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Item Description
1.40" x 33" Acrylic On Board By S. King
2.[4] Assorted Antique Cast Iron Trivets
3.[2] 6" Sq. Floral Miniatures
4.[4] 6" Portraits & Mirrors
5.13" Cast Iron "Shell" Sign
6.32" x 28" Ornate Frame, Original Oil on Canvas By Romitti
7.28" ANTIQUE Ukelin
8.14" Dia. X 20" Drop Brass & Beveled Glass Foyer Chandelier
9.36"W x 36"H Depression Era Vanity Mirror
10.29" Contemporary Table Lamp
11.25"W x 28"H x 12"D Handcrafted Pine Half Round Curio Stand
12.[4] Vintage Candle Snuffers
13.[3] 2.5" - 4" Commemorative Mortis & Pestals
14.14" Ceramic "Collie" Planter
15.Pr. Of ANTIQUE Lady's High Button Shoes
16.Pr. Of ANTIQUE Lady's Silk High Heels Slippers
17.Pr. Of Men's ANTIQUE High Button Shoes
18.[14] Vintage Campaign Buttons
19.[18] Vintage Campaign Buttons
20.[14] Vintage Campaign Buttons
21.18" Sterling Silver Box Chain w/.06 Toz.
22.18" Sterling Silver Box Chain AND 1/2" Pendant W/.10 Toz.
23.16" Sterling Silver Braided Herringbone Necklace w/.30 Toz.
24.18" Sterling Silver Box Necklace w/1/2" Angel w/.13 Toz.
25.20" Sterling Silver Twist & Gadroon Necklace w/.26 Toz.
26.[4] Sterling Silver Pendants & Earrings w/a total of .63 Toz.
27.[4] Assorted Sterling Silver Rings w/.61 Total Weight
28.[4] Assorted Sterling Silver Ring w/.85 Total Weight
29.[4] Assorted Sterling Silver Rings w/1.01 Total Weight
30.[4] Assorted Sterling Silver Rings w/a Total of .76 Weight
31.[8] Assorted Costume Rings
32.9/11 Commemorative Pocket Knife
33.4.5" Shirley Temple Creamer
34.[6] Italian Demitasse Spoons
35.[11] Antique Furniture & Skelton Keys
36.[11] 1900-1908 V Nickels
37.[11] 1904-1912 V Nickels
38.[12] Boy Scouts & Military Badges & Pins
39.[5] Antique Patent Medicine Bottles
40.Collection Of Old Marbles
41.[5] Antique Patent Medicine Bottles
42.Antique Zellophone In Original Box
43.[15] ANTIQUE Patent Medicine Bottles
44.Antique Dry Fuel Steam Engine
45.Epic 8-Track Elvis Pressley "Separate Ways" Tape
46.8" Owl Feather Collar
47.[6] Pcs. Of Fine Porcelain Cups, Saucers, Pitcher & Bowl
48.5" Unique Salt & Pepper Set
49.Wedgewood England Water & Waste Set In The "Hilda" Pattern
50.11" "Swirl" Pattern Salad Bowl
51.VINTAGE 4" Pattern Glass Cream & Sugar Set
52.8" Lead Crystal Basket
53.Pr. Of 6" Fostoria "America" Candle Holders
54.10" Porcelain Chinese Vase
55.7" Pattern Glass Milk Glass Compote
56.8" Elegant Pink Depression Wheel Cut Footed Bowl
57.[5] Assorted Salt & Pepper Sets
58.11" Pattern Glass Egg Plate
59.5.5" Cash Family Creamer
60.7" Blue Decorated Duck Tureen
61.7.5" Tiara Carnival Glass Covered Dish
62.5" Dresser Box & Ring Tray
63.12 Pcs. Of Blue Danube China Including [4] 10" Dinners, [4] Cups & Saucers
64.3 Pc Lot Including 16" Casserole, Antique Butter Dish & Silver Bowl
65.12" x 8" Serigraph Bird Print
66.[3] 10.5" x 8.5" Vintage Charleston Prints
67.16" UNIQUE Advertising Display Piece Of Redware. NOTE: For Restoration
68.26"W x 72"H x 16"D Wrought Iron Baker's Rack
69.16" Sessions "Drunkard" Clock
70.Antique Enamel On Iron Gas Fired Iron
71.Aluminum Bakeware
72.Lot Of Vintage Kitchen Ware
73.Lot Of Vintage Kitchen Ware
74.13" ANTIQUE Candy Dispensing Jar
75.9" Ceramic Rooster
76.13" Cookie Jar w/Lid
77.9" x 10" Antique Floral Print
78.19" x 23" Antique Print
79.[2] 10" x 12" Vintage Gould Bird Prints
80.25" x 21" Ornately Framed Oil On Canvas By Tillerson
81.20" x 16" Matted & Metal Framed Jack Bolin Print
82.[2] 10" x 8" English Prints
83.33" x 31" Ray Harm Ball Eagle Print
84.37" x 11" Antique Portraits Of The Great Writers
85.26" Antique Lion Head Hand Painted "Gone With The Wind" Lamp. NOTE: Electrified
86.11" Red-Cliff Iron Stone Pitcher & Bowl Set
87.9" Vintage Florida Souvenir Dish
88.11" Chalk Ware Native American Women Bust
89.24" x 17" Folding Screen w/Soap Stone Carvings
90.11" Mallard Drake Vase
91.Pr. Of Candle Scissors
92.1970 Beam South Carolina Dispensary Commemorative Decanter
93.14" Back Lit Stained Glass "Dragon Fly" Bowl
94.2 Gal. Galvanize Kerosene Can
95.[2] No. 14 Galvanize Buckets
96.2 Gal. Galvanize Kerosene Can
97.16" Dia. X 22" Drop Deco Fixture
98.58" Brass Floor Lamp
99.Hand Painted Tin Tea Pot & Watering Can
100.24" Varmit Trap
101.Pharmaceutical Salesman's Kit
102.36" ANTIQUE Thornhill Jr. Express Wagon.
103.[2] Lt. Ed. Anne Worsham Richardson Bird Prints. Both Signed By The Artist
104.22" x 18" Custom Matted & Framed Photograph Signed By The Photographer Thomas Mangum
105.19" x 23" Original Oil On Canvas Signed By The Artist JoRita
106.22" x 26" Original Oil On Canvas Signed By The Artist JoRita
107.12" x 14" Framed Cross Stitch
108.16" x 13" Etching Of "The Arch Of Titus-Rome"
109.[2] 13" x 11" Roman Prints
110.[2] 12" Rexall Drug Co. Awards
111.6" & 11" School Bells
112.[2] 3.5" ANTIQUE Cow Bells
113.18" Galvanize Chicken Feeder
114.[2] 8" Drug Store Apothecaries. NOTE: [1] Without Lid
115.[2] 9" Drug Apothecaries
116.[3] 5" -9" ANTIQUE Composition & Iron Animals. NOTE: Some "AS IS"
117.11" Ceramic Chamber Pot
118.Lot Of Drug Store Glass & Collectibles
119.ANTIQUE 1-Gal Syrup Jug w/Lip
120.9" Tulip Lamp
121.10" Scarab Boot Jack
122.Galvanize Well Bucket
123.Hand Painted Vintage Watering Can
124.Hand Painted Vintage Motor Oil Dispenser
125.Pro-Line 3-Machine Sales Unit
126.10" Hand Crafted Baby Stool
127.10" Painted Grey Agate Lunch Box
128.ANTIQUE English Mogo Tin Mechanical Horse
129.17" "Fisherman's Rules" Plaque
130.12" York Drug Co. 1,000,000 Prescriptions Plaque
131.19" x 16" Print On Metal In Barn Wood Frame
132.[6] 6" Gold Banded Crystal Goblets
133.[3] 4"-5" Cash Family Pottery Pieces
134.Pr. Of 8" L.E. Smith Glass Co. Horse Book Ends
135.[6] Prs. Of Assorted Salt & Peppers
136.9" 1986 Sandicast Silver Poddle & Apricot Poddle
137.5" Nippon Hat Pin Holder & Crown Derby Pin Dish
138.[9] 4"-7" Fine Porcelain English Collectibles
139.[6] German Porcelain Place Markers
140.8" Hand Painted Charleton Ruffled Bowl
141.[12] Elegant Pink "Buttons & Bows" Punch Cups
142.[4] Celeste Blue "Buttons & Bows" Punch Cups
143.4" Hand Blown Art Glass Pinched Bowl
144.[3] 5"-8" Dog Figurines
145.[2] 1988 Sandicast Afgan Hound & Yorkshire Terrier
146.6" Ceramic Clown Cookie Jar
147.[4] 5" Jack Daniels Tennessee Centennial Whiskey Glasses
148.11" Amber "Buttons & Bows" Center Bowl
149.[2] 8" & 9" Hand Blown Decanters
150.12" Tierra Carnival Glass Console Bowl
151.7" Hand Blown Art Glass Dish
152.7" Hand Painted Nippon Dish
153.Pr. Of 20" Decorative Metal Fork & Spoon
154.16" Orange Crush Thermometer. NOTE: Thermometer Is Good
155.16" Hand Wrought Pot Lifter
156.13" Vintage Hand Crafter "Aunt Jeminia" Towel Bar. NOTE: Needs Some Repair
157.[3] 36"-42" Antique & Vintage Canes
158.18" Tin Black Flag Garden Sprayer
159.11" Vintage Spra-Well Sprayer w/Brown Glass Bottle
160.14" Ornate ANTIQUE Cast Iron Oil Lamp Brackett
161.Vintage Chapin Garden Duster
162.[2] 12" x 14" Cross Stitch Samplers
163.ANTIQUE Wooden Wall Telephone. NOTE: No Interior
164.VINTAGE Cast Iron Pay Phone
165.[3] 7" Miniature Oil Lamps
166.[20] Pudding Molds, Pastry Shells & Cookie Cuter
167.7" VINTAGE Cast Aluminum Pig Bank
168.[3] Assorted Hardware Store Scoops
169.13" General Electric AM/FM Bakelite Radio
170.11" x 17.5" Wurlitzer Table Top Juke Box Selector
171.Lot Of Antique Insulators
172.Lot Of Old Horseshoes
173.Lot Of Antique Farm Iron
174.16" Marlboro Thermometer. NOTE: Thermometer Is Good
175.[2] 9" & 15" Cross Stitch Samplers
176.31" x 33" Oil On Board In Gilt Frame
177.22" x 20" Custom Matted & Framed Lt. Ed. "Red Poppy" Signed By The Artist Michele Kennedy
178.12" x 15" Color Lithrograph "Mad. Geoffrin"
179.17" x 15" Custom Matted & Framed Coca-Cola Country Store Print
180.22" x 9" Portraits Of The Classical Music Greats
181.33" x 27" Gilt Framed Mirror
182.22" x 19" Framed Print Harbor Scene
183.24" x 50" Oriental Rice Paper Print
184.Vintage Jaymar Child's Piano
185.23" ANTIQUE Hand Crafted Doll Bed
186.23"W x 33"H x 15"D Kenmore Child's Stove & 22"W x 39"H x 15"D Kenmore Refrigertor
187.28"W x 21"H x 17"D Contemporary Storage Chest
188.16" Pine Magazine Rack
189.20" Floral Door Wreath
190.12" Projection Phone Sign
191.[2] 13" x 20" Pen & Ink Calypso Prints Signed By the Artist
192.12" Electric Fan
193.Collection Of Shot Glasses
194.Collection Of Wine & Bitters Bottles
195.Collection Of Shot Glasses
196.Aluminum Ice Bucket
197.Lot of What-Nots
198.[7] Pcs. Of Glass Produce
199.[7] Pcs. Of Glass Produce
200.17 Assorted Titles
201.7 Drawer Jewelry Chest
202.[4] Marlboro Poker Dice Sets
203.[16] Assorted Titles Of Old Books
204.Box Of Light Bulbs
205.30 Plus 45 RPM Records
206.25 Plus Old Auto Tags From Various States
207.Lot Of Decorative Bottles
208.Assorted Canning Jars
209.[6] Vintage Cork Top Wine Bottles
210.Vintage Aluminum Picnic Stacking Pack
211.Vintage Wine Bottles
212.50 Plus Vintage LP Albums
213.16" x 15" Colonial Cartoon
214.17" x 15" Print Of Betsy Ross & The American Flag. NOTE: Glass Cracked
215.25" x 28" Hand Sewn Garden Scene Tapestry
216.16" x 20" Cross Stitch Sampler
217.19" Seagram's Wine Cooler Lighted Sign
218.[3] 6" & 9" Miniature Wall Treatment
219.11" Salem Cigarette "Open & Close" Sign
220.40" x 14" Lowe's Motor Speedway Panagram Photo
221.24"W x 34"H x 19"D Porcelain Sink & Cabinet w/Delta Hardware
222.26" Round Steel Fire Bowl On Folding Stand. NOTE: In The Box
223.Radio Flyer Razor
224.E100 Razor
225.12" x 19" Vintage Beveled Mirror
226.16" x 28" Needle Work Wall Treatment
227.21" Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet
228.11 Pcs. Of Imperial China "Wild Flower"
229.[8] Pcs. Of Water Foul Bar Glasses
230.[3] Glass Top Canning Jars
231.[6] 4.5" Wheel Cut Stems
232.42" Round Paw Footed Oak Table & [4] Bow Back Chairs
233.24" Stained Glass Table Lamp
234.15" x 22" x 29" Mid Century Step Down End Table
235.15" Hand Painted Serving Tray
236.Antique National Cash Register w/$29.99 Max. NOTE: Working
237.18" Bedroom Lamp
238.15"W x 22"H x 22"H Maple End Table
239.9" Porcelain Cat
240.22"W x 14"h x 13"D Hand Crafted Pine Stool
241.50 Assorted Pastry Molds
242.48" Rd. Plus [1] 18" Leaf Oak Table w/[6] Bow Back Chairs
243.[2] Press Back Spindle Back Oak Arm Chairs
244.20"W x 15"H x 11"D Hand Crafted Pine Stool
245.Lot Of Plate Stands & Hangers
246.7" Antique Cast Iron Squirrel Nut Cracker
247.Vintage Sear's Tower Camera w/Original Box
248.Two Dispensing Machines On Stand. NOTE: One Has Hole In Box & Key Included
249.70" Brass & Jadeite Victorian Floor Lamp
250.[2] Dispensers On Stand. NOTE: W/Key & Some Cracking In Plastic
251.Scotts Accugreen 2000 Spreader
252.Meter-Man Distance Distant Measuring Wheel In Box
253.Titan Gasoline Pressure Washer
254.5 Gal. Back Pack/Pull Behind Sprayer
255.Oreck Orbiter XL Floor Polisher
256.Nobles Model 17750X Industrial Floor Machine
257.6" Springfield Half Horse Power Bench Grinder
258.Erie 1.5" Pipe Vise
259.Black & Decker 16" Electric Hedge Trimmer
260.Stanley Electric Sharpshooter TRE500 Stapler
261.Back & Decker 3/8" Electric Drill
262.16" Vintage Fitting Wrench
263.Lineman's Limb Saw In A Leather Sheave
264.Craftsman Electric Stapler/Nailer
265.Arrow Model T-50 Hand Staple Gun
266.Stanley Sharpe Shooter Tre500 Stapler
267.Craftsman Commercial Grade 1/2" Electric Drill
268.2.5 Gal Steel Gas Can & A 2-Gal Vinyl Gas Can
269.Lot Of Assorted Tools
270.Rigging Chain
271.Pruner & Bow Saw
272.[2] Short Handle Spades
273.[2] Long Handle Shoves & Short Hand Spade
274.Iron Pry Bar
275.Pro-Tech 10" Compound Miter Saw
276.[3] Hand Saws
277.Igloo 38 Qt. Wheelie Cooler
278.Box Of Vintage Kennedy's Mixture Labels
279.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
280.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
281.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
282.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
283.[2] Sterling Silver & CZ Pendants
284.7" 1992 Tom Clark "P. U." Figurine Personally Autographed By Tom Clark
285.16X Jeweler's Loop
286.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
287.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
288.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
289.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
290.UNIQUE Poker Chip Set In A Bakelite Case
291.2013 White House Christmas Ornament
292.Lot Of Old Marbles
293.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
294.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
295.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
296.24" Sq. "Exit Only" Sign
297.16" x 14" Marlboro Sign Panel
298.[2] 18" Ringling Bros. Circus Posters
299.20" x 16" Poster On Board "The Challenge" By T. Richard
300.ANTIQUE Chewing Tobacco Embossing Mold
301.ANTIQUE 1916 Manning-Bowman Single Burner White Gas Stove
302.8 Pc. Coleman Enamel Cooking Set
303.VINTAGE Sanitary Glass Candy & Frying Thermometer
304.[5] U S Post Office Stand Ups For "Looney Tunes" Stamps
305.[2] 3" Antique Animal Traps
306.Arvin 1320 Electric Heater
307.White-Westinghouse Electric Heater
308.No. 10 Cast Iron Dutch Oven Lid
309.4-Drawer Organizer Cabinet
310.Vintage Counter Top Beer Opener
311.6" Heavy Railroad Padlock w/Keys
312.7" Texas Meat Fork
313.Vintage Aluminum Cake Cover
314.Antique 24" Sears & Roebuck Shoe Lapse
315.Antique 14" Sears & Roebuck Shoe Lapse
316.Vintage Fireplace Starter Pod
317.Antique Candle Scissors
318.Vintage Fruit Press
319.Tonka "Mighty Diesel" Dump Truck
320.Tonka 354 Dump Truck
321.Tonka Ride-In Dump Truck
322.21" Sq. Galvanize Wash Tub & Pail
323.21" x 29" Folding, Swinging "Men Working" Street Sign
324.24" x 41" Pennzoil Fiber Street Sign
325.Old Horseshoes
326.[7] Vintage Pipes
327.Lot Of Glass Jar Lids & Bales
328.11" Antique School Slate, Chalk & Eraser
329.10" Hand Painted Tin Casserole & Pie Pan
330.Antique Box w/Railroad Spikes & Cut Nails
331.[2] Antique Crumb Pans
332.Vintage Youth Microscope
333.[8] Antique Glass Insulators
334.Matchbook Collection
335.Vintage Polaroid Land Camera
336.Antique 9" Wooden Bowl & Match Saver
337.[21] Miniature Pharmacy & Product Bottles
338.22" x 27" Pine 3-Gun Rack
339.Basket & [3] Puzzle Toys
340.12" & 17" Solid Brass Egrets
341.VINTAGE Domain Hair Dryer
342.Vintage "Drink Coca-Cola" Crate & 24 Bottles
343.Outdoor Telephone Bell & [2] Vintage Lineman Phones
344.Ertl "Jimmy Dean" Tractor/Trailer
345.Tonka Winnebago "Indian" Motor Home
346.[6] Mallard Drakes & Hens Decoy
347.27" Wrought Iron Plant Stand
348.VINTAGE Croquet Set
349.32" Produce Basket
350.ANTIQUE Croquet Set
351.22"W x 24H x 10" D Trough Table & Collectibles
352.Illumined & Animated 42" & 48" Reindeer
353.24" No. 3 Galvanize Tub
354.30" x 40" Goat Skin
355.Antique Standard Carolina Wash Board
356.[2] 30" Bar Stools
357.36" x 17" x 12" Hand Crafted Pine Bench
358.This End Up Bunk Beds w/Steps & Drawers
359.20" Electric Gone With The Wind Style Lamp
360.11" Hand Painted Decorative Box
361.11" Hand Painted Decorative Jar w/Lids
362.10" Hull Brownware Casserole
363.Pro-Form Training Treadmill w/Key
364.Antique Otto Langley's Tutor Instruction Book For Clarinet
365.[3] Exotic Clam Shells On Stands
366.[4] 11" x 14" 1961 Universal Pictures "The Great Imposter" Posters
367.[3] Antique Automotive Parts Catalog
368.Collection Of Vintage TV Guides
369.Collection Of Motorcycle Patches
370.[50] Super Hero Comic Books
371.29" Milk glass Cut To Flint Table Lamp
372.24" Ornate Solid Brass Urn
373.21" 3-Door Storage Cabinet
374.10" Lenox Santa Claus Figurine
375.21" Decorative Porcelain Tray
376.12" Porcelain Soup Tureen
377.5" & 11" Decorative Wooden Fish
378.62" Vintage 4-Bulb Floor Lamp
379.Vintage 14" Plastic Car
380.Lot Of Metal Collectibles
381.[8] Framed Hand Work Flowers
382.Baseball Gloves & Balls
383.[9] 24"-36" "Under The Bed" Storage Boxes
384.Table Lot Including Copper Kettle, Food Thermos, Bee Hive, Fountain, DVD Players, Etc.
385.Lot Of Stainless Steel Service Pieces
386.Lot Of Silverplate Pieces
387.Lot Of Craft Items
388.Egg Cartons
389.Lot Of Brown Glass
390.Bell Cocoon Child Carrier
391.[3] Stackable Sweater Driers
392.Crochet Baby Blanket
393.[5] Pcs. Of Clear Pattern Glass
394.[5] Pcs. Of Clear Pattern Glass
395.16" Lava Lamp
396.20" Bedroom Lamp
397.18" ANTIQUE Oil Lamp
398.7-Set Collection Of Cups & Saucers
399.Snowcrest Beverage "Bear" Bottle
400.Decorative Box w/Sand dollars
401.Vintage Wagner 2-Qt. Kettle
402.Table Lot Of Hurricane Shades, Tulip, Candle Holders, Turkey Platter, Etc.
403.Camo Overalls
404.Crystal Bowl & Stemware
405.12' x 36"D Easy Set Pool
406.[6] Vintage Telephones
407.23" Table Lamp & [4] New Replacement Shades
408.Table Lot Including Floral Arrangement, Pottery, Tray, Art, Etc.
409.[7] New Replacement Shades
410.Collection Of Doll Clothing
411.Collection Of Doll Clothing
412.LeapPad Child's Learning System
413.Ames Lawn Buddy Cart
414.Werner 8' 225 Lb. Step Ladder
415.[2] Folding Drying Racks
416.[3] Tackle Boxes
417.[3] Sterilite Tubs w/Lids
418.[5] Flip Lid Storage Boxes
419.[5] Storage Tubs w/Lids
420.[8] Storage Tubs Without Lids
421.[3] Storage Tubs w/Lids
422.Collection Of Vintage Magazines
423.Collection Of Vintage Magazines
424.Rembrandt & Toulouse-Sautrec Print Collections
425.1969 Life Special Edition "Woodstock"
426.Collection Of Frameable Prints
427.[3] Ashtrays From Park-Inn Grill, Rock Hill, SC
428.[2] 48" Blinds
429.Applique Baby Blanket & "Cats" Coverlet
430.[3] Digital Gram, Oz, TWT & TOZ Scales