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171016 – Estates and Consignments Auction - Bidding Closes: October 16, 2017 7:00PM

Item Description
1.9" Lt. Ed. Bradford "Firefighters..A Tradition Of Bravery" Collection Including 2001 "Courage Refuge" & 2002 "Calm Under Fire"
2.9" Lt. Ed. Bradford "Firefighters..A Tradition Of Bravery" Collection Including 2002 "Dangerous Duty" & 2002 "Brave Hearts"
3.9" Lt. Ed. Bradford "Firefighters..A Tradition Of Bravery" Collection Including 2001"Heroes At Work" & 2001 "Precious Recuse"
4.9" Lt. Ed. Bradford "Firefighters..A Tradition Of Bravery" Collection Including 2002 "Heroic Effort" & 2001 "Everyday Heroes
5.[5] 4" Hawthorne Village Firehouses Including "Honor", "Commitment To Courage", "Compassion", Bravery" & "United"
6.[8] Lt. Ed. 4" Statues From The "Someone To Protect Our Firefighters" Collection
7.[3] 6" Firehouse Steins
8.[2] 8" Lt. Ed. Statues From The Bradford "Angel Of Protection" Series Including "Heroes All" & "Always At The Ready"
9.[2] 8" Lt. Ed. Statues From The Bradford "Angel Of Protection" Series Including "Beyond Courage" & "Protection Them All"
10.13.5" Battery Quartz Firehouse Clock
11.9" Dalmatian & Pup
12.12" Lt. Ed. Bradford "A Nations Remembers" Collection "The Colors Of Freedom"
13.9" "The Light Of Hope - September 11, 2001"
14.17" Hand Wrought Ladle
15.12" Antique Wooden Barrel Lid w/Hand Painted Rooster. NOTE: The Back is Stamped "York Drug Store, York, SC"
16.13" Steel & Wood Pulley Block
17.19" Hand Wrought Ladle
18.48" Wood & Brass Ship's Wheel
19.24" x 18" Print On Board "An Hysterical Map Of South Carolina"
20.24" x 20" Print On Board Of Mediterian
21.36" Wooden Garden Hoe
22.19"W x 18"H x 12"D Queen Anne Stool
23.EXCELLENT CONDITION 18th Century "Cheese-Cutter" Ladder-Back Rocking Chair
24.14" x 12" Cradle Roll Certificate From 1923
25.9" x 11" 1971 "Red Headed Woodpecker" Print Personally Signed By The Artist Anne Worsham Richardson
26.19" Wooden Keg Stamped On The Back "Gastonia Ice Cream , Gastonia, Nor. Car."
27.16" Antique Concrete Black-Face Garden Statue
28.Tom Clark Gnome 4" 1997 "Missing You" w/Certificate
29.Tom Clark Gnome 7.5" 1992 "Golfer"
30.Tom Clark Gnome [2] 3" 1983-84 "Bubbles & Dizzy". Have Certificate For Bubbles
31.Tom Clark Gnome 6" 1990 "Ty" w/Certificate
32.Tom Clark Gnome 2" 1985 "Ernie" & 3" 1997 "Honeymooners" w/Certificates
33.Tom Clark Gnome 7" 1984 "Val"
34.Tom Clark Gnome 7" 1985 "Troutman"
35.Tom Clark Gnome [2] 5" 1987 "DEM" & "REP" w/Certificates
36.Tom Clark Gnome 7" 1991 "Holly" w/Certificate
37.Tom Clark Gnome 3.5" 1985 "Lilibet"w/Certificate
38.Tom Clark Gnome 6" 1989 "Peg" w/Certificate
39.Tom Clark Gnome 4" 1987 "Funny" w/Certificate
40.Tom Clark Gnome 7" 1987 "Arthur" w/Certificate
41.Tom Clark Gnome 4.5" 1983 "Pokey" w/Certificate
42.Tom Clark Gnome 5" 1983 "Jepp"
43.Tom Clark Gnome 5" 1989 "Elizabeth"
44.Tom Clark Gnome 7" 1983 "Saturday"
45.Tom Clark Gnome 6" 1987 "Mulligan" w/Certificate
46.Tom Clark Gnome [2] 5" 1990 "Butterfly" & "Buddy" w/Certificates
47.Tom Clark Gnome 6" 1991 "Barney"
48.Tom Clark Gnome 4" 1992 "Boomer" w/Certificate
49.Tom Clark Gnome 5" 1984 "Mugmon"
50.Tom Clark Gnome 5" 1984 "Jane"
51.Tom Clark Gnome 4.5" 1993 "I"
52.Tom Clark Gnome 6.5" 1986 "Pete" w/Certificate
53.Tom Clark Gnome [6] 4" 1986 "Jingle Family" w/Certificates
54.6" & 8" Antique Meriden Quadruple Plate Mellon Shape Cream & Sugar
55.[3] 10" Sterling Silver Candle Sticks
56.1918 Ford Model T Runabout Die Cast Ertl Bank & Ford 1913 Model T Van Die Cast By Ertl. NOTE: No Boxes
57.20 Pc. Collection Glass Menagerie
58.16 Pcs. Of Miniature What Not Animals In Onyx, Coal, Porcelain, Glass, Brass & Pewter
59.15 Pcs. Of Miniature Animals In Wood, Glass, Porcelain, Pewter & Composition
60.27 Pcs. Of Miniature Animals In Porcelain, Glass, Wood, Onyx & Composition
61.8" Vintage D.W. Naber & Sons Silver On Copper Antique Hotel Coffee Pot
62.[4] 13" c1880 Transparent Glass Projector Slides In Original Box
63.30" x 41" Beveled Glass Mirror In Silver Gilt Frame
64.28" x 24" Matted & Framed Print Of St. Paul's Museum. It Is A Lt. Ed. Personally Signed By The Artist Carol Robbins & Includes A Personal Letter From Ms. Robbins
65.18" x 19" Custom Framed & Matted Print From Crayon Published For York Place Celebrating 150 Years.
66.27" Antique Porcelain On Steel "Nature's Remedy" Thermometer
67.27" x 36" Wavy Glass w/Acrylic Painted Flowers Sun Catcher
68.32" x 26" Framed & Matted Antique Double Page Etching From Harper's Magazine Depicting "The Ninth Army Corps Charging The Confederate Works Before Petersburg, Immediately After The explosion Of The Mine, July 30, 1864"
69.29" x 64" Gilt Frame Antique Etching "Maria Theresia & The Lords Of Hungary"
70.24" x 28" Lt. Ed. Print Custom Matted & Framed Personally Signed By The Artist Kester
71.14" x 17" Antique Print In Oak Frame "The Pride Of The South"
72.8" x 11" c1920 Photograph Of Mother & Daughter
73.17" x 27" Custom Matted & Framed New York Travel Poster
74.20" x 17" Vintage Herb Chart Dated 1948
75.Antique Currier & Ives Print "Speeding On The Avenue"
76.12" Hand Crafted Washed Pine Apothecary Cabinet & Clock
77.10" x 17" Cross Stitch Sampler
78.[2] RARE 11" x 19" Antique Silver On Copper Wall Mounted Planters
79.[2] 18" x 14" Williamsburg Print Personally Signed By The Artist Charles Owensby
80.20" x 16" Board w/Decorative Decoupage Applied
81.12" Signed Weller "Dogwood" Pitcher
82.29" Vase-Base Table Lamp
83.38"W x 30"H x 20"D Broyhill Mahogany Inlaid Two Drawer Chest/File w/Pull Out Writing Surface. Very Nice
84.Set Of [4] 6"-13" Canisters
85.[2] 34" Classic Base Table Lamps
86.18" Oneida Silverplate Tray
87.12" Silverplate Covered Veggie Bowl
88.54" x 30" x 20"D Chippendale Style Inlaid Mahogany Carved Sofa Table. Very Nice
89.29" Tuscan Table Lamp
90.15" Crescent Silverplate Tray
91.9" Wm. Rogers Silverplate Pitcher
92.24"W x 24"H x 28"D Mahogany Inlaid Carved End Table. NOTE: This Table Matches Lot 223
93.15" Lighted Ceramic Christmas Tree
94.15" x 17"H Antique Splay Leg Stool. NOTE: Missing A Rung
95.36" x 30" x 24" Antique Painted Breakfast Table
96.[2] Antique Half-Spindle Hitchcock Kitchen Chairs w/Hand Painted Decorations
97.25"W x 26"H x 15"D Antique Hand Decorated Mountain Made Stick Table
98.Antique Split Oak Bottom Child's Ladder Back Chair
99.17"W x 24"H Antique Sewing Cabinet w/Original Till
100.Antique c1850 Hand Crafted Split Oak Bottom Fire Side Chair
101.56" Brass Goose Neck Floor Lamp
102.[4] 6" Firehouse Steins
103.[4] 7" -11" Firehouse Steins
104.8" Stoneware Firehouse Stein
105.[2] 6" 2002 Lt. Ed. Bradford "Hero's In Training" Series "On The Spot" & "Duty Calls" Figurines
106.[2] 7.5" 2002 Lt. Ed. Bradford "Firefighter…Every Day Heroes" Series "Rescue" & "Heroic Stand"
107.[3] 9" 2002 Lt. Ed. Bradford "From Courage To Action" Series "Taking Charge", "To The Rescue" & "Saving The Day"
108.40 Pcs. Of Ciera Fine Dinnerware Including [8] 11" Dinners, [8] 9" Soups, [8] 8" Breads, [8] Cups & [8] Saucers. NOTE: No Chips
109.11" Antique Meridian Silverplated Tipping Tea Pot
110.12" Silverplate Rogers Covered Veggie
111.11" Oneida Coffee Pot w/Cream & Sugar
112.12" Manning Bowman 1904 Patented Samavor
113.8" Antique Silver On Copper Tea Pot
114.3 Pc. Antique Silverplate Dresser Set
115.13" Silverplate Covered Veggie
116.13" Rogers Silverplate Flip Top Ice Bucket. NOTE: Some Cracking
117.20" x 44" Custom Matted & Gilt Frame Floral Print
118.3" & 4" Vintage Cow Bells
119.29" x 17" Custom Matted & Framed Print "Lee & His Generals" By G. B. Matthews
120.20" x 31" Custom Matted & Gilt Frame Fruit Stillife
121.23" Tin Dipper
122.24" x 32" Framed Bird & Magnolia Print "Mockingbird" By Roger Tory Peterson
123.14" Vintage Round Silverplated Beveled Mirror Dresser Plateau
124.13" Oblong Steel Fish Fryer
125.25" x 31" Custom Matted & Framed Floral Stillife By V. Flasph
126.16" x 19" Antique Frame Color Lithograph Print
127.18" x 23" Hand Crafted Pine Cabinet
128.[2] VERY RARE 14" Antique Oil Wagon/Auto Headlights. NOTE: Both In Excellent Condition And Complete With Burners
129.[2] 12" x 14" Pine Frame Hand Painted On Board Primitive Children
130.35" x 26" 1988 Print By Dewey Harden "The River Walk". It Depicts The Cincinnati River Walk Which Passes By The Boyhood Home Of BSA Founder Daniel Carter Beard
131.c1890 Walnut Victorian Spindle Back Side Chair. NOTE: Needs Bottom Repair
132.19" Rooster Table Lamp
133.16" Rd. x 24"H Glass Top, Concrete Base Fern Stand
134.Antique c1860 Scoop Bottom Bow Back Windsor Kitchen Chair
135.Tom Clark Gnome 7" 1995 "McNally" w/Certificate
136.Tom Clark Gnome 6" 1986 "Mrs. Claus III"
137.Tom Clark Gnome 5" 1984 "Mugmom"
138.Tom Clark Gnome 7.5" 1995 "Carin 1995 Christmas"
139.Tom Clark Gnome 6" 1983 "Locke" w/Certificate
140.Tom Clark Gnome 7.5" 1984 "Surich"
141.Tom Clark Gnome [3] 4" 1981 "Eenie", 1984 "Moe", & 1981 "Minie" w/Certifice For Minie & Eenie. NOTE: Lot 145 is "Minnie"
142.Tom Clark Gnome 8" 1983 "Spud"
143.Tom Clark Gnome 8" 1988 "Priscilla" w/Certificate
144.Tom Clark Gnome 7" 1985 "Wilbur"
145.Tom Clark Gnome 6.5" 1984 "Minnie" w/Certificate. NOTE: Completes Lot 141
146.Tom Clark Gnome 4" 1985 "Debbie"
147.Tom Clark Gnome 7" 1984 "The Bear Trax"
148.Tom Clark Gnome 6" 1980 "Aloe" NOTE: Personally Signed By Tom Clark w/Certificate
149.Tom Clark Gnome 3" 1992 "Alex & Louie" w/Certificate
150.Tom Clark Gnome 4.25" 1985 "Jacoues". Personally Signed By Tom Clarkw/Certificate
151.Tom Clark Gnome 3" 1989 "COCO" w/Certificate
152.1918 Ford Runabout w/Gulf Tanker Trailer Die Cast Bank w/Original Box
153.RARE Vintage c1950 6"L Tin House Trailer
154.6.5" Preserved Personality By Russ Berrie Co.. This Is "Earl E. Warning, Fireman"
155.Die Cast 1918 Model T Ford US Mail Bank w/Original Box
156.[6] 1979 Issue 1:64 Die Cast Budweiser Anheuser-Busch Delivery Trucks w/Original Boxes
157.1988 First Hess Truck Toy Tank in Original Box
158.[2] Gorham Silverplate Christmas Ornaments
159.Franklin Mint Hunting Case NASCAR Dale Earnhardt No. 3 Pocket Watch w/Fob & Leather Case
160.1989 Hess Toy Fire Truck In Original Box
161.1989 Hess Toy Fire Truck In Original Box
162.1914 Model T "Tin Lizzy" Fire Truck w/Working Head Lights, Smoking Radiator & Bump-n-Go Action In Original Box
163.Bachmann E-Z Track System "Iron Duke" N-Scale Train Set In Original Box
164.34" Playroom Toy Box Stand
165.65" Display Dressed In Antique Clothing. NOTE: Clothing Is In Bad Condition But It Is On An Antique Seamstress Dress Form
166.65" Display Dressed In Antique Clothing. NOTE: Clothing Is In Bad Condition But It Is On An Antique Seamstress Dress Form
167.60" Vintage Four-Bulb Floor Lamp.
168.21" x 38" Rolled 1929 Calendar. Minor Paper Damage
169.Antique Wooden Stirrup
170.11" Iron & Wood Tackle Block
171.12" Brass Mail Box From The Lowry Home In York, SC
172.Antique Buggy Whip With The Original Label "Combination Line Strength, Elasticity & Value" By New England Whip Co.
173.22" Antique Youth Bat
174.22" Hand Decorated Barrel Lid
175.19" Hand Decorated Barrel Lid
176.22" Wooden Dough Bowl Cut In Half To Create Two Wall Planters
177.12" Lite Beer Sign
178.Tom Clark Gnome 7" 1985 "Fielding"
179.Tom Clark Gnome 6" 1985 "Walt"
180.Tom Clark Gnome 4" 1987 "Acorn Family"
181.Tom Clark Gnome 6" 1985 "Walt"
182.Tom Clark Gnome 7" 1984 "Spock" w/Certificate
183.Tom Clark Gnome [2] 5.5" 1986 "Bailey & Gypsy" w/Certificate for Bailey
184.Tom Clark Gnome 6.5" 1998 "Bedtime Express"
185.Tom Clark Gnome 6" 1983 "Teddy" w/Certificate
186.Tom Clark Gnome [4] 3" 1992 Thimble Family Including "Patchwork", "Mother Pearl", "Threadbare" & "Marshall" w/Certificates For Mother Of Pearl, Patchwork, & Threadbare
187.Tom Clark Gnome 3" 1996 "Bareback" Note Personally Signed By Tom Clark
188.Tom Clark Gnome 5.5" 1984 "Henson" w/Certificate
189.Tom Clark Gnome 1983 "Freddy"
190.Tom Clark Gnome 6" 1993 "Leap Frog" w/Certificate
191.Tom Clark Gnome 6.5" 1994 "Sorghum Of Glade Valley"
192.Tom Clark Gnome 9" 1987 "Hitch"
193.Tom Clark Gnome 9.5" 1986 "The Bridges"
194.Tom Clark Gnome 7" 1985 "Taylor" w/Certificate
195.Tom Clark Gnome 10" 1985 "Peterson & Audubon"
196.10" Stamped Steel Vintage Dump Truck w/Original Wooden Wheels
197.7" c1920 Bisque Doll w/Original Clothes
198.5" Hand Carved Animated "Hat Tipping" Liquor Stopper
199.12" Vintage All Metal & Wood Trophy
200.1970 "Fly-Em" Series Gasoline Powered Tester Corp. Gas Powered Airplane
201.Vintage Thimble Drone Gas Powered Airplane
202.c1880 Plank-Bottom Half-Spindle Hand-Painted Antique Fireside Chair
203.22" Antique Walnut Foot Stool
204.Antique Adjustable Height Turned-Leg & Barley-Twist Piano Stool
205.10 Gal. Antique Milk Can
206.13" x 15" Vintage Floral Stillife
207.[2] 10" x 13" Matted & Framed Exotic Animal Prints
208.10" x 12" Frame Print
209.16" Hand Crafted Foot Stool
210.Full Size Factory White "Café-Kids" Bed w/Foot Board, Rails & Slats NOTE: Like New
211.40"W x 60"H x 19"D "Café-Kids" Factory White Wardrobe NOTE: Like New
212.Vintage Black Paint Over Maple Wing Back Chair
213.[2] 17" & 22" Reed Baskets
214.Vintage Vase Back Slipper Rocker. NOTE; Needs Bottom Repaired
215.[2] Chippendale Style Lattice Back Arm Chairs. NOTE: For Restoration
216.King Size Carved Washed Oak Broyhill Bed w/Foot Board & Rails. Excellent Condition
217.68"W x 38"H x 20"D Broyhill 12-Drawer Dresser w/50" x 43" Beveled Mirror. The Dresser Has A Fitted Center Drawer For Jewelry. Nice Piece
218.32"W x 30"H x 20"D Washed Oak Broyhill Night Stand
219.Spindle-Back Carved Vanity Chair
220.66"W x 38"H x 21"D Vintage Sideboard w/Distressed Finish & Hand Painted Decoration
221.48"T Northwestern Brand Gumball Machine w/Key
222.BEAUTIFUL 2-Piece 56" x 93" x 28" Burl Walnut HEC/Wardrobe NOTE: Easily Convert to a Gentleman's Chest
223.50" x 19" x 30" Inlaid Mahogany Carved Coffee Table. NOTE: Matches Lot 92
224.15Ft. Total Length Double Recliner Sectional Sofa (Can be Configured Several Ways)
225.9' x 12'9" Area Rug. NOTE: Some Soiling
226.[2] 6" Slag Glass Ashtrays & [2] Pottery Ashtrays
227.74"W x 38"H x 34"D Antique Heart Pine Pegged Construction Warehouse Desk Believed To Be From The Cotton Mill In York Co. & Used To Grade Cotton. It Includes A July 22, 1891 Copy Of The Yorkville Enquirer Found Inside The Piece. NOTE: Excellent Item
228.Vintage Electric Fan
229.[70] Vintage Children's Wooden Blocks
230.2000 Edition Of "100 Years Of Major League Baseball" By David Nemec & Saul Wisnia & 1970 "Arnold Palmer Situation Golf"
231.30" Antique Wrought Iron Pastry Press Antique. NOTE: Disregard Lot No. In Photo
232.10" Antique Auger/Taper Drill. NOTE: Disregard Lot No. In Photo
233.[3] Antique Cobbler's Shoe Lapse
234.Antique Pr. Of 9" Cast Iron Andirons
235.Vintage 24" Wood & Steel Hobby Horse
236.5-Motor Heat & Vibration Seat Massager
237.14" Oscillating 3-Speed Table Fan
238.Lot Of Lace Edge Curtains, Tie Backs & Pillow Shams
239.43"W x 44"H Oversized Carved Chair w/[2] Pillows
240.30" Wrought Iron Plant Stand
241.12" Sq. x 15"H Antique Salesman's Sample Oak Parlor Table
242.Pr. Of Antique 13" Cast Iron Andirons
243.Cast Iron Treadle Sewing Machine Stand
244.VERY RARE 23" Antique Wooden Key Root Beer Dispenser From The York, S. C. Drugstore. NOTE: Has Original Brass Tag Stating "Loaned By The Charles E. Hires Co., Philadelphia, Pa…..
245.18" x 8" Antique Wooden Dough Bowl That Has Added Legs To Create A Knitting Bowl
246.Decorative Table Top Brass Duck Touch-Light Switch
247.17" Copper Autoclave w/Tray From The York, S.C. Drug Store
248.EXTREMELY RARE 32" Sq. x 27"H Cast Iron Drug Store Soda Shop Table w/[4] Swing Out Seats. The Base Is Completely Iron w/A Wooden Table Top & Seats. NOTE: Glass Top Included.
249.[7] Burger King "Empire Strikes Back" Glasses
250.[10] Vintage Fire House Steins
251.1985 World Traveler "Spain" Cabbage Patch Kid
252.1984 Cabbage Patch "Playmate"
253.Lot Of Dalmatians
254.Lot Of Dalmatians
255.BRAND NEW 2-Quart Covered Oval Corning Ware Creations Bowl
256.BRAND NEW 2.5 Qt. Covered Corning Ware Creations Round Dish
257.1984 Cabbage Patch Doll
258.1985 Cabbage Patch Doll
259.4-Piece Pottery Canister Set
260.6 Pc. Analon Kitchen Utensil Set
261.13" New Radio Flyer Wagon w/Original Box
262.Hotel Carafe
263.Collection Of [3] Fancy Shawl Dancers Including "Golden Footsteps", "Spirit Of The Setting Sun", & "Dance In Peace"
264.NEW Set Of [4] City Blend Coffee Mugs
265.HARD TO FIND Antique c1900 Cast Iron Vanderbilt New York Central & Hudson River RR. It Has [4] Pcs. Including A 999 Camel Back Engine, Coal Tender, The Wagner Buffet Vestibule Car, & Passenger Car. NOTE: It Has Some Damage & Missing Some Parts
266.16" Woven Oak Picnic Basket
267.[5] Vols. Of "Master Pieces In Color" Edited By T. Leman Hare. The Books Are Hand Dated 1911 - 1915
268.[4] Antique Children's Books Including 1929 "The Child's Garden Of Verses", 1922 "Little Folk's Speaker", "The Selfish Fox" & 1880 "A Picnic Of Two"
269.[4] Antique Books Including 1908 "The Summers Readers", 1909 "Child's Classics", 1897 "Baldwin's Readers" & 1902 New Testament
270.Lot Of Antique Door, Clock & Furniture Keys
271.Antique Primitive Fruit Drier
272.18" Marble Rolling Pin
273.16" Vintage Wizard Bug Spray w/Original Brown Glass Jar
274.Lot Of Christmas Tree Doll Ornaments
275.Lot Of Christmas Tree Doll Ornaments
276.Lot Of Christmas Tree Doll Ornaments
277.Lot Of Christmas Tree Doll Ornaments
278.Angel Ornaments Including "Generosity", "Wisdom", "Contentment", "Love", "Joy" & "Peace"
279.[12] Bi-Centennial Pharmacy's Historic Role Bar Glasses
280.Precision Hollow Ground Carving Set
281.[8] 7"-13" Spirit's Bottles
282.Collection Of Brown Glass Pharmacy Bottles From The York Drug Store
283.Collection Of Cobalt Blue Pharmacy Bottles From The York Dug Sore
284.12-Piece Set of "Central Park" Glasses
285.[4] 11"-19" Cobalt Blue Spirit Bottles
286.[5] Cobalt Blue Pharmacy Bottles From The York Drug Store
287.Brass & Iron Collectibles
288.11" 30 Cal. Ammo Box
289.Vintage Pittsburg Pirate's & Baltimore Orioles Banners
290.[3] Out Of The Box Hess Trucks
291.Lot Of Christmas Ornaments
292.Lot Of Fire Trucks Including Buddy L, Matchbox, Hot Wheels & Others
293.[12] McDonald's Muppet's Glasses
294.Lot Of Stainless Steel Cutlery
295.Full Size Quilted Bed Spread & Shams
296.6" Horseshoe
297.16" Hand Crafted Stool
298.8" Antique Hand Painted Lunch Pail w/Lid
299.15" Antique Hand Crafted Foot Stool
300.10" Vintage Hand Crafted Miniature Foot Stool
301.5 Gal. Glass Bottle
302.Woven Wooden Magazine Rack
303.64"W x 30"H x 30"D Knotty Pine Desk w/Drop Down Center Drawer For Key Board. Very Nice
304.Folding Portable Luggage Cart
305.7' Regulation Competition Size Sportcraft Turbo Hockey Table w/Accessories. Working
306.5' Breakfast Set W/40" Round Top Wrought Iron Table w/Marble Inset & [4] Matching Chairs. NOTE: Chairs Need Bottoms
307.Oak Showcase w/Collectibles Including Banners, Baseball Glove, Cigarette Cards, Tickets, Etc.
308.80" Wicker Sofa w/Cushions & Pillows. NOTE: Good Condition
309.47"W x 22"H x 24"D Glass Top Wicker Coffee Table. NOTE: Good Condition
310.Wicker Arm Chair, Ottoman And Cover. NOTE: Good Condition
311.Wicker Arm Chair, Ottoman And Cover. NOTE: Good Condition
312.60" Empire Style Walnut Frame Leopard Upholstery Chase Lounge
313.72"W x 36"H x 20"D Serpentine Front Inlaid Sideboard. NOTE: Very Nice
314.31" x 52" Mahogany Queen Anne Style Beveled Mirror
315.60" x 108" Regulation Tournament Size Folding Ping Pong Table
316.42" x 48" Custom Matted & Gilt Frame Floral Stillife Print By Barbara Mack
317.Yamaha PSR-275 Electronic Keyboard And Stand. NOTE: Working
318.18" x 40" Custom Matted Mediterranean Scene
319.Vintage Samsonite 20" Carry On Case
320.21" & 22" Ginger Jar Lamps
321.Vintage Columbia 807 10 Key Adding Machine
322.42"W x 24"H x 16"D Contemporary TV Stand
323.Lot Including 30" Computer Desk, 32" Bookcase, Letter Box, Shoe Box, & Baby Gym
324.[2] 25" Brass Lamps & 10" Hanging Globe
325.28"W x 34"H x 18"D Contemporary Roll Around Microwave Stand
326.31" Brass Table Lamp
327.Vintage Magavox VHS Movie Camera
328.Lot Of Ten Different Sets Of Placemats
329.[2] Rolls Of Builder's Felt
330.[3] Storage Tubs w/Lids
331.[2] Sets Of Vintage Twin Head & Foot Boards. NOTE: No Rails
332.44"W x 72"L(108"L w/2 18" Leaves Added) Broyhill Flame Grain Inlaid Top & Carved Skirt & Legs Formal Dining Room Table. NOTE: Includes Complete Set Of Table Pads. NOTE: Very Nice
333.[8] Ribbon Back Chippendale Dining Chairs Including [2] Arms & [6] Sides. NOTE: Very Nice
334.42" W x 78"L Antique Pine Harvest Table w/Pegged Construction.
335.[6] Tubular Steel Ice Cream Chairs w/Wood Bottoms
336.RARE TO FIND IN THIS CONDITION Antique Haywood-Wakefield Wicker Rocker w/Cane Bottom. NOTE: Original Haywood-Wakefield Paper Label Still Attached
337.RARE TO FIND IN THIS CONDITION 42" Haywood-Wakefield Antique Wicker Love Seat w/Cane Bottom. NOTE: Original Haywood-Wakefield Paper Label Still Attached
338.[2] 38"W x 15"H x 20"D 2-Drawer Steel Case Storage Units w/Lock & Key.
339.Antique Plank-Bottom Ladder-Back Fire Side Chair w/Peg Construction & Acorn Finials
340.c1900 Antique Press-Back Spindle-Back Oak Chair For Restoration
341.60"W x 30"H x 31"D Inlaid Mahogany Chippendale Broyhill Desk. NOTE: The Top Has Residue From Desk Pad
342.32" Rd. x 28"H Empire Style Drum Table. NOTE: Very Nice
343.Special Leather Bound Edition Of "The Kentucky Rifle" By Capt. John G. W. Dillin Copyright 1998
344.Special Leather Bound Edition Of "A History Of The Colt Revolver" by Charles T. Haven & Frank A. Belvin, Copyright 1997
345.Special Leather Bound Edition Of "Keith's Rifles For Large Game" By Elmer Keith, Copyright 2001
346.Special Leather Bound Edition Of "Roy F. Dunlap's Gunsmithing" By Dr. Jim Casada Copyright 1976
347.March 26, 1927 "The National Police Gazette" New York Featuring Babe Ruth On The Cover
348.[5] Titles Including "The American Civil War", "Centennial Album Of The Civil War", "Camp Fires & Battlefields", "Civil War-The Years Asunder", & "Civil War Collector's Encyclopedia"
349.[7] Titles Of Early Books
350.[6] Books Including Rockwell, Animals, Geography, Etc.
351.Vintage MacGregor Laminated Tennis Racket And Frame
352.[11] Titles Of Children's Books
353.Over 50 Cooking Pamphlets
354.[10] Vols. Of "Live It Again 1940-1949" Published By The Saturday Evening Post
355.[8] Books For Collectors
356.Over [30] 45RPM Records In Sleeves
357.[50] 45RPM Records
358.[6] 5.5" Wheel Cut Cranberry Tumblers
359.[4] Titles On The Kennedy's
360.[20] Titles From Nature, Geology, Biography & Gardening
361.[16] Titles Including Kennedy's
362.[27] Cook Books
363.[22] Cook Books
364.[24] Cook Books
365.Approximately [50] LP Albums
366.Approximately [50] LP Albums
367.Approximately [50] LP Albums
368.[7] Newspapers w/JFK Headlines
369.[3] Newspapers w/Death Of Three Astronauts
370.[4] Newspapers w/FDR's Death, Ike's Death, Kennedy Elected, & George S. Patton
371.[4] Newspapers Of Kennedy & Nixon
372.[4] Early Ladder Back Chairs For Restoration
373.Vintage Clover Letter Sweater
374.Antique Oak Ladder-Back Acorn-Findel Chair For Restoration
375.Early Upholstered Paw Footed Arm Chair For Restoration
376.50" Fire Screen
377.Vintage Early American Style Glider Rocker
378.[2] Vintage Ladder Back Chairs For Restoration
379.[2] Framed Floral Still Life
380.National No. 4 10" Fry Pan Written On The Back Is "Our First Pan"
381.Rack Lot Of Fine Crystal, Porcelain Lamp, Glassware, China, Collector Plates, Shopping Bags, Books & Frame Goods
382.36"W x 54"H x 14"D Stainless Steel Rack
383.Heavy Duty Dock Truck
384.[2] Pecan Picker Uppers
385.Table Lot Of Brown Glass, Blocks, Ornaments, Prints, Gordes, & Baby Doll Buggy, Etc.
386.Kerosun Kerosene Heater
387.2' Wooden Step Ladder
388.[2] 3 & 4 Tier Serving Plate Frames
389.Lot Of Baskets
390.Glassware, Crystal, China & Figurines
391.Family Of Ducks
392.Framed Prints, Mirror & Oriental Scrolls
393.Drip-O-Lator Commercial Coffee Maker
394.Lot Of Chair Cushions & Pillows
395.Reece Trailer Hitch Pins, Measuring Tapes & 2 5/16 Ball
396.1825 Map Of York District, SC
397.[8] Vols. Of John Edwin Thomasson's Book Trails
398.Lighted Christmas Village Tug Boat
399.[5] Timber Village Snow Globes
400.Fine Crystal, Glassware, Framed Prints, Porcelains
401.32" Vintage Atlanta Stove Works Wood Heater. NOTE: Fire Box Is Good
402.[5] Boxes of Books, Decorative Accessories & Hanging File Folders
403.[4] Shelves Of Christmas Decorations
404.Tub Of Christmas Decorations
405.Shelf Lot Including Recipe Boxes, Massage, Iron, Etc.
406.[6] Low Country Sweet Grass Coasters
407.Lot Of Decorative Accessories
408.Decorative Wine Box
409.13" Snow Scene
410.Lot Of Figurines & Music Box
411.Lot Of Assorted Size Picture Frames
412.Lot Of Storage Containers
413.[18] Assorted Titles
414.Dresser Scarf, Art Book, Etc.
415.Toy Train
416.Glass Bakeware & Milk Glass Dish
417.Purses & Kitchen Misc.
418.Lot Including Pottery, Books, Magazines, Poster & Key Boards
419.Plastic Bowls, Car Radio & Sport's Clocks
420.Box Lot Of Books
421.Box Lot Of Children Books
422.Box Of Hunting & Gun Books
423.Box Of "The Children's Hour" Books
424.Box Of Old & Antique Books
425.Box Lot Of Books
426.[3] Boxes Of [150] Plus Action, Romance & Western Paperbacks
427.[3] Boxes Of [150] Plus Action, Romance & Western Paperbacks
428.[3] Boxes Of [150] Plus Action, Romance & Western Paperbacks
429.[3] Boxes Of [150] Plus Action, Romance & Western Paperbacks
430.[3] Boxes Of [150] Plus Action, Romance & Western Paperbacks
431.[3] Boxes Of [150] Plus Action, Romance & Western Paperbacks


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