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171117 EASTWOOD HOMES MODEL HOME AUCTION - Bidding Ends: Friday November 17, 2017 7:00PM

Item Description
1.20" Sq. Abstract Acrylic On Canvas By Novak
2.34" Rd Metal Art Decorative Mirror
3.[2] 32" Candle Stick Lamps
4.20" Metal Art Bowl & Decorative Spheres
5.48"W x 31"H x 16"D Mahogany Finish Console Table
6.12" Decorative Box & Greenery In Vase
7.[2] 13" Sq. Floral Prints In Custom Frames w/Flower & Candle
8.24"W x 12"L Decorative Architectural Wall Treatment
9.18" Wooden Serving Tray w/Lemons, Plastic Stems & Sparkling Water
10.Lot Including Wire Basket, Cake Pedestal, Cookie Jar, Books & Glasses
11.10" Bowl Of Decorative Pears & Cookbook w/Easel
12.30" & 33" Decorative Copper Finish Metal Vases
13.Lot Including [6] 11" Sq. Plates, [2] Bowls, [2] Napkins & [2] Place Mats
14.[2] 28" At The Seat Swivel Bar Stools
15.[2] 19" Rd. x 24"H Single Drawer Mahogany Drum Tables
16.Paisley Print Wing Back Arm Chair
17.13" "Home" & 17" "Family" Shelf Signs & [2] Birds
18.[2] 24" Metal Candle Sconces
19.Paisley Print Wing Back Arm Chair
20.6' Artificial Ficus Tree
21.24" x 36" Acrylic On Canvas Painting
22.27" Cane Base Table Lamp & Artifical Flower
23.44"W x 29"H x 19" Modern Steel & Wood Table
24.20" Dome Top Trunk w/Artificial Greenery
25.17" Metal Art Bowl & Spheres w/Candle Holders
26.9" Cast Aluminum Bowl & Books
27.48"W x 19"H x 24"D Glass Top Mahogany Coffee Table
28.84" Ultra Suede Home Loose Cushion Sofa
29.[4] 17" Decorator Pillows
30.40" Artificial Rubber Plant
31.24" Sq. Custom Framed Architectural Tile Wall Treatment
32.14" Rd. x 18" H Gold Finish Porcelain Garden Seat
33.Beige Brass Tack Upholster Side Chair
35.10" Pearl Handle Magnetizing Glass
36.19" Basket, Smile Wall Piece, Books & Greenery
38.48"W x 39"D x 19" Computer Desk w/Drawer & Keypad Pull Out
39.Rush Bottom Ladder Back Side Chair
40.20" Basket, Plush Toy & Artificial Plant
41.[4] 17" Decorative Pillows
42.86" Linen Loose Cushion Sofa
43.42" x 14" Metal Art Wall Treatment
44.23" Vase-Base Table Lamp
45.16" x 20"H Hammered Metal Chrome End Table
46.22" x 10" "Drop Your Pants Here" Laundry Sign
47.40"W x 30"H x 18"D White Dresser Base w/29" x 44" Mirror
48.Artificial Flowers, Plush Toy & Book
49.[2] 29" Black & Zebra Table Lamp
50.25" Sq. Whimsical Card Holder
51.14" Sq. Framed Chandelier Panel
52.White Twin Size Bed w/A 51"H Headboard Metal Frame, Air Mattress, Box Spring
53.16" Rd x 21"H Wrought Iron Base White Drum Table
54.18" Sq. Framed Abstract Wall Treatment
55.32" "Basketball" Wall Treatment
56.Twin Size "Home Court" Bed w/Metal Frame Mattress & Box Springs. NOTE: Mattress & Box Spring "As Is"
57.18" Lamp, Bobcat Back Board, Display Tablet & Books
58.24"W x 24"H x 16"D Night Stand
59.30" Basketball Bean Chair
60.23"W x 60"W x 14"D Bookcase. NOTE: Leg Repair
61.12" Basketball Lamp, Composition Ball, Candle Holder & Wall Treatment
62.33"W x 42"H x 18"D Four Drawer Chest. NOTE: Top Drawer Missing Bottom
63.31" x 20" Acrylic On Canvas Bird Painting
64.Artificial Plant, Vanity Set & Frog
65.11" x 14" "Everything About You Is Amazing" Wall Treatment
66.16" & 21" Mantellic Finish Decorative Ceramic Vases
67.9" x 11" Portrait Frame & Decorative Pc.
68.66"W x 40"H x 18"D Mahogany 8-Drawer Dresser Base w/48" x 48" Beveled Mirror
69.[2] 11" x 23" Floral Prints
70.Artificial Flower, Vanity Set & Soap
71.8" Decorative Box
72.Leather Look Barrel Back Chair
73.24" Sq. Custom Framed Ceramic Plate
74.[2] 30"W x 30"H x 16"D 3-Drawer Mahogany Night Stand
75.[2] 24" Gold Finish Table Lamps
76.24" x 28" Decorative Gilt Frame Mirror
77.12" Vase, Artificial Flower & Candle Holder
78.58"w x 39"H x 15"D Mahogany Pigeon Hole Bookcase
80.43"W x 51"H x 21" 6-Drawer Tall White Chest
81.21" Sq. Matted & Frame Abstract Print
82.22" Vase-Base Table Lamp
83.26" Table Lamp
84.18"W x 27"H x 14"D Single Drawer Night Stand
85.48" x 16" Carved Wood Wall Treatment
86.White Queen Size w/Headboard, Foot Board, Rails, Mattress & Boxsprings
87.19" Sq. Floral Print
88.44"W Design House Of America Jumbo Size Chair
89.20" Basket, Decorative Pillows, Flowers & Birds