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180611 – THE LATE E.H. WILSON ESTATE AUCTION #2 - BIDDING ENDS: Monday June 11, 2018 7:00PM

Item Description
182.28" Vintage Authentic Koken Barber Poll w/ Cast Iron Mounting, Red Light Top & Working Completely
183.15" Dia. X 38" Drop Antique Victorian Oil Chandelier. NOTE: Restored Condition
184.28" Dia. X 21" Drop Authentic RARE Coca-Cola Ice Cream Parlor Chandelier In Excellent Condition
185.24" Budweiser Pendant Clock Advertising. NOTE: Working, Needs Some Repair
186.5" Antique Opalescence Hobnail Ruffled Dish
187.14" Cobalt Blue Blenko Vase w/Applied Ribbon
188.10" Vintage Satin Blue Cherries Bowl NOTE: Foot Chipped
189.7" Fenton Grape & Cable Square Blue Carnival Glass Dish. NOTE: Chipped
190.6" Antique Cranberry Ruffled Basket
191.Antique 3 Pc. Pearlite Dresser Set
192.11" Vintage Fenton Hobnail Milk Glass Basket
193.3" Antique Vaseline Glass Opalescence Hobnail Condiment Jar w/Glass Spoon
194.6" Antique Opalescence Hobnail Cologne Bottle
195.6" Vintage Royal Ruby Glass Swan Dish
196.Porcelain & Wood Blue Decorated Coffee Mill
197.[2] Antique Candy Containers Included "Candle Stick Phone' & Donkey Cart
198.[2] Antique Candy Containers Including "Locomotive" & "Sherman Tank"
199.[2] Antique Candy Containers Including "Locomotive" & "Automobile"
200.13" Vintage Hand Painted Tureen w/Ladle
201.6" Royal Pottery English Creamer
202.[2] 4" Coin Spot Paneled Crystal Creamer & Bowl
203.3" Green Depression "Cherry Blossom" Creamer
204.7" Wheel Cut Crystal Basket
205.5" Glass Juicer
206.6" Hand Painted Nippon Dresser Box
207.11.5" Hard To Find Early Catawba Indian Wall Pocket. NOTE: Chips
208.13" Made In USA Squat Vase
209.27" Vintage 1955 Pepsi Cola Thermometer. Thermometer Is Good
210.13.5" Vintage Royal Crown Cola Thermometer. NOTE: Thermometer Is Good
211.24" Vintage 1953 Coca-Cola Button Sign
212.26" Vintage 1954 Royal Crown Cola Thermometer. NOTE: Thermometer Is Good
213.13.5" Vintage Camel Cigarette Thermometer. Note: Thermometer Is Good
214.17" c1950 Vintage Coca-Cola Thermometer. NOTE: Thermometer Is Good
215.15" x 12" Greg Maddux Atlanta Braves Plaque
216.Coca-Cola Covered Bridge Print On Serving Tray That Is "Personally Signed" By Jim Harrison
217.Large 7" Padlock w/Keys. NOTE: Probably Railroad Related
218.Pr. Of 9" Composition Moose Book Ends
219.8" Antique Dove Tailed Coffee Mill. NOTE: Very Nice
220.21" Antique Rayo Nickel Plated Oil Lamp w/Shade & Chimney. NOTE: Excellent Condition
221.10" Composition Samuri Warrior Statue
222.8" Composition Bear & Cubs Figurine
223.26" Antique c1850 Banded Coach Trunk. NOTE: Very Nice, Key Included
224.9" Antique Standard Oil Lamp Base
225.6" Vintage c1940 Commercial Covered Sugar Dish
226.[4] Early Books Including 6th Grade Arithmatic, Part 2 Spelling, 1927 "Pennie" Novel & 1964 Boy Scout Handbook
227.Pr. Of 5" Cast Iron Crusade Sailing Ships
228.7" Glass Squat Decanter
229.9" Schlitz Beer Pitcher
230.8" Antique Glass Confection Jar
231.Pr. Of 5" Vintage Sugar Shakers
232.Antique 1 Qt. Jay B. Rhodes Company Oil Bottle w/1926 Master Co. Spout
233.Antique 2 Qt. Crown Mason Oil Bottle w/1926 Master Co. Spout
234.6" Commercial Hot Chocolate Server
235.3.5" Burma-Shave Jar w/Original Lid
236.7" Antique Spatterware Covered Casserole. NOTE: Chips
237.Pr. Of 7" 1988 & 1994 Miller Highlife Steins
238.13" Vintage 3-Gal. Pickle Jar w/Wooden Bail Handle
239.8.5" Vintage Shoney's/Frischs "Big Boy" Rubber Doll
240.Vintage 1-Qt. "Riverview Dairy, Rock Hill, SC" & 1-Pt. McNamara Dairy" Plainfield, NH Pint Milk Bottles
241.13" Vintage 3-Gal. Pickle Jar w/Wooden Bail Handle & Lid
242.Antique 1 Qt. 1858 Mason's Slope Shoulder Jar w/Lid
243.Antique 1909 White House Vinegar Quart Jar
244.Antique Apple Pie Ridge Cider Vinegar Half Pint Jar
245.Vintage White House Vinegar Pint Bottle
246.Antique 1-Gal. White House Vinegar Jar
247.26" Vintage 1971 Pepsi Cola Thermometer. NOTE: Thermometer Is Good
248.20" Steel "Hobo" Kidney & Bladder Remedy Sign
249.16" Orange Crush Thermometer Wooden Sign. NOTE: Thermometer Is Good, Paint Faded
250.Vintage c1930 Smoking Stand w/Original Ashtray
251.22" x 20" Hand Painted Service Station Scene Custom Painted For Elwin Wilson & Signed By The Artist Joseph Dutton
252.24" Antique "Carolina Special" Wash Board
253.21" Lighted Coca-Cola Clock. NOTE; Needs ID Plate Over Light
254.32" x 10" 1922 Photograph Of Co. 725 Marine Training Camp, Paris Island, SC
255.42" x 6" "Prison Unit" Sign
256.26" x 7" Vintage "Bus Stop" Sign
257.28" x 2.5" S & H Green Stamps Door Sign
258.16" Vintage Orange Crush Thermometer. NOTE; Thermometer Is Good
259.36" x 28" Matted & Framed S.C. 1997 Gamecock Print Personally Autograph By Brad Scott
260.24" x 20" Matted & Framed "Meat Man" Butcher Shop Print
261.Antique Cast Iron Charcoal Smoothing Iron
262.Antique No. 6 "Star" Smoothing Iron
263.Antique 4" Child's "The Pearl" Sad Iron
264.13" Vintage L&M Cigarette Thermometer. NOTE: Thermometer Good
265.14" Amstore Liberty Thermometer. NOTE: Thermometer Is Good
266.Antique Goose Neck No. 8 "Star" Cast Iron Tea Kettle
267.Antique Henry Hart Wall Mounted Coffee Mill
268.4" Antique Wagner Ware No. 1050 Cast Iron Skillet Ashtray
269.Vintage 6" "Square Egg" Cast Iron Frying Pan
270.Antique ACT Pole Mounted Fire Reporting Box NOTE: Winding Key Included
271.Antique Railroad/Highway Smudge Pot
272.12" Antique Perfection Tobacco Plug Cutter
273.Antique C. P. Co. No. 1350 Wall Mounted Coffee Mill
274.Antique 10" Footed Cast Iron Pot
275.RARE 8" Briggs-Shaffer Co., Winston-Salem, NC Cast Iron Cuspidor
276.28" Vintage Ellisco Gasoline Field Standard Test Measure 5-Gal Can
277.Vintage "Drink Coca-Cola" Crate
278.Vintage "Drink Coca-Cola" Crate
279.Vintage "Drink Coca-Cola" Crate
280.Vintage 20" Split Oak Woven Picnic Basket
281.7" Contemporary Coca-Cola Child's Lunch Box
282.9" EXTREMELY RARE Brunhoff Mfg. 1935 Coca-Cola Aluminum Pretzel Bowl
283.[2] Ertl Die Cast Coca-Cola Trucks
284.1994 Ertl Kenworth Die Cast Coca-Cola Bank Truck
285.35" Contemporary Steel Body Coca-Cola Pedal Car.
286.1992 Edition Ertl 1908 Coca-Cola Truck w/Original Box
287.11" Vintage Coca-Cola Straw Dispenser
288.11" x 13" RARE 1937 Coca-Cola Tray
289.Danbury Mint 2001 "Coca-Cola Polar Bear Pickup" Die Cast Truck
290.2004 "Johnny Lighting" Coca-Cola Delivery Truck
291.15" Plastic Shade NEW Coca-Cola Lamp
292.2-Gal. Watering Can
293.13" Coca-Cola Trash Can
294.14" Vintage Camera Bag
295.21" x 25" Gilt Framed Photograph Print Of The Pietà Statue By Michelanglo
296.29" x 23" Custom Matted & Framed Print "Cotton Comes To Town, Main Street, Rock Hill, SC 1909" Lt. Ed. 34/550 By J. Matthews
297.26" x 22" Original Oil On Board Of Harbor Scene By Lib Stowe
298.30" x 25" Oil On Canvas Coca-Cola Street Scene Signed By The Artist H. Hargrove
299.22" Miniature Replica Antique Bicycle
300.25" x 30" Antique Gilt Frame w/Floral Print
301.28" 1866 Ithaca H.B. Horton Co. Calendar Clock w/Advertising Face For T.W. Plyer, Wilmington, NC. It Has Time, Strike, Month, Day, And Day of Week Movements NOTE: Key & Pendulum Included. Very Nice
302.28" Time & Strike Excelsior Calendar Clock NOTE: Beautiful Case, Key & Pendulum Included
303.15" Wall Sconce Mounted Budweiser Beer Light. NOTE: Working
304.10" Antique Porcelain "Colored" Restroom Sign
305.8" Antique Porcelain "Women" Restroom Sign
306.10" Antique Porcelain "Men" Restroom Sign
307.10" Antique Porcelain "Private" Door Sign
308.Antique 1923 Adams & Westlake "Adlake" No. 250 Kerosene Railroad Lantern
309.Antique Adlake (RF&P RR) Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Red Railroad Signal Lantern
310.[5] Vintage Cardboard Tin & Glass Containers
311.[3] 3" Antique Cast Iron Toy Soldiers'
312.RARE E & C Atkinson & Co. "Rogers Belt" Punch. NOTE: Has Retractable Blade
313.4.5" English Jew's Harp
314.3" Antique Cast Iron Baby Stroller. NOTE: Original Paint, Very Nice
315.Chatillon No. 3 1892 Brass Face 24 Lb. Spring Scale
316.Vintage White Oil Co. Rock Hill, SC Bottle Opener
317.Vintage Solid Brass Multi Purpose Bottle Opener
318.Antique Lufkin No. 872 16" Folding Rule
319.Antique Bi-Fold 15" Ruler
320.High Grade Folding Multi Purpose Tool
321.Vintage "Drink Coca-Cola" 3" Routeman's Belt Buckle
322.1920 Antique Counter/Box Mounted Coca-Cola Bottle Opener
323.Vintage 1946 Pepsi Cola Stamped Steel Bottle Opener
324.Vintage Wood Handle Mechanical Ice Cream Scoop
325.9" Cast Iron Bridgeport Hardware "Tomahawk Junior" Roofer's Hammer
326.RARE 1919 Marvel Large Can Opener
327.Vintage Keuffel & Esser Drafting Set
328.4" Tin "Eight O-Clock Coffee" Bank
329.[6] Vintage & Antique Advertising Containers
330.[4] Tin & Glass Snuff Containers
331.Vintage Camel Cigarette Lighter
332.Larry The Cable Guy Talking "Git-R-Done" Cigarette Lighter That Says "Git-R-Done" When Struck
333.[15] Antique & Vintage Advertising Tins & Boxes
334.4" Vintage Cast Iron "Turtle" Ring Box
335.Vintage 5" Pewter & Marble Beaver Figurine
336.Ice Pick From The "Ice Delivery Co." NOTE: Three Digit Telephone No.
337.5" Vintage Hand Crafted Iron "Axe In The Stump" Ashtray
338.4" Vintage Cast Iron "Fly" Paperweight
339.[9] Assorted Kitchen & Tool Collectibles
340.9" Antique Hand Forged, Wood Handle Meat Hook
341.8" Antique Hand Forged Meat Hook
342.Vintage Wooden Silver Tray w/Assorted Kitchen Collectibles
343.Vintage Pr. Of Sears 7X50 mm Binoculars
344.Chicken & Rice MRI Menu No. 11 Meal Packet
345.Vintage 12" Crosley Table Model Radio. NOTE: For Restoration
346.13" Antique Wooden Dough Bowl. NOTE: Has A Crack
347.22" Antique Ingraham Time & Strike Alarm "Jack & Jill" Kitchen Clock. NOTE: Key & Pendulum Included
348.Vintage Bee Smoker
349.Vintage Bench Mounted Hand Grinder
350.11" VERY UNUSUAL Deneau Automatic Switchless Telephone Intercom Dated 1899. NOTE: Large Home or Hotel, Excellent Condition
351.22" Antique Aurora Oak Kitchen Clock NOTE: Key & Pendulum Included
352.Crosley Collection Edition Reproduction Radio
353.16" Winston Cigarette Rack Topper
354.16" Cavaliers Cigarette Rack Topper
355.11" Dia. X 10"H Wrought Iron & Steel Brake Repairman's Stool
356.Antique 15" HARD TO FIND "Vulcanizer" Tube Patching System
357.200 Cartilage 7.62 mm, M13 Ammo Can
358.HARD TO FIND Caliber .30, M1 AMMO Box
359.10" Dia. X 35"H Antique Oak Fern Stand
360.SUPER Antique Hand-Forged Adjustable Wagon/Truck Jack
361.24" Antique 10 Ga. Milk Can
362.7" Antique Grey Agate Potty
363.12" x 15" 1964-1965 "Gaffney Senior High School" Basketball Schedule
364.6" Shop Keepers "Will Return At" Clock. NOTE: "Open Come In" Printed On Reverse Side
365.18" Campbell's Pork N Beans Thermometer. NOTE; Thermometer Good
366.Antique 16"W x 30"H Cast Iron "Be Careful Wet Floor" Sign
367.31"H Steel Bar Stool
368.13" ANTIQUE RDG Co. Railroad Oiler
369.Med. Coca-Cola Route man's Shirt & A Large Satin Jacket. NOTE: Satin Has Ash Burns & Shirt Soiled
370.Antique 1866 Ethica H.B. Horton Co. Calendar Clock With Time, Strike, Month, Day And Day of Week Movements. NOTE: Key & Pendulum Included
371.Antique Handland Red Railroad Signal Lantern
372.Antique Dietz Red Globe Monarch Signal Lamp
373.16" Antique Black Forest German Coo-Coo Clock
374.Antique Reflector Oil Lantern
375.[2] 22" Antique Night Sticks
376.18" Antique Night Stick & 8" Thumper
377.Vintage Bee Smoker
378.Antique Kellogg Oak Crank Telephone
379.8" "Eagle" Machinest Oiler
380.7" Wooden Stirrup
381.Vintage 5-Cup Bromwell's Sifter
382.8" Vintage Copper Clad Funnel
383.Vintage Dietz Lantern
384.16" HARD TO FIND Double Bottle Coca-Cola Thermometer. NOTE: Thermometer Good
385.13" Camel Cigarette Thermometer. NOTE: Thermometer Good
386.17" Budweiser Clydesdale Eight-Horse Hitch Display
387.22.5" Vintage Sinclair Glass Pump Insert
388.4" Bench Mounted Hand Grinder
389.14" Vintage 1¢ Gumball Machine. NOTE: INCLUDES KEY..
390.15" SCARCE Griswold A485 Roaster
391.1922 No. 8 Griswold Rotating Waffle Iron
392.10" 3-Footed Cast Iron Pot
393.Vintage Hamilton Beech Milk Shake Machine w/2 Cups. NOTE: Working
394.1919 Westclox "Big Ben" Alarm Clock
395.1920 Westclox "Big Ben" Alarm Clock
396.Vintage Wurlitzer Table Top Multi-Selector With 5¢ Slot. NOTE: KEY INCLUDED..
397.VERY RARE 21.5" Tin "Old Mr. Boston" Fine Liquors Advertising Clock w/8-Day Gilbert Movement NOTE: Key Included
398.30 Plus LP Albums
399.25 Plus LP Albums
400.14" 3 Gal. Hand Thrown Brownware Churn. NOTE: In Good Condition, It Has Been Painted & Paint Is Coming Off Making It Look Bad.
401.14" 3-Gal. Hand Thrown Brownware Churn W/Matching Production Marks On Lid & Base Complete w/Original Dasher
402.16" 4 Gal Antique White Stoneware Churn w/ Dasher & Lid. NOTE: In Good Condition, It Has Been Painted & Some Paint Coming Off Making It Look Bad.
403.48" Vintage Pepsi Cola Menu Board
405.Universal Table Mounted Food Chopper
406.Antique Wooden Rolling Pin
407.[4] Assorted Collectible Canes
408.[2] 13" & 23" Antique Butcher's Saws
409.6" Hand Crafted Iron Horse Paperweight
410.12" Miller Highlife Counter Top Light & Clock
411.Antique No. 8 P & B Mfg. Co., Nashville, Tn. Cast Iron Kettle
412.ANTIQUE 8" Buchanan & Lyall "Just Suits" Tobacco Plug Box
413.18" Automatic Electric Co. Chrome Plated Booth Pay Phone. NOTE: No Keys At This Time But Phone Can Be Opened Without Key.
414.Antique Kellogg Crank Oak Wall Phone
415.7.5" Coca-Cola Cookie Jar. NOTE: One Bottle Chipped & Repaired
416.15" Contemporary Cast Iron Coca-Cola Delivery Wagon
417.9" Budweiser Clydesdale Counter Top Light & Clock
418.Antique Griswold No. 5 Cast Iron Skillet No. 725
419.19" "Fill-er-Up" Whiskey Dispenser Gas Pump
420.11"W x 21"H Display Cabinet w/3 Ertl Die Cast Texaco Fuel Delivery Trucks
421.[4] Assorted Collectible Canes
422.1950 SCARCE 13" Coca-Cola Tray
423.Antique Automobile Crank & Wrench
424.11" Cast Iron Ice Tongs
425.15" Cast Iron Ice Tongs
426.72" Wooden Hat Tree. NOTE: Some Repair Needed
427.13" Enamel On Glass Coca-Cola Lamp
428.1999 Lane Exact Detail Issue Of The 1:18 Scale Chevrolet Camaro Die Cast
429.70 Rds. Of Remington 38 Cal. S & W
430.80 Rds. Of Winchester 22 Hornet Hollow Point
431.70 Rds. Of Winchester 30-30 Soft Points
432.Approx. 900 Rds. Of Assorted 22 Cal. Ammo
433.123 Rds. Of Assorted Ammo Including .41 Short Rim-Fire, 9mm Luger, 44 Hot Shots, Winchester 270, & Winchester 44 S & W Special
434.87 Rds. Of Assorted 12, 16, 20,& 410 Shotgun Shells
435.1999 Issue Of The Nascar 24Kt Gold Plated 1:24 Scale Die Cast Replica, No. 4 Jeff Bodine
436.1999 Issue Of The Nascar 24Kt Gold Plated 1:24 Scale Die Cast Replica, No.10 Phil Parsons
437.1999 Ertl Edition Of The Carolina Panthers 1950 Oldsmobile Rocket 88 Die Cast
438.1998 Ertl Edition Of the Carolina Panthers 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Die Cast
439.2000 Issue Of The Revell American Graffiti 1956 Ford Thunderbird Die cast Model
440.Lt. Ed. Testers Platinum Series 1:24 Scale 1969 Cameo Z28 Die cast Model
441.2002 Issue of the Revell 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 Die cast Model
442.Approx. 250 Rds. Of Assorted Loose Ammunition
443.[2] Vintage Rods & Reels
444.19" Tackle Box Loaded w/Assorted Tackle
445.18" Aluminum Umco Tackle Box Loaded w/Assorted Tackle
446.16" Flambeau Tackle Box & Contents
447.13" Tackle Box & Contents
448.16" First Aid Box
449.Extra Large Gamecock Pull Over Jacket
450."Clowney No. 7" XL Jersey
451.14" x 17" Display Cabinet w/Three Die cast Trucks
452.12" x 18" Display Cabinet w/Assorted Collectibles
453.XL Foul Weather Gear Including Jacket, Rain Coat & Bibbs
454.16" Computer & Day Bag w/16" Computer Bag
455.18" Display Shelf w/[5] c1920 Westclox Baby Ben Alarm Clocks
456.1984 "Gremlins" Lunch Box & Thermos
457.1983 Walt Disney Wonderful World Lunch Box & Thermos
458.1985 Thunder Cat Lunch Box & Thermos
459.1984 He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe Lunch Box Only
460.Coleman Propane Camp Lantern
461.Antique No. 8 "Star" Cast Iron Kettle
462.45 Hot Wheel Cars & Travel Case
463.2000 Winners Circle 1:24 Scale Lt. Ed. Dale Earnhardt Die Cast Race Car
464.Racing Champions Lt. Ed. 1932 Sedan Delivery 1:24 Scale Stock Rods Die Cast
465.1999 Issue Of the 24K Gold Plates 1:24 Die Cast Replica #26 Johnny Benson
466.UNUSUAL 1931 World Clock. NOTE: Appears To Be Over-Wound
467.1999 Racing Champions NASCAR #36 Ernie Irwin Die Cast Car
468.1999 Racing Champions NASCAR #4 Bobby Hamilton Die Cast Car
469.Nylint "Saddle Up" Champion Quarter Horses Truck & Trailer
470.2000 Winners Circle 1:24 Scale Lt. Ed. Dale Earnhardt Die Cast Race Car
471.1997 Racing Champions ROY ORBISON "Hot Rocking" Die Cast Dragster
472.Die cast International McCormick Farmall Tractor By Ertl w/[5] Attachments
473.Ertl International Front End Loader & Backhoe
474.Tonka 768 Dump Truck
475.Tonka 970 Excavator
476.[2] Vintage Steel Box Van & Dump Truck In Progress Of Restoration
477.[2] Lt. Ed. 1912 Ford Gear Box 1:24 Scale Die Cast Trucks
478.[2] Lt. Ed. 1912 Ford Gear Box 1:24 Scale Die Cast Trucks
479.Collection Of Military & Police Patches
480.Road Legends Ed. Of The 1:18 Scale 1967 Chevrolet Camaro
481.Eleven In One Multi Function Tool
482.16" Contemporary Coca-Cola Norman Rockwell Metal Sign
483.[3] Gamecock Game Day Flags & [2] Rock Hill Bearcat Flags
484.Gasoline Fuel Nozzle
485.Vintage Huffmann Oil Can Spout
486.Antique Kraut Chopper
487.RARE Antique Griswold 2552 1920 Dutch Oven Lid
488.RARE Antique Griswold 2552 1920 Dutch Oven Lid
489.7" Porcelain On Cast Iron Trivet
490.Antique Hand Sythe
491.Collection Of [8] Assorted Die Cast Cars
492.[3] Gear Box Wayne Gas Pump Replicas
493.[10] Pcs. Of Assorted Dale Earnhardt Die cast Etc.
494.29"W x 30" Drop Leaf Breakfast Table w/[2] Stool NOTE: Only One Stool Shown in Photo
495.Med. U S Army Field Jacket
496.Baseballs, Softballs, Golf balls & Gloves
497.3.5" Rival Cast Iron Bank
498.Collection Of Vintage Elvis 45RPM Records
499.XL 2-Piece Faded Glory Sleep Set
500.[20] Coca-Cola Collectibles
501.Vintage Set Of Tinker Toy & Pick-Up Sticks
502.1992 Issue Animated Coca-Cola Music Box Playing "I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing"
503.Betta Antique Cigarette Rolling Machine
504.Top Antique Cigarette Rolling Machine
505.9" Self Counting Digital Football Bank
506.3' x 5' American Flag w/Applied Stars
507.9" Coca-Cola Pitcher w/Two Glasses
508.1926 "Auto Owner Supply Book" From Western Auto. NOTE: As Is Condition
509.[2] 1875 Mini Books Including "Lady Of The Lake" & Scott & Coleridge"
510.1946 Dick Tracey Little Big Book. NOTE: AS IS
511.Antique 12" Western Electric Fan For Restoration
512.Rubbermaid 13 Qt. Slim Cooler
513.Vintage 17" Dome Top Tool Box
514.[2] Monogram Stadium Blankets Including "Freedom Is Not Free" & "Proud To Be An American"
515.Set Of Coca-Cola Sheets & Dust Ruffle
516.30" Ceramic & Cloth Body Granny Doll & Oak Rocking Chair
517.[9] Black Face Figurines
518.[9] Black Face Figurines
519.[3] Carved Sailors, Duck, & Primitive Cannon
520.Vintage Tin Horse & Halloween Clicker
521.1913 Miller Six-Lever Antique Padlock. NOTE; No Key
522.[3] c1915 Coin Banks From Assorted Banks
523.24" Murray Ultra Terrain Mountain Bike
524.[5] Tobacco & Cigarette Tins
525.Vintage Budget Bank, 1942 U.S. Military Pitcher & Antique Plug Tobacco Box
526.6" Black Face Boy & Girl w/Cloth Clothing
527.[12] Assorted Fishing Lures
528.[12] Assorted Fishing Lures
529.[12] Assorted Fishing Lures
530.[12] Assorted Fishing Lures


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