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200511 – CLOVER ESTATE AUCTION NO. 6 - Bidding Ends: Monday May 11th 7:00PM

Item Description
1.Antique WG Steyr Model 1890 Gew 88 8MM Mauser Military Rifle SN 5891
2.Antique Civil War Modified Austrian Lorenz .58 Cal. Musket Rifle SN 529
3.Antique Fabrican Armas Oviedo Chilean Model 1897 7x57 Mauser SN B9300
4.Simpson Suhl (Thuringen) 12 Ga. Double Barrel 12/70 Nitro Manufactured in Lucerne Germany With a Special Steel Barrel and Inscribed “William E. DeButts, Dallas, Texas”. Mr. De Butts (1922-1995) Was the Owner of TAVCO Trucking in Dallas, Texas SN 225099
5.O.F. Mossberg & Sons Model 640 KD Chuckster AC-KRO Gruv .22 Magnum Bolt-Action Clip-Fed Sporting Rifle with Tasco Scope and Leather Sling SN 549442
6.Antique J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co. Rabbit Eared Double Barrel 12 Ga. Shotgun With a 28” Barrel Pre-SN NOTE: In As Is Condition
7.Vintage WWII British No. 4 M47-C 1943 .303 Cal. Military Rifle SN 4MK1
8.Vintage “Texas Ranger” J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co. Single-Barrel Hammer Shotgun With a 28½” Barrel Pre-SN
9.Vintage WWII Italian Model 91/40 6.5x52 Cal. Mannlicher Carcano Short Rifle Known as the Type Use by Lee Harvey Oswald to Assassinate President Kennedy SN W4957
10.Remington Model 700 .243 Cal. Bolt-Action Sporting Rifle with Leopold Scope and Leather Sling SN 24821
11.Vintage Winchester Repeating Arms Co. Model 67 Bolt-Action Single-Shot .22 Cal Short, Long and Long Rifle Pre-SN
12.Colt Army 1860-1873 Replica .44 Cal. Dragoon Revolver SN 72856
13.Antique c1840 Pennsylvania Hex Barrel Percussion .35 Cal. Long Rifle Modified (Probably Civil War Era) to a Holster/Officers Pistol Pre-SN
14.Vintage RG Industries Model RG23 .22 Cal. LR 3” Six-Shot Revolver SN T706928
15.Vintage RG Industries Model RG23 .22 Cal. LR 3” Six-Shot Revolver SN T586996
16.Antique c1850 .50 Cal. Civil War Era Service Pistol Pre-SN
17.Vintage RG Industries Mod 66 Six-Shot 22Cal. LR 5” Revolver SN 1B-30722
18.Antique c1770 European Flintlock Pistol with the Mark “ARI” Pre-SN
19.Colt Defender 4.5mm Cal. .177 Gas Operated Pellet Pistol SN 12027425
20.28" WWII Child's Toy M-1 Rifle
21.28" WWII Child's Toy M-1 Carbine Gun
22.Antique Leather Shot Gun Shell Belt
23.Military Ammo Can w/200 Plus Rounds Of .223/5.56 Cal. AP Rounds
24.11" Southwestern Native American Hand Crafted Reed Bowl
25.6" Southwestern Navajo Quapaw Animal Effigy Pot
26.12" Southwestern Native American Hand Crafted Reed Bowl
27.10" Hand Woven & Beaded Covered Southwestern Native American Bowl
29.5" Southwestern Navajo Quapaw Bird Effigy Pot
30.11" Eskimo Doll
31.14" Carved Ceremonial Stick Rattle
33.12" Rush, Bark & Feather Decorated Bowl
34.8.5" Hand Forged Stack Handle Knife & Sheath
35.9.5" x 19.5" Hand Woven Southwestern Wool Scarf
36.13" Windless India Made Stack Leather Handle Dagger
37.16" x 39" Hand Woven Native American Shawl
38.9" Hand Forged Walnut Handle Knife & Sheath
39.Lot Of Small Native American Table Covers
40.23" Inka Metal Co. Machete & Decorative Scabbard
41.Pr. Of Leather Clad Stirrups
42.Florida Seminole Peace Belt Symbolic Of The End Of The Indian's Wars/Andrew Jackson. 1820
43.7" Bark Container
44.Decorative Native American Eagle Bolo
45.Contemporary Leather & Turquoise Bolo
46.25" x 32" 1835 Native American Print of "Pah-She-Pah-How" by C.B. King
47.22.5" Bead Decorated Ceremonial Native American War Club
48.[3] 13" - 25" Native American Dream Catchers
49.7" Leather Bead Decorated Medicine Bag
50.[2] Southwestern Native American Beaded Necklaces
51.[2] 12.5" & 17" Encased Glass Candle Holders
52.7" x 9" Photograph Of Absaroke (Crow) Lodge Grass War Dancers Including Edward Wolf Lays Down, Leo Bad Horse & Bird Far Away
53.15" Native American Beaded Eagle Necklace
54.15" Native American Beaded Eagle Necklace
55.15" Native American Beaded Eagle Necklace
56.6.5" Antique Small Powder Horn
57.Heavy Nigerian Brass Bracelet
58.Heavy Nigerian Brass Bracelet
61.10" Antique Native American Pouch. NOTE: Deterioration
62.16" Native American Beaded Eagle Necklace
63.72" Native American Beaded Sash
64.13" Native American Beaded Eagle Neck Band
65.38" Native American Beaded Necklace
66.15" Native American Leather & Tortoise Shell Medicine Bag
67.4" Hand Crafted Trinket Box
68.4" Hand Carved Stone Cutting Tool
69.5" Hand Carved Stone Skinning Tool
70.4" Southwestern Native America Animal Effigy Clay Pipe
71.3" Native American Stone Sharpening Tool
72.4" Stone Sharpening Tool
73.18" Beaded Leather Southwestern Native America Pouch
74.[6] 1.5" Native American Carved Stone Eagle Decoration Pieces
75.[2] Carved Stone Native American Decorative Pieces
76.Southwestern Native American Beaded Head Band
77.Southwestern Native American Beaded Head Band
78.Southwestern Native American Beaded Head Band
79.Southwestern Native American Beaded Head Band
80.4" Cast Iron "The Young Negro Bank"
81.11" Glass & Silverplate Ewer
82.15.5" 1954 Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Plastic Advertising Platter
83.11.5" Bone Carved Chinese Peasant
84.6" Scrimshaw Tooth Depicting The USS Constitution Defeating The English Frigate HMS Guerriere
85.7.5" Carved Tusk Vase
86.7" Leather Clad Antique Powder Flask
87.7" Antique Landers Spring Scale
88.America's Duck Stamps 50th Anniversary Collection w/First Day Covers Depicting Duck Stamps From 1934-1985
89.13" Duck's Unlimited Shooting Rig Collection By Dick Rhode
90.Vintage 1950-60 Russian Double Pouch Rifle Cleaning Kit NOTE: Never Used
91.14" Antique Hand Carved Powder Horn
92.12" x 13.5" Bronze Clad "Changing Of The Guard" Statue By Rusty Phelps
93.Antique 1-Lb. Wooden Butter Mold
94.12" Vintage K & O Models, Inc. Fleet Line "The Sea Spray" Wooden Model w/Battery Driven Outboard Motor. NOTE: Original Box & Instructions
95.7" Weeden Toy Iron & Brass Steam Engine
96.Cast Iron & Wood Coffee Mill
97.5" Drug Store Mortis & Pestle
98.Antique 1-Pint South Carolina Dispensary Flask
99.Antique 1-Pint South Carolina Dispensary Flask
100.Antique 1-Pint South Carolina Dispensary Flask w/ Palmetto Tree
101.Antique 1-Quart South Carolina Dispensary Bottle
102.8 Oz. Germania Brewing Co., Charleston, S. C. Bottle
103.[2] Forest Green Depression Era "Ballerina" White House Vinegar Bottles
104.[2] 7" Antique Goofus Glass Vases
105.8" Vintage Plastic Kool-Aid Pitcher
106.53" Hand Crafted Native American Seminole Alligator Sash
107.38" Silverplate Top & Point Antique Cane
108.37" Carved Cane w/Tomahawk Top
109.36" Wooden Cane w/Fish Handle & 14" Dagger
110.35" Hand Carved Wooden Cane w/ Dragon Handle & 19" Sword
111.36" Carved Wooden & Stone Cane w/Fish Handle & 26" Sword
112.25" Hand Hammered Brass Umbrella/Cane Stand
113.37" x 28" Custom Matted & Framed Lt. Ed. 503/1252 Duck Print Personally Signed By The Artist Art LaMay
114.28" x 18" Framed Collection Of [26] 1976- 2001 National Wild Turkey Federation Coins In Nickel Silver
115.15" Wooden Ceremonial War Club
116.15.5" Animal Bladder Decorative Ceremonial Stick Rattle
117.6" South Carolina Low-Country Sweetgrass Pocket Book
118.Pr. Of 10" Antique Ice Tongs
119.Antique Miner's Carbide Hat Lamp
120.16" Kucari Knife, Side Knife & Sheath
121.24" Japanese Carved Bone Sheath & Sword. NOTE: Some As Is Condition
122.13" 16 Lb. Cast Iron & Brass Cannon
123.7 Pc. Set Of South Carolina Low Country Sweet Grass Drink & Bottle Coasters
124.8" South Carolina Low Country Sweet Grass Basket
125.5 Vols. Of "War Of The Rebellion-Official Records Of The Union & Confederate Armys" Including Series 1. Vol. XXI "Lookout Mountain & Missionary Ridge", Series 1 Vol XXXIV, "Louisiana & Mississippi Territory", Series 1 Vol XXXIV Part 2, "Louisiana & Mississippi Territory, Series 1 Vol.XXXV111 "North Georgia" & Series 1, Vol XVI "Correspondence"
126.12" South Carolina Low Country Sweet Grass Basket
127.Hand Crafted Silverplate Capped Swagger Stick Dated March 25, 1960
128.26" Leather Clad Swagger Stick
129.Antique 1-Gallon Stoneware Butter Churn w/Dasher & Lid
130.12" Hand Carved Alabaster Pitcher
131.9.5" Antique Stoneware Storage Jar
132.16" x 8" Civil War Wooden Water Cask
133.9" Union Pacific RR Brass Cuspidor
134.12" Antique Cast Iron Dutch Oven w/Lid
135.34" x 30" Custom Matted & Framed Lt. Ed. 611/2000 Ducks Unlimited "Southern Elegance" Personally Signed By The Artist J. W. Thrasher
136.Half Gallon Vintage Oil Lamp Filler Can
137.Vintage Ohio Art Tin Lithograph Wind Up Boat. NOTE: For Restoration
138.Antique c1850 Cast Iron Mattox Head
139.8" Hand Carved Deer Antler
141.14" x 11" Matted Pencil Drawing Of Pelicans Personally Signed By the Artist Lara Arnold
142.13" Bird Feeder Made From Atlas Jar & Pontiac Hubcap
143.UNUSUAL American Heater Co., Detroit USA No. 7 Copper Clad Antique Electric Iron
144.FANTASTIC Collection Of Tiny Treasures
145.Collection Of Unusual Letter Openers
146.9" Brown & White Stoneware Storage Jar
147.11" x 14" Matted "Flags Of The Confederacy" Print
148.8" Brown Glazed Stoneware Storage Jar
149.9" Carved Rosewood Eagle
150.Collection Of Vintage Lighters, Letter Openers & Knives Including "A Gift From James R. Hoffa" Lighter
151.15" White Glazed Stoneware Butter Churn W/Dasher & Lid
152.16" Hand Crafted Basket
153.Antique Atlas Automobile Heater
154.9" Double Block
155.14" Civil War Era "Doc Dunning Old Home Bitters" Bottle From Greensboro, N.C.
156.27" x 22" Custom Matted & Framed THE RAT PACK Photograph Wall Treatment
157.14" Hand Forged Hatchet/Hammer/Nail Puller
158.10" Antique Hand Forged Clever
159.14" Southwest Native American Pipe That Has a Bone Bowl, Mouth Piece & Carved Eagle Tip
160.Antique Cast Iron Smoothing Iron
161.Antique Cast Iron Smoothing Iron
162.Antique 20th Century MFG Co. Miner's Carbide Lamp
163.18" Antique Hanson Viking 100 LB. Scale
165.Custom Matted & Framed Native American Print "Hoo-Wan-Ne-Ka, A Winnebago Chief" By J.T. Bowen, 1841
166.17" Antique Blue Decorated Rolling Pin
167.8" Cast Iron Well Pulley
168.17" Broad Axe w/6.5" Blade
169.4" Antique Cow Bell
170.13" Crosley Collector's Edition Juke Box Radio. NOTE: Lights But No Sound
171.Vintage Oil Can Opener & Funnel
172.14" Stove Top Griddle
173.Antique 1859 Sausage Mill
174.Vintage Counter Top Beer Can Opener
175.7" Giant Jack Rock
176.Battery Operated Red/White Military Signal Lamp
177.9" Antique Hand Crafted Powder Horn. NOTE: Some Deterioration
178.9" Antique Leather Covered Powder Flask
179.[2] 27.5" Composition "1920's Man & Woman Golfers"
180.c1925 Electric Mechanical Flipping Toaster w/Original Cord
181.Antique Singer Sewing Machine Quad-Box
182.21" 20 Gal. Cast Iron Cauldron NOTE: Good Feet & Handles
183.Antique Biltmore Dairy 24 Half Pints Carrier
184.14" Antique Grinding Wheel
185.Clayton & Lambert Gas Torch
186.Antique Mule Collar, Bit, Bridle & Blinders
187.12" Antique Wooden Mallet
188.Double Bladed Woodsman Axe w/Short Handle
189.Antique Dietz Reflector Lantern. NOTE: Bottom Rotted Out
190.13" Antique Hand Crafted Leather Saddle Bag
191.Dietz Monarch Red Signal Lantern
192.Pr. Of Home Use 10" Ice Tongs
193.Lane Cedar Jewelry Box w/200 Plus Elvis Presley Box Car Collector Cards
194.13" Carved Teak Alligator
195.11" Cast Native American Southeast Alaskan Bowl Stamped With The Artist's Name Amos Wallace, a Famous Native (Tlingit) Alaskan Artist and was Produced By the Griffins Co. (1964 – 1967) of Griffins, Alaska
196.8" Antique Copper & Brass Powder Flask
197.1944 US Army Mess Kit
198.9" South Carolina Low Country Sweet Grass Beverage Tray
199.Antique Cast Iron Smoothing Iron
200.Vintage 1-Gal. Confection Jar
201.8" South Carolina Low Country Sweet Grass Covered Basket
202.6" WW1 Era Brass Binoculars
203.Pr. Of WW1 Leather Leggings
204.Antique Cork Top White House Vinegar Decanter
205.16" 4-Gal. Brown Glaze Butter Churn w/Dasher & Lid
206.Antique 1-Gal. Cork-Top White House Vinegar Jug
207.[3] (Empty) 12 Oz. 4077TH Mash Beer Cans
208.13" Southwestern Style Covered Basket
209.Full Badger Wet-Chemical Fire Extinguisher (In The Green)
210.Antique Biltmore Dairy 12-Quart Crate
211.22" Decorative "Exit Arrow"
212.6" South Carolina Low Country Sweet Grass Wall Pocket
213.9" Civil War Era Calvary Bugle
214.13" Decorative Brass Plate
215.8" Antique Wire Egg Basket
216.24" Antique Hand Forged Fire Tongs
217.Antique Cast Iron Corn Stick Pan
218.14" Equine/Bovine Medication Insertion Device
219.40" Antique 2-Man Cross-Cut Saw
220.[2] Brass Shackles w/Pad Locks. NOTE: No. Key
221.Pr. Of Antique Spurs
222.Antique Southwestern Spur
223.Pr. Of Slave Shackles w/Connecter Chain
224.Pr. Of Small Slave Shackles
225.Pr. Of Leg Shackles w/Connector Chain
226.Antique Southwestern Spur
227.Slave Trader's Neck Harness
228.15-Hook Rotating Coat Rack
229.69" Antique Railroad Car Mover
230.9" Stoneware Cooler Bowl
231.14" 3-Gal. Brown Glaze Storage Jar
232.18" x 13" x 15" Antique Moore & Dorsey Produce Crate
233.18" 5-Gal. Stoneware Churn w/Dasher & Lid. NOTE: Weather Flaking
234.12" x 18" Pennsylvania Railroad Advertising Poster
235.[2] 58" Feather Brand Canoe Paddles
236.Dietz Highway Signal Lamp
237.6-Position Adjustable 2" Draw Bar Hitch w/2" & 1 7/8" Balls
238.Antique Leather Shoulder Holster For Long-Barrel Revolver
239.Antique U S Army Leather Side-Arm Holster
240.Vintage Leather Holster & Cartridge Belt
241.16" x 12" Decorative "Wild Bill Outfitters" Sign
242.Antique Wooden Mallet Dated 1882
243.19" Antique Plumber's Ladle
244.6" Steel "Snow King Baking Powder" Fry Pan
245.7" Early Revere Copper Frying Pan
246.25" Riding Crop
247.10" Vintage Lady's Bakelite Tortoise Shell & Macrame Purse
248.7" Hand Forged Broad Axe On Short Handle
249.14" Embury No. 2 Air Pilot Signal Lamp
250.13" Snoopy Desk Lamp
251.[7] Assorted Antique Wood, Bone & Celluloid Forks NOTE: Picked Up at The Brandy Station Civil War Battle Site in Virginia
252.Half Gallon Mt. Olive Pickle Jar Filled w/Marbles
253.14K Gold Diamond Cluster Occasion Ring That Weighs A Total .12Toz
254.[2] 3" Sterling Silver Butter Plates That Have A Total Weigh Of 1.03Toz.
257.1993 Lt. Ed. 584/1750 In The All-Madden 14K Gold Emmitt Smith RB For The Dallas Cowboys
258.Vintage Push Button Donald Duck "Tricky Trapeze" Toy
259.[8] Antique Tin Type Photos
260.[11] EXTREMELY RARE Scovill MFG Co. Excellent Gilt South Carolina Confederate Uniform Coat Buttons That Have Never Been Used & Are Attached To Part Of The Original Packing
261.15" Nazi Germany SS Officer's Dagger w/The Luftwaffe & SS Insignias w/Sheath & Guard. Blade is inscribed "Alles fù Deutfchland" Translated "Anything for Germany"
262.14.25" WWII Era German Army Dagger w/Shell Motif Hilt & Bone Handle
263.7" x 11" Antique Nazi Pendant
264.Antique German Nazi Waffen Elite SS Enlisted Man's Belt Buckle
265.Antique German Nazi Party Swastika Wehrmacht Army Belt Buckle
266.Antique German Nazi SS Elite Postal Security Belt Buckle
267.Nazi Germany Panzer Division Pin
268.Antique 1918 "Der Welt Krieg" Translates "The World War" German Book w/Photography Collection Of War Pictures 1914-1918
269.1921 Copy Of "Vitalogy Or Encyclopedia Of Health & Home"
270.Confederate Civil War Sailors Cap. NOTE: Some Moth Damage
271.Monon Signal Department RR Signal Padlock
272.RR Signal Padlock
273.7" & 11" Native American Celluloid Dolls
274.1923 "The Home Magazine" Given w/A One Year Subscription To "Women's Weekly" NOTE: Worn Condition
275.Antique Edition Of "Rocky Mountain Views" Photographed On The Rio Grande-The Scenic Line Of The World. NOTE: Rio Grande Western Railroad
276.Nice Collection Of Tiny Treasures
277.16 Pcs. Collection Of WW1, WW2, Native American & Roman Toy Soldiers
278.5.5" To 16" Collapsible Brass Telescope
279.James Cosgrove & Son, Charleston, S C Bottle
280.Antique Miner's Carbide Hat Lamp
281.16" x 11" "Rosie's Diner" Decorative Sign
282.9" Native American Antler Handle Knife Sheath & Belt
283.Framed "And The Crooked Shall Be Made Straight" Cross Stitch
284.40" x 41" Steel Garden Gate
285.Vintage Aluminum Bicycle Package Boot
286.22" Antique Block Plane
287.24" Decorative "Bacon Makes Everything Better" Metal Sign
288.19" x 22" Matted & Framed "I Have To Live With Myself" Cross Stitch
289.10" Primitive Wooden Ladle
290.32" Braided Boat Dock-Bumper
291.12" x 18" October 2011 Lt. Ed. 434/600 Calendar Personally Signed By The Artist Tracy Price
292.[2] Vintage Hand Saws
293.[16] Hand Made Primitive Artifact Stone Cutting Tools
294.[26] Arrow Points Collected In Georgia 1967
295.[53] Medium & Small Arrow Points
296.[29] Medium & Small Arrow Points
297.[30] Medium & Small Arrow Points
298.12" x 7" x 11" Primitive Native American Stone Cornmeal/Medicine Mortis & Pestle
299.24" Dia. X 12D Antique Wooden Tub
300.15" Decorated Antique Hoop-Cheese Box
301.Vintage Roadside Smudge Pot
302.[49] Large To Small Arrow Points
303.[38] Medium To Small Arrow Points
304.[24] Medium To Small Arrow Points
305.[11] Antique Meeschaum Clay Pipe Bowls
306.[23] Medium Arrow Points
307.[12] Medium Arrow Points
308.11" White Enamel Milk/Water Pail
309.13" Antique Split Oak Handle Basket. NOTE: Handle Broken
310.Vintage 2-Gal. "Old Pal" Minnow Bucket
311.29" Rd. Wood & Embossed Galvanized Steel Wall Treatment
312.Antique Hand Sythe
313.Primitive Antique Food Chopper
314.GIANT 41" Whale Blubber Knife
315.11" Primitive Soldering Iron
316.14" Grey Agate Dipper
317.32" x 1.50" Antique Auger
318.Brass Ship's Lamp That Is Mounted On A 36"H x5" W Board, The Accordion Lamp Extends From 15" to 35"
319.8" Home Use Ice Tongs
320.Antique Dietz Lantern
321.16.5" x 22.5" Steel "Tube Rose Snuff" Sign
322.6.5" Cork Top White House Apple Vinegar Jar
323.9" Antique White House Vinegar Decanter
324.9.5" Cork Top White House Vinegar Jug
326.Collection Of Bangle Bracelets
327.Costume Bracelet & Necklaces
328.30" Crystal Necklace
329.Lot Of Costume Necklaces
330.[2] Indian (India) Belts
331.c1920 B & R MFG Co. Dime Saver
332.c1891 Surplus Bank Dime Saver
333.c1920 B & R MFG Co. Dime Saver
334.c1920 B & R MFG Co. Dime Saver
335.c1920 American Savings & Loan Dime Saver
336.c1920 Be Thrifty Dime Saver
337.Collection Of Costume Necklaces
338.Collection Of Costume Necklaces
339.Collection Of Costume Necklaces
340.Half Inch Rope & Antique Wooden Block
341.66" Cypress Gardens "El Diablo" Slalom Ski
342.68" Cypress Gardens "Dick Pope Jr." Slalom Ski
343.16" Schlitz Rotating Lighted Globe Sign. NOTE: Movement Needs Lubricating
344.Lot Of Antique Kitchen Collectibles
345.[2] Vintage Disston Hand Saws
346.Antique Embury Barn Lantern
347.Vintage Hatchet
348.UNIQUE 4" Steel 2-Line Clothes Line Retractor
349.Vintage Goldenrod Oiler
350.17" Galvanize Coal Bucket
351.Vintage 2-Gal. "Captain Fishfinder" Minnow Bucket
352.Full Antique Brass & Iron Bed. NOTE: No Rails But It Only Requires Regular 1.5" Angle Iron
353.9" x 26" c1925 Art Nouveau Print
354.Vintage Decorated Handle Rolling Pin
356.Antique White Gas Iron
357.Vintage Electric Iron w/Original Electric Cord
358.Antique Sad Iron
359.Antique Smoothing Iron
360.Antique Drapery Iron
361.[6] Assorted Vintage Hammers
362.Vintage 17" No. 6 Smooth Planes
363.Collection Of [3] 1" & 1.5" Wood Augers
364.45" Iron Firewood Rack On Steel Base
365.[2] 34" Iron Hay-Rake Wheel
366.RARE Locking Ratcheting Hoist
367.19" Antique 90 lb. Anvil NOTE: Well Worn
368.Collection Of [5] Belt Buckles
369.[18] Assorted Pocket Knives Including Old Timer, Barlow, Saber, & Gescut
370.[10] Assorted Contemporary And Vintage Lady's Watches
371.[18] Medium & Small Arrow Points
372.[44] Small Arrow Points
373.[24] Medium To Large Arrow Points
374.5" Antique Hand Crafted Powder Horn
375.6.5" Antique Hand Crafted Powder Horn
377.140 Jewelry & Saddle Decorative Trinkets
378.[17] Small Arrow Points & [25] Count Trade Stones
379.[6] 1-Pint Antique Milk Bottles
380.Pr. Of Welded 4.5" Large Nuts
381.Pr. Of 10" Commercial Antique Ice Tongs
382.Antique Southwestern Spur
383.Antique Southwestern Spur
384.Pr. Of Welded 2.5" Small Nuts
385.Vintage Firestone Outboard Motor
386.Vintage Goodyear Outboard Motor
387.Lot Of [6] Hammers
388.Lot Of [6] Hammers
389.Lot Of 10" & 14" Pipe Wrenches
390.[4] Antique Shaper Planes
391.[4] Antique Shaper Planes
392.Lot Of [6] Hammers
393.Antique Smoothing Iron
394.1852 Antique Charcoal Iron
395.c1925 Diamond Gas Iron
398.Oak Keepsake Box w/[65] Plus Clay Marbles
399.6" Bone & Brass Keepsake Box
400.Approx. 100 Antique Tobacco Tags
401.9" Antique Bull Scrotum Flask
402.Antique Civil War Era U S Army Mushroom Canteen
403.Biltmore Dairy Farm Wooden Milk Crate w/[11] Assorted Dairy Bottles
404.[2] Commercial High Voltage Fuses
405.NEW 4-Gal. Bucket Of General Use Multi-Purpose Floor Adhesive
406.Approx. [50] Vintage LB Albums
407.14" Tool Box Loaded w/Tools
408.16" Tool Box Loaded w/Tools
409.Bucket Of Tools
410.Box Of Scissor Clamps
411.Bucket Of Tools
412.24" Box Loaded w/Tools
413.Lot Of Tiny Collectibles
414.Lot Of Vintage Razors, Locks & Lighters
415.[3] Strands & [2] Pendants Of Polished & Drilled Native American trade Beads
416.Polished & Drill Rock Native American Trade Beads
417.Native American Trade Bead Necklace & Pendants
418.South American Antique Jingle Spur
419."The Alabama Band" #3 Album
420.Antique Hardware Box w/Marbles
421.Collection Of [5] Belt Buckles
422.Pr. Of 10 x 50mm 7° Ducks Unlimited Binoculars w/Case & Key
423.[6] Vintage 1970's Western Marvel Comics NOTE: Good Condition Individually Packaged
424.[6] Vintage 1970's Western Marvel Comics NOTE: Good Condition Individually Packaged
425.[6] Vintage 1970's Western Marvel Comics NOTE: Good Condition Individually Packaged
426.[6] Vintage 1970's Western Marvel Comics NOTE: Good Condition Individually Packaged
427.[6] Vintage 1970's Western Marvel Comics NOTE: Good Condition Individually Packaged
428.[6] Vintage 1970's Western Marvel Comics NOTE: Good Condition Individually Packaged
429.[4] 1970s Marvel "Combat Kelly" Comics
430.9" Antique Handled Lemonade Dispenser
431.12" 1-Gal. Antique Cider Jug
432.9.5" 1-Gal. Cider Jug. NOTE: Repaired
433.12" Stoneware Storage Cylinder
434.14" Antique Stoneware Mixing Bowl. NOTE: Age Crack
435.1-Pint Cork-Top White House Vinegar Cruet
436.1-Qt. Cork-Top White House Vinegar Cruet
437.8" Antique Stoneware Kraut Pot
438.8" Antique Stoneware Churn
439.9.5" Antique Stoneware Churn
440.8" Antique Kraut Crock
441.11" Antique Stoneware Cider Jug NOTE: AS IS Condition
442.1923 Antique Perfection Stove Kerosene Tank
443.[9] Assorted Hunting & Fishing Knives
444.1 Gal. Vintage Aluminum Picnic Jug
445.16" Metal Art Decorative Motorcycle
446.16" Metal Art Decorative Motorcycle
447.16" Metal Art Decorative Motorcycle
448.12" Southwestern Native American Reed Basket
449.36"W x 72"H 6-Door Locker Set
450.Vintage Steel Porch Chair For Restoration
451.Vintage Steel Porch Chair For Restoration
452.Vintage Steel Porch Chair For Restoration
453.6" x 8" Weber Charcoal Grill
454.NEW USA Trail ST175/80013 14" 5-Lug Trailer Tire & Rim For Boat Trailer Or Light Duty Utility Trailers
455.Vintage Carrom Game Board
456.Approx. [50] Vintage LB Albums
457.Approx. [50] Vintage LB Albums
458.Approx. [50] Vintage LB Albums
459.[35] Vintage LP Albums
460.Delta ShopMaster Bench Top Drill Press


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