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180108 ESTATES AND CONSIGNMENT AUCTION - Bidding Ends: Monday January 8, 2018 7:00PM

Item Description
1.11" Lenox 24K Gold Trimmed Bowl
1A.8.5' Artificial Slim Line Prelit Christmas Tree with Metal Stand
2.8.5" Lenox 24K Gold Trimmed "Ribbed" Vase
3.16.5" Lenox 24K Gold Trimmed "Leaf" Dish
4.9.5" Lenox "Woodland" Gravy Boat
5.7.5" Lenox 24K Gold Trimmed "Rose Bud" Vase
6.9.5" Lenox 24K Gold Trimmed Deep "Fan" Bowl
7.9" Xiomara Hand Crafted Pitcher and [4] Glasses
8.[2] 9" Hand painted Norleans Floral Plates
9.17.5" Elgin Westminster Movement Onion head Mantel Clock With Key
10.2.5" Silverplate, footed Salt Cellar With Cobalt Blue Glass Liner and Spoon
11.[2] 2.5" Xiomara Hand Crafted Condiment Jars
12.9.5" Xiomara Hand Crafted Pitcher and [2] 4.5" Mugs
13.15 Pcs. Of Bavarian H&G Heinrich Fine China Including; [5] 10" Dinner Plates, [1] 10" Pasta Bowl, [8] 8" Salad Plates and [1] 10" Covered Vegetable Bowl
14.8" Hand Crafted Stoneware Candle Holder
15.Pair of 4" Lenox 24K Gold Trimmed "Special" Candle Holders
16.16" Carved Wood Sea Turtle Bowl With Lid.
17.7.5" Lenox 24K Gold Trimmed "Leaf" Candy Dish
18.8.5" Antique Tobacco Glazed Stoneware "Daisy" Pitcher
19.8" Hand Painted Plate, Egg Plate and Brass Hurricane Candle Holder
20.6" Wheel-Cut Lead Crystal Bowl and 9" Lead Crystal Pedestal Rose Bowl
21.38" Brass, Marble and Glass Base Table Lamp
22.[5] Bibles and Study Bibles
23.14.5" Silverplate Pedestal Punch Bowl and Ladle
24.52"W x 39"H x 18"D Oak Step-Down Dressing Chest
25.19" Square Floral Print From Water Color
26.[2] 11" x 23" Silver Gilt Framed Topiary Prints
27.Antique J.N. White Co. Silverplate and STERLING SILVER Trombone With Original Case. NOTE: 7" Of The Horn Is STERLING SILVER
28.9" "Kate Spade" Hand Bag
29.Lady's Medium Jones Designs (NY) Mouton Coat
30.20" Decorative Dome-Top Trunk
31.20"W x 25"H x 16"D Vintage Oak Night Stand For Restoration or Painting
32.12" x 29" Decorative Canvas and Embossed Metal Wall Treatment
33.[2] 7" Twisted Wire Wall Sconce Shelves
34.16"W x 12"H x 12"D Hand Crafted Mahogany Foot Stool
35.[8] 4.5" Pattern Crystal Champaign's/Sherbets
36.10" Pink Depression "Sharon" or "Cabbage Rose" Vegetable Bowl
37.9" Brass Plated Cowboy Boot Planter
38.3", 5" and 8" Pieces of 24K Gold Trimmed Lenox
39.[6] Pieces of Fine Crystal Cambridge Sherbets
40.6" Xiomara Hand Crafted Covered Jar
41.8.5" Xiomara Hand Crafted Covered Jar
42.9" Cast Aluminum Square Fruit Bowl
43.[2] 8.5" and 9.5" Xiomara Hand Crafted Pottery Canteens
44.10" Mid-Century Covered Bowl
45.[5] 6" - 8" Pieces of Xiomara Hand Crafted Pottery Dishes
46.44"W x 72"H x 19"D Vintage Rock Maple Sideboard With Hutch-Top
47.11" Antique Cast Iron Pot
48.10" Antique Cast Iron Dutch Oven With Lid and Bale Handle
49.9.5" 1992 Hand Crafted for Avon "Christopher Columbus New World Stein"
50.9.5" 1991 Hand Crafted for Avon "Great Dogs of The Outdoors Stein"
51.9.5" 1995 Hand Crafted for Avon "Tribute to American Wildlife Stein"
52.9.5" 1994 Hand Crafted for Avon "Father Christmas Stein"
53.42"W x 77"H x 20"D Walnut Finished Pine Gentleman's Tall Chest-on-Chest. NOTE: Matches 173
54.[2] 23" Fine Porcelain Oriental Satsuma Base Lamps
55.56"W x 67"H x 18"D Oak Arts & Crafts Style 6-Drawer Dresser With Mirror
56.16" Art Metal Bowl With Grapevine and Pottery Spheres
57.21" x 28" Decorative "Welcome" Mirror
58.34"W x 49"H x 20"D Vintage Rock Maple 5-Drawer Chest-on-Chest
59.4" Lenox Quartz Movement Clock
60.9" Stoneware Tea Pot
61.8" Ceramic Praying Hands
62.[3] 10-Light Sets of Avon Fiber Optic "Butterfly Garlands" NOTE: Never Used
63.1914 Kodak Junior No. 1A Folding Camera With Original Manual
64.27" - 30" Extendable Metal Base Table Lamp
65.45"W x 31"H x 18"D Vintage Rock Maple Kneehole Vanity With 25" x 36" Mirror and 22" Vanity Stool
66.Vintage Royal Arrow Portable Typewriter
67.[3] Vintage Wilton Cast Iron Trivets
68.3-Piece Bathroom Set
69.5" Tiara Carnival Glass Vase
70.[30+] 45 RPM Records
71.47"W x 67"H x 18"D Antique Depression Era Drop-Center Bat-Wing Dresser and Mirror
72.Vintage Bausch & Lomb Balomatic 500 Strip Slide Projector
73.[2] David Winter Cottages in Original Boxes Including; 1987 "Orchard Cottage" and 1992 "Thameside" NOTE:$165.00 Original Cost of the Lot
74.[2] David Winter Cottages in Original Boxes Including; 1989 "Orchard Cottage" and 1991 "Only a Span Apart" NOTE: $165.00 Original Cost of the Lot
75.6" and 8" 24K Gold Trimmed Lenox Bowls
76.16" x 19" Decorative Cane Tray/Basket
77.8"Dia. X 13"H "Millionaires Glass Money Dome" Filled with Shredded US Currency
78.10-Light Set of Avon "Angel Light String" NOTE: Never Used
79.[5] David Winter Cottages in Original Boxes Including; 1983 "Fisherman's Wharf", 1991 "The Boat House", 1991 "The Bull and Bush", 1985 "Hogs Head Beer House" and 1982 "Drover's Cottage" NOTE: $210.00 Original Cost of the Lot
80.[5] David Winter Cottages in Original Boxes Including; 1984 "Snow Cottage", 1992 "Swan Upping Cottage", 1980 "Little Market", 1985 "Coopers Cottage" and 1982 "The Village Shop" NOTE: Original Cost $275.00 Original Cost for the Lot
81.12" x 13" Decorative Musical and Animated "Rockin' Reindeer" Display NOTE: New in the Box
82.6-Pieces of Xiomara Pottery
83.Lot Including; Xiomara bowl, Cup & Saucer, Sherbets and Moroca
84.[9] Avon Products
85.[9] Avon Products
86.Vintage Sunbeam Mixer With [2] Bowls, Blades and Cover
87.Confection Jar With Antique and Vintage Buttons
88.Lot of Vintage Wooden Thread Spools
89.60"W x 86"H x 17"D Heavy Wrought Iron and Brass Baker's Rack
90.24" Square Abstract Floral Print from Water Color by David Griffin
91.25" Contemporary Ebony Table Lamp
92.20"W x 30"H x17"D Lockable Office Cabinet
93.4-Piece Hand Crafted "Cloths Pin" Set of Doll Furniture
94.Stainless Steel Wheel Chair With Accessories
95.Antique Hand Crafted Plank-Bottom Spindle-Back Fire-Side Chair
96.41" Antique Wrought Iron Fern Stand
97.26"W x 76"H x 12"D Mahogany Corner Curio
98.Lot of Collectibles Including; Oriental Doll, Owl Bookend, Brass Topiaries and Squirrels
99.19" NEW IN THE BOX Shelf-Sitter Avon Rag Doll With Fiber Optic Changing Colors
100.[24] Chrome Miniature Wedding Bells and [13] Battery Op. Votive Light
101.Decorative Glassware, Dachshund, Carnival Glass Frog, etc.
102.Paper Weights, Christmas Tree, Vintage Oil Lamp, Desk Ink Pen Holder etc.
103.7.5" 1972 Frankhoma "He Is Risen" Christmas Plate and 8.5" Frankhoma "Oklahoma" State Plate Both Signed by John Frank
104.9" Antique Flo Blue Soup Bowl
105.Antique Dated 1928 "Spanish Galleon" Cast Iron Book End
106.4" Carved Buffalo Bone Bird
107.10" Antique Pink Depression Jeannette "Adam" Footed Cake Plate
108.11" Deviled Egg Platter
109.13" Antique Pink Depression Platter
110.4.5" Antique Pattern Glass Syrup With Tin Lid
111.[3] Miniature 5" Wilton Cast Iron Trivets
112.Antique Green Depression 1 Qt. Measuring Cup
113.[2] Antique Northwood Forest Green Vegetable Bowls
114.Vintage 1947 2-Record Set of "Goldilocks And The Three Bears" on 78 RPM Records
115.10" Avon Porcelain and Cloth Pin Cushion Doll
116.8.5" Avon Teleflora Footed Christmas Bowl
117.[3] 7" - 8.5" Wilton Cast Iron Trivets
118.8.5" Avon Christmas Tree With Raggedy and Teddy Salt and Peppers
119.7" Avon Field of Flowers "Roll-a-Hoop" Full Bottle
120.[4] Vintage 7" - 9" Cast Iron Trivets
121.Shelf Lot of Glassware
122.Shelf Lot of Glassware
123.Vintage Deer Lamp and Syroco Wood Ash Tray
124.Shelf Lot of Glassware
125.Shelf Lot of Glassware
126.Shelf Lot of Glassware
127.[17] Avon Products
128.Shelf of Antique and Vintage Book Titles
129.Shelf Lot of Glassware
130.Shelf Lot of Glassware
131.Time-Life and Oxmoor House Cook Books
132.Shelf Lot of Collectibles
133.Wallace Silverplate Snowball, Home Trends Bud Vase and Candle Sticks
134.1991, 1992 and undated Ringling Bros. Circus Programs
135.Quick Draw McGraw, Spooky and Wendy Comics
136.Shelf Lot of Glassware
137.Shelf Lot of Glassware
138.Antique Bow-Back High Chair NOTE: For Restoration, All Parts Are There
139.[2] 49"W x 30"H x 12"D Contemporary Bookcases
140.Tensor 20" Jeweler's Floursent Work Bench Lamp
141.20" x 22" Paper Organizer Box
142.60"W x 30"H x 30"D Steel Case Desk NOTE: Good Condition
143.48"W x 29"H x24"D Steel Case Work Table NOTE: Good Condition
144.15"W x 52.5"H x 28.5"D Good Quality 4-Drawer Letter Size File Cabinet NOTE: Good Condition
145.15"W x 28"H x 26.5"D Good Quality 2-Drawer Letter Size File NOTE: Good Condition
146.15"W x 28"H x 18"D Wood Grain 2-Drawer File Cabinet
147.36"W x 28"H x 15"D Steel Roll-Around Office Table NOTE: Wheels and Hardware All Good
148.Pro 500E MinuteMan UPS Battery Back-Up With [4] BBU Plugs, [2] Surge Protected Plugs, Telephone, RS232 and Printer ports
149.Sony CRX215A1 CD-R/RW Read/Write Drive
150.Belkin F6C1500 TW-RK Battery Backup System With [8] BBU and Surge Protected Plus, RS232, Network, Phone, Fax and Printer Ports
151.55" x 30" x 40" (Leaves Up) Plus [2] 10" Leaves Vintage Oak Drop Leaf Table
152.[6] Vintage Brace Back Maple Windsor Chairs. NOTE: For Restoration
153.56 Pcs. Of "Golden Wheat" Including [6] 5.5" Tumblers, [6] 4" Juice Glasses, [6] 9" Dinner Plates, [6] 7" Soups, [6] 7" Salads, [6] 6" Breads, [6] 5" Desserts, [6] Cups, [6] Saucers, [2] Hot Plates
154.[6] Walnut American Empire Dinning Chairs
155.[2] 22" x 21" x 27" Vintage Oak End Tables. NOTE: For Restoration
156.33" T x 26" Dia. Stoneware Brown Glazed Base Table Lamp
157.30" x 38" x 12" Maple Bookcase
158.Electric Holiday Music Box w/[15] Discs
159.48" X 32" x 18" General Electric Console Record Player
160.25" x 44" x 16" Contemporary stereo Cabinet w/[4] Components, Patch Cords & Remotes
161.38" x 30" x 18" Vintage Maple Single Pedestal Youth Desk. NOTE: For Restoration
162.[2] Bentwood Cane Bottom Ice Cream Chairs. NOTE: One Has Cane Damage
163.Vintage Pine Youth Rocker
164.40"W x 93"H x 23" Hand Crafted 2-Piece Pine Corner Cabinet. NOTE: Some Restoration
165.32" Banana Plant In Ceramic Vase On A 24" Concrete Pedestal
166.36" x 17" x 18" Oak & Popular Blanket Chest
167.6' Ficus Tree In A Ceramic Planter
168.40" x 18" x 14" Window Seat w/Drawer Storage
169.Collection Of 33 RPM Story Book Records
170.Parts For An Antique Victorian Pull Down Oil Lamp
171.30"W x 31"H x 18"D Contemporary 3-Drawer Chest
172.Pr. Of 24" Pioneer Speakers
173.26"W x 26"H x 16"D Walnut Finish Pine Washstand. NOTE: Matches No. 53
174.43" Wrought Iron & Wood Base Table Lamp
175.22"W x 27"H x 16"D Vintage Rock Maple Night Stand
176.[2] 27" Sq. x 22"H Parquet Top, Cane Bottom French Provential End Tables. NOTE: Needs Restoration
177.Heywood-Wakefield Wicker Rocking Chair w/Original HW Tag
178.43" Heywood-Wakefield Wicker Love Seat w/Original HW Tag
179.[2] 29"W x 22"H x 23" Vintage Cherry Marble Top End Tables
180.71"W x 48"H x 15"D Cherry Hutch Top
181.[2] Heavy Duty Load Jacks 7'1"-9'1"
182.Heavy Duty Load Jack 8'4" -9'8"
183.Heavy Duty Load Jack 5'6" - 6'10"
184.Heavy Duty Short Load Jack 4'5"-5'11"
185.8 Qtrs.. Sunoco Ultra Super-C 15W40
186.8 Qtrs.. Sunoco Ultra Super-C 15W40W & 10W-40
187.3 Qtrs. Torco MPZ Synthetic 5W-30 Racing Oil
188.18" x 22" Tiger and Cubs Print
189.[2] Pieces of 66" Architectural Wood
190.Antique Tubular Steel Twin Bed With Uni-Box Spring Set
191.64" x 44" (Plus [2] 16" Leaves) Cherry Dinning Table and [8] Cane-Back Chairs NOTE: All in Good Condition
192.38" Round x 15"H Inlaid Mid-Century Coffee Table
193.Vintage Cane-Side Arm Chair
194.60"W x 36'H maple Butcher Block Top Trestle Table
195.[4] Swivel Top Stools (Chair Height}
196.[3] Bentwood Ice Cream Chair For Restoration
197.Vintage Solid Oak Youth Chair
198.Rock Maple Full Size Early American Bed w/Rails NOTE: Pet Damage On Foot Board
199.Full Size Rock Maple Full Size Early American Bed w/Rails
200.60" x 42" (Plus [3] 12" Leaves) Maple Early American Style Table
201.[6] Mahogany Federal Style Shield Back Chairs. Note: For Restoration
202.Set of Old Golf Clubs
203.Full Size Walnut Finish Pine Headboard Only. NOTE: Matches Nos. 53 & 173
204.23"w x 21"H x 26"D Parquet Top Oak French Provential End Table
205.9.5" 1996 Hand Crafted For Avon "A Christmas Carol Stein"
206.[2] Northern America Fishing Club Medals For Large Mouth Bass & Walleye
207.7" 1994 Hand Crafted For Avon "Country & Western Music Stein"
208.[12] Avon Products
209.1982 McConnell's Corners General Store Set
210.7" 1987 Avon Rose
211.Avon Winter Wonderland Candle Holder
212.4" Solid Pewter Avon 1963 Buick Riviera
213.[3] Avon Eggs On Stands
214.Avon Fly-A-Balloon Cologne
215.[10] Avon Products
216.1991 9.5" Hand Crafted For Avon "Conquest Of Space Stein"
217.9.5" 1993 Hand Crafted For Avon "A Century Of Basketball Stein"
218.[5] Avon Products
219.8.5" Satin Glass Fairy Lamp
220.2003 "White Christmas" Musical Snow Globe
221.[11] Avon Products
222.9" Antique Cast Iron Electric Wall Light
223.[5] 6" Faberware Cordials
224.[2] 35" Brass Base Table Lamps
225.1982 & 1984 9" Avon Christmas Plates
226.Antique Cane Bottom Slipper Rocker
227.Antique Bentwood Cane Bottom Ice Cream Chair
228.Antique Oak Spindle Back Cane Bottom Side Chair
229.[4] c1880 Walnut Eastlake Victorian Spoon Carved Hip Chairs. NOTE: One Needs Cane
230.19"W x 25"H x 28"D Vintage Maple Step Table
231.Vintage 30" Table Lamp
232.24" Dia. Oak & Brass Chandelier. NOTE: New In The Box
233.Lot Of Handwork
234.Afghans & Shaw
235.8" Baum Bros. Formalities Vase
236.8" Dia. Baum Bros. Formalities Vase
237.[3] 6" - 7" Avon Images Of Hollywood Including Clark Gable, Fred Astaire & John Wayne
238.[32] Avon Products In Original Gift Boxes
239.A Pr. Of 8" Ardalt Porcelain Figurines
240.13" Porcelain Mother & Child Figurine
241.[9] Avon Products In Original Gift Boxes
242.10" Contemporary Hyalyn Pottery Pitcher
243.14" Contemporary Oil Lamp
244.Table Covers, Place Mats & Throws
245.12" Hull Mid Century Snack Dish
246.Collection Of Liquor Bottles
247.Table Cloths, Lace, & Hand Work
248.Lot Of Christmas Decorations
249.Popcorn Spread, Lace Pillow & Flag
250.Lot Of Decorative & Collectible Items
251.9" Avon Cinderella Doll
252.1984 Images Of Hollywood Ginger Rogers
253.Avon Bridal Moments Cologne
254.1984 Avon "Mother's Touch"
255.5" Amyethsis Glass Perfume Bottle
256.Pr. Of Frankhoma Cream & Sugar
257.8" Signed Imperial Glass Works Windmill Carnival Bowl
258.7.5" 1995 Gnome Cairn Christmas
259.Die Cast 1960 1:24 Scale CARQUEST GMC Pickup
260.Collection Of Geo Samples
261.5" Amyethsis Slag Glass Compote
262.7" Three Corner Gravy Boat In Iridize Carnival. NOTE: One Tiny Chip
263.6" Roseville No. 102 Clematis Vase. NOTE: Multiple Chips
264.6" Roseville No. 98 Ewer. NOTE: Point Broken Off
265.6" Roseville No. 188 Clematis Vase. NOTE: Excellent Condition
266.6" Roseville No. 188 Clematis Vase. NOTE: Excellent Condition
267.6" Cut Crystal Basket
268.7" 1988 Longaberger Wall Hanging Basket By NCR
269.7.5" Sq. 1983 Longaberger Basket By JRF
270.14" Antique Marked Longaberger Basket
271.[2] 22" Hand Painted Porcelain Urn Base Table Lamps
272.10" Roseville No. 17 Clematis Ewer. NOTE: One Tiny Chip
273.16" x 13" Original Watercolor
274.21" x 16" Custom Matted & Framed Middle Eastern Print
275.40" x 28" Gilt Frame Print On Board
276.16" x 18" Gilt Frame & Custom Matter Lt. Ed. 955 /1000 Signed By The Artist Cherrie Nute
277.35"W x 62"H x 15"D Antique c1880 Bow Front China Cabinet w/Grooved Shelves & All Original Glass
278.[5] Cup & Saucers Set Including Doulton, Ansley, Imari
279.[6] 3"-5" Vintage Hand Painted Figurines
280.[3] Depression Glass [1] Cream & Multiple Sugars
281.9" Elegant Pink Depression Glass Divided Dish
282.[4] Iridize Fire King Soup Bowls
283.5" Flora Gold Candy Dish
284.Set Of Frank Frankloma Pottery Salt & Pepper
285.[5] Signed Heisey Berry Bowls
286.[2] 9.5" Blueridge Pottery Dishes
287.11" Birds Of America Audubon Plate Featuring The Fork-Tailed Flycatcher
288.8.5" Currier & Ives "Landing Of The Pilgrims" Plate
289.18" Antique Standard Oil Lamp Converted To Electric
290.35"W x 26"H x 26"D Drop Leaf Mahogany Pembroke Table
291.Wellington Porcelain Double Dove Figurine
292.Pr. Of 4.5" Bunny Salt & Peppers
293.Antique Arts & Craft Solid Oak Rocking Chair
294.12" Sq. 1992 Longaberger Picnic Basket By SW
295.9.5" Marcrest Brownware Covered Casserole
296.9" RRPC Brownware Bean Pot
297.8" Redware Open Pot
298.8" Brownware Cookie Jar
299.Half Gallon RCP Co. Akron, Ohio Cider Jug
300.Half Gallon Brownware Pitcher
301.9" Signed McCoy Ewer
302.9" Lefton Tea Pot
303.11" Hull Pottery Divided Brownware Veggie Dish
304.5" McCoy Creamer
305.17" Roseville No. 461 Clematis Planter NOYE: Excellent Condition
306.6" Hand Thrown Artisan Honey Pot
307.7" Vintage Signed McCoy Planter
308.6" Hull Tea Cup Wall Planter
309.4" Hand Painted Hanging Salt Box
310.A Pr. Of 5" Hand Paint Vinger & Oil Cruets
311.[3] 16" Nishi Maiko Dolls
312.10.5" Pale Cranberry Vase
313.[2] 8" Cranberry Pilgrim Vases
314.7" Signed Fenton Cranberry Pitcher
315.6" Cranberry Pilgrim Vase
316.6.5" Moss Rose Tea Warmer. NOTE: Cord Included
317.3 Pc. Silverplate Dresser Set
318.Lot Of Kitchenware
319.Lot Of Kitchenware
320.Porcelain & Wooden Decorations
321.Lot Including [12] Silverplate Coasters, Bread Tray & Brass Nut Cracker
322.Table Lot Including Susie Moffet, Wolf Camera, Teddy, Baskets, Vintage Toy, Pink Milk Glass, His & Her's Sport Watches
323.30" Sheridan Style Piano Bench
324.16"W x 32" Hamilton Antique Printers Tray
325.Pair Of Twin Crochet Bedspreads & Pillow Shams
326.Twin Size Peacock Alley Embossed Pattern Bedspread & Sham
327.84" x 72" Oval Lace Tablecloth
328.Lot Of Linens & Hand Work
329.Lot Of Linens & Hand Work
330.Lot Of Christmas Decorations
331.30 Plus 33 RPM Albums
332.Lot Of Linens & Hand Work
333.Lot Of 28 Avon Products
334.Lot Of Draperies
335.Lot Of Kitchenware
336.Lot Of Linens , Afghans, Throws
337.Complete Compton's Pictured Encyclopedias
338.Lot Of Towels, Etc.
339.Lot Of Kitchenware, Sprinkler, Etc.
340.Lot Including Musical Bird Clock, Avon Plate, Mirror Etc.
341.Lot Of Old Books
342.Candleholders, Cups, Etc.
343.[12] 1984 Avon Collector Duck Series
344.Auto Repair, Clock Parts & Spanish Lessons
345.[18] Avon Products
346.[7] Avon Products
347.[27] Avon Products
348.[13] Avon Products
349.[25] Avon Products
350.Avon Product & Christmas Trays
351.Print, TV Antenna, Dymo Label Maker, & Telephone Tapping System
352.[13] Avon Products
353.Avon Characters & Soap
354.Cook Books
355.Planting, Crafts & Spiritual
356.Gardening Books
357.Lot Including The Warren Report, John F Kennedy, Phil Donahue Books Etc.
358.Stadium Blanket, Yard Flags, Razorback Tee Shirts
359.American Tourister Carry-on Hard Side Suitcase
360.Books Including Cooking, Photograph, & Do It Yourself
361.Cooks Books
362.[3] Teddy Frames, Etc.
363.1912 McFadden's Encylopedia Of Physical Culture
364.Winston Cup Series Cushions, Stadium Blankets, Etc.
365.Books, Avon, Shoe Bag, Lazy Susan
366.[35} Avon Products
367.Tablecloths & Handwork
368.[30] Avon Products
369.Linens & Handwork
370.[18] Avon Products
371.Jewelry Cleaner, Chrome Platter, What Not Shelf & Toys
372.Collection Of Old 78 RPM Records
373.Corningware Dishes, Grater, Trivets
374.Jewelry Box, Tablecloth, Purse
375.Candleholder, Stein, Tree Top, Etc.
376.Tackle Box, Plush Toys, Game
377.Vintage RARE 1940s McCoy "Turn-a-Bout Bears" Cookie Jar
378.Marie Osmond Hug & Kisses Weebees
379.Jewel Tea Tablecloth & [2] Runners
380.Pr. Of 22" Gilt Syroco Wood Candle Sconce
381.[18[ Pcs. Of Avon Costume Jewelry
382.[16] Pcs. Of Avon Costume Jewelry
383.[23] Pcs. Of Avon Costume Jewelry
384.Star Pattern Quilt Top
385.Collection Of Whimsical Aprons
386.Collection Of Old Books Including An Autographed William H. Danforth "I Dare You",
387.1991 Daytona 500 Catalog, 1994 Charlotte Motor Speedway "Mello Yellow 500" & Darrell Waltrip License Plates
388.Vintage Statue "AS IS", Victorian Ashtray, & Figurines,
389.Lady's Hats
390.[4] Storage Tubs w/Lids
391.[3] Storage Tubs NOTE: No Lids