antique Block Plane
232.31" Cotton Scale. NOTE: Includes [2] Peas, Not Shown
233.Lady's Or Youth Single-Bow Sheep Sheer
234.10" Antique Hand Scythe
235.24" Bow Saw
236.[5] 11" x 8.5" Wall Sign Holders
237.30" Sq. Heavy Aluminum "Do Not Enter" Sign
238.Vintage Red & White Enamel Mary Hartman Pot
239.10" Red & White Enamel Covered Pan
240.9" Red & White Enamel Sauce Pan & 14" Dipper
241.Large Collection Of Mini Grinder & Shaper Bits
242.[10] 12" Decorative Multi-Colored Wine Bottles
243.New Small Bale Polypro 4000 Feet Twine
244.Pr. Of 2-Ton Autocraft Floor Stands
245.Coleman 5000-8000 BTU Catalytic Heater
246.Singer Model 6235 Multi-Stitch Sewing Machine. NOTE: Works
247.Kenmore 36 Multi-Stitch Sewing Machine w/[2] Pedals. NOTE: Works
248.Simplicity 200 Easy-Lock Surge Machine
249.Vintage Office Manual Check Writer Up To $99,999.99
250.[2] 30" 200 AMP Main Panel Boxes
251.30" Sq. Heavy Aluminum "Do Not Enter" Sign
252.[2] Glass Buoy/Net Floats. NOTE: One Has Small Hole
253.Garrett Wade Battery Quartz Weather Station
254.35" x 28" Vintage Window Sash
255.29" Bow Saw
256.24" x 24" Coca Cola Machine Panel
257.[2] 41" & 50" Plate Racks
258.[3] 29", 37" & 27" Plate Racks
259.[4] 26" , 33", 30", & 52" Plate Racks
260.[12] Assorted State License Plates
261.Collection Of South Carolina Low Country Sweet Grass Baskets. NOTE: All "AS IS"
262.1956 Rotary Dial Telephone
263.[9] 5" Cast Iron Fence Post Finials
264.[4] Sets Of Antique Case Locks
265.9.5" Schrade "Old Timer" Hunting Knife & 9 3/4" Winchester Hunting & Skinning Knife
266.Lot Of Cable Clamps, Cleves & Turn Buckle Ends
267.KD & Husky Torque Wrenches
268.Collection Of Old Glass Jars
269.2" Draw Bar Hitch
270.[7] Antique & Vintage Covered Baskets
271.Antique 10" Enamel Bowls & Dipper
272.4" Bench Mount Columbia Vise
273.Casio PCR-265 Electronic Cash Register. NOTE: No Key
274.Casio VCR-T2000 Electronic Cash Register w/Key
275.Table Lot Of Native American, Flash Light, Gun Sleeve & Other Collectibles
276.12" Plow Foot
277.2 Pr. Of After Market Truck Mirrors
278.[5] Plastic Coca Cola Crates Each Having A Different Logo
279.[4] 78" - 90" Salt Water Rods. NOTE: One Needs Tip Repair
280.[4] 73" - 89" Spinning Rods. NOTE: [2] Need Tip Repair
281.Quantim 1310 MGI Reel On Southbend Rod
282.Body By Jake Exerciser
283.Size-4 Wedding Dress
284.50" x 65" Chrome Roll-Around Rack
285.50" x 65" Chrome Roll-Around Rack
286.[4] 40" x 63" Embroidery Sheer Curtain Panels NOTE: Freshly Cleaned
287.[2] 40" x 84" Lined Curtain Panels NOTE: Freshly Cleaned
288.[14] Felt Covered Suit Hangers
289.14" x 11" Original Shoney's Serving Tray
290.32" x 24" 108-Slot Hot Wheels Display
291.Vintage Accurate Maps & Atlas Display Racks
292.Effickair Model EA1407 Console Humidifier. NOTE: Owner's Manual & Works Good
293.FLP Performance Parts Air Cleaner Cover For 1998-2002 Chevy Camaro
294.24" "For Sale By Owner" Sign & Info Tube
295.12" Vintage GE Wall/Table Mount Electric Fan. NOTE: Excellent Condition. WORKS
296.[792] Topps 1970s-80s Baseball Cards
297.[369] 1980s Donruss Baseball Cards
298.[352] 1980s Topps Baseball Cards
299.[576] 1980s Donruss & Topps Baseball Cards
300.[575] 1980s Donruss & Topps Baseball Cards
301.[315] 1980s Donruss Baseball Cards
302.[465] 1980s Topps Baseball Cards
303.[230] 1970s Topps & Chewing Gum Baseball Cards
304.[465] 1970s-80s Topps & Score Baseball Cards
305.[700] 1970s-80's Donruss & Laughlin Baseball Cards
306.[175] 1980s Topps & NFL Football Cards
307.[700] Mixed Sports Cards
308.[9600] Mixed Sports Cards
309.[1500] Mixed Sports Cards
310.Open Boxes & Loose Sports Cards
311.Open Boxes & Loose Sports Cards
312.1980 Score Bo Jackson Sealed Card
313.1984 Don Mattingly Sealed Card
314.1985 Eric Davis Sealed Card
315.1990 Ken Griffey Jr. Sealed Card
316.1981 Joe Montana Sealed Card
317.1990 Lt. Ed. George H. W. Bush Player's Card
318.1989 Coach John MacLeod "Error" Card
319.1978 Topps Rookie Pitchers Card
320.Ken Griffey Jr. & Cal Ripken Cards
321.Roger Clemens & Orel Hershiser Cards
322.Jose Conseco & Rickey Henderson Cards
323.Bo Jackson & Pete Rose Cards
324.Wade Boggs, Ozzie Smith, Eric Davis & Reggie Jackson Cards
325.Nolan Ryan Cards
326.Darryl Strawberry Cards
327.Don Mattingly Cards
328.1989 Score Rookie Card Set
329.2002 Upper-Deck "World Series Heroes" Set
330.2000 278-Card Major League Set
331.1989 Donruss Card Set
332.BOX OF CHOCOLATES, You Never Know What Cards You Are Going To Get!
333.42"W x 20"H x 18"D Igloo 128-Quart Marine Cooler
334.Igloo Marine Seat Cushion For 128-Quart Cooler
335.7 Pc. Bedroom Ensemble Including Queen Spread, [1] Pillow, [2] Decorator Pillows, [2] Shams & Dust Ruffle. NOTE: Very Nice
336.32" Folding Papason Chair
337.[3] 26" At-the-Seat Maple Rush Bottom Bar Stools. NOTE: [2] Spindles Missing
338.[2] Vintage French Side-Chairs For Restoration
339.Antique Wicker Rocker For Restoration
340.Antique Queen Anne Arm Chair For Restoration
341.17" Decorative Globe Fixture
342.Cordless Hitachi 12V Screw Gun w/Charger & 12V Bosch Screw Gun & Reciprocal Saw w/Charger & Battery
343.42" Chrome Steel 1945-86 Jeep CJ Rear Bumper
344.75' Water Sports Rope
345.Comfort Zone Electric 1500W Heater
346.24" Steel Equipment Box
347.24" Louver Door Medicine Cabinet
348.Pr. Of Auto Dollies
349.Military Large Alice Pack w/Frame & Harness
350.42" x 54" American Signature Dinning Table w/Drawers In Both Ends. NOTE: Some Top Restoration
351.48-Piece [Service Of 8] Etched Crystal Stemware
352.13" Hand Blown Hat Dish
353.5.5" Native American Effigy Bowl
354.9" Pink Depression Serving Dish. NOTE: Small Rim Chip
355.4 Assorted Styles Of Milk Bottles
356.6.5" Hand Crafted Puzzle Box
357.Handcrafted Pottery "Bonnie"
358.[2] 15" x 19" Walnut Frames
359.Collection Of U S Stamps
360.Collection Of Foreign Stamps
361.Collection Of NASCAR Hero Cards
362.Collection Of Old Bottles
363.Collection Of Uniform Patches
364.Complete Set (29 Packs, 116 Cards] Of The 1992 NASCAR Food Lion Richard Petty Tour Cards
365.Lot Of Clocks, Glass & Other Collectibles
366.Collection Of Old Glass Containers
367.Early Zinc-Top Half Gallon Jar With Bale Handle
368.[5] 6" Budweiser Glasses
369.Sheets & Partial Sheets Of U.S. Stamps. NOTE: $50.00 Face Value
370.Scotts Handy Green II Spreader
371.Elvis Stamp & Related Paper
372.[3] Electronic Credit Card Readers
373.[12] Half Pint Fruit Jars
374.[2] White Sewing Machine Cases Only.
375.Vintage Wooden Sewing Machine Case Only
376.[2] Crates Of National Geographic Magazines
377.Vintage Automotive Spotlight
378.[2] Vintage Leather Holsters
379.TEC MA-516 Cash Register w/Key
380.HP Officejet Pro 8600 All In One Copier
381.Vintage "Hooked On Phonics" Set
382.Antique Door Knob Collection
383.Kenmore Sewing Machine NOTE: Works
384.Pfaff Sewing Machine. NOTE: Needs Work
385.Collection Of Children's Books
386.[2] New Rolls Of Select Garage Vinyl Mat
387.[2] 25' Rolls Of 36"W Fiberglass Screening
388.[12] Assorted Vintage Comics
389.[12] Assorted Vintage Comics
390.Collection Of Old Glass Bottles
391.32" x 48" Gilt Frame
392.40" x 48" Antique Finished Frame
393.28" x 41" Antique Frame w/Non Glare Glass
394.Pool Cleaning Equipment & Float Pump
395.[4] 9", 11", 14" & 15" Display Boxes
396.Collection Of Decorative Hand Carved Objects
397.Scotts EdgeGuard Distributor
398.Table Lot Of Decorative Items & Linens
399.Table Lot Of Collectible Items
400.Panasonic 5-Hand Set Cordless Telephones w/Digital Answering Machine
401.Collection Of Antique & Vintage Hammer Heads
402.[9] 5" - 8" Antique Hand Forged Cribbing Spikes
403.Lot Of Small Engine Parts Including 20" Saw Chain
404.New Kobalt Driver Set
405.8-Piece Set Of Vintage Black & White Enamel Pots & Pans
406.Galvanize Bucket w/Kitchen Collectibles
407.24" Stainless Handicap Bar
408.New Set Of Jumper Cables
409.[2] Squarespray Sprinklers "It Gets The Corners"
410.Lot Of Porcelain Insulators
411.36" Lady's Shaw
412.[4] 22" Inflatable Pool Floats
413.Table Lot Of Tools
414.Table Lot Of Tools
415.Black & Decker NaviGator Powered Hand Saw/Jig Saw
416.Black & Decker Variable Speed Scroll Saw
417.Porter Cable Pneumatic 18 Ga. 1/2"-1" Staple Gun
418.[14] New "Rebel" License Plates
419.Lot Of Military Rifle Parts & 44-40 Lead
420.[4] Ball & Claw Table Legs
421.[300+] Post Cards
422.No. 8 DX Cast Iron Smoothing Iron
423.No. 6 Cast Iron Smoothing Iron
424."STAR" Cast Iron Smoothing Iron
425.No. 6 Sheffield Cast Iron Smoothing Iron
426.Table Lot Of Tools & Collectibles
427.[2] Boxes Of Children's Toys & Collectibles
428.21" x 32" Mirror-Door Medicine Cabinet
429.[70] Issues Of 1960's "American Rifleman" Magazine
430.Lot Of Old Hardware
431.Vintage Westinghouse Intercom Set
432.Collection Paper Including Maps, Cards & Stamps
433.48" Vine Twisted Tree Trunk
434.Tools & AV Cords
435.Collection Of Old Glass Bottles, Tins, & Lids
436.Pr. Of 6' Loading Ramps
437.[6] Assorted Long Handle Tools
438.Lot Of Picture Frames