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190108 HUGE 3-PART ESTATE AUCTION - BIDDING ENDS: Tuesday January 8, 2019 7:00PM

Item Description
1.25" x 21" Original Oil On Board Tropical Scene
2.28" x 20" Antique Landscape Print In Gilt Frame. NOTE: Some Damage
3.6 Qt. Mini Maid Aluminum Pressure Cooker
4.No. 1905 Juice O-Matic Juicer
5.25" Carved Pelican Statue
6.[3] 9" Copper Bowl, Frying Pan & Colander
7.22" Wooden Block Plane
8.17" Wooden Block Plane
9.17" Wooden Block Plane
10.31"W x 73"H x 14"D Painted Antique Kitchen Cabinet NOTE: For Restoration
11.24" Seth Thomas Wind Up Banjo Clock
12.22" Gilbert Wind Up Banjo Clock
13.36" W x 84"H x 17"D ANTIQUE Oak Hall Tree
14.LARGE 14" Antique Gray Agate Pot. NOTE: Holes In Bottom, Make a Good Planter
15.22" Split Oak Hand Woven Transport Basket
16.45"W x 70"H x 23"D Solid Cedar Antique 2-Door Wardrobe
17.16" x 18" Custom Matted & Framed Fishing Print By Jack Bolin
18.[2] 11" Sq. Norman Rockwell Prints Matted & Framed
19.ANTIQUE No. 8 Cast Iron Tea Kettle
20.11" Cast Iron Corn Stick Pan
21.10" Cast Iron 3-Footed Stew Pot
22.19"W x 11"H x 12"D ANTIQUE Produce Crate
23.38"W x 33"H Print On Board "Indian Summer" In Antique Gilt Frame
24.47" Hand Painted Decorative Canoe Paddle
25.Collection Of [10] Pocket Knives & Whet Stone
26.[75] Assorted Antique Tobacco Tags
27.Lot Of Assorted Necklaces
28.Westclox, Big Ben's & Alarm Clocks
29.Westclox Big Ben Alarm Clock
30.Lot Of Jewelry Including A Michael Negrin Cross And Eisenberg Rhinestone Necklace
31.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
32.Collection Of Cigarette Lighters Including 14K Gold Plate Gift From James Hoffa, United Teamsters
33.Lot Of Costume Jewelry Including A Michael Negrin Bracelet
34.Lot Of Jewelry Including Weiss Necklace & Earrings & Bogoff Rhinestone Bracelet
35.[4] Silverplate Napkin Rings "M" & Salt & Pepper Set
36.Lot Including Weiss Bracelet & Michael Negrin Bracelet
37.Lot Of Assorted Necklaces
38.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
39.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
40.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
41.12" 1945 Trench Art Bank From Subic Bay The Philippines'
42.14" Dia. X 22" Drop ANTIQUE Hanging Oil Lamp
43.31" Contemporary 31 Day West Manor Wall Clock w/Key & Pendulum
44.[2] 21" x 26" Robert E Lee Portraits Including "The Compassion General" & " The Christian General" By Wm. Maughan. NOTE: Includes Documents
45.12" Lighted Miller Time Bar Clock
46.12" Miniature Cow Skull
47.21" Battery Quartz Coca Cola Clock
48.12" x 15" Framed Collection Of Campaign Buttons
49.36" UNIQUE Carved Cane
50.13" Copper Bed Warmer
51.18" Standard Antique Oil Lamp
52.30"W x 31"H x 18"D Antique Walnut Marble Top Bachelor Chest w/Hand Dovetailed Drawers
53.18" Wood Clad Antique Tractor Fuel Can
54.17" Cast Iron Anvil. NOTE: Well Worn
55.ANTIQUE Flax Wheel
56.27" x 23" Print On Board In Gilt Frame
57.28" x 16" "Lee & His Generals" Print From The Original G. B. Matthews Portrait
58.24" x 16" Last Supper Print
59.32" x 8" Hand Painted, 2-Sided Wooden Sign
60.32" ANTIQUE Vine Twist Cane
61.33" ANTIQUE Natural Wood Cane
62.34" ANTIQUE Ram's Horn Cane
63.65" VINTAGE Hand Painted Oar
64.VINTAGE Kodak Brownie Target SIX-20 Box Camera
65.18" Vintage Standard Oil Lamp
66.8" Bingo Ball Selector
67.29"W x 42"H x 16"D Slant Front Bureau Desk. NOTE: Needs Restoration
68.56" ANTIQUE Weathered Board & Tools
69.25" Boat Display, A 12" x 16" Window Display & Decorative Paddle
70.20" x 18" Antique Stained Leaded Glass Transom w/Complete Frame, Hinges & Lock
71.7" Restored Cow Bell
72.5.5" Antique Tractor Engine Gauge
73.10" Signed "Wagner" Deep Frying Pan
74.[4] Mallard Hen Decoys
75.[3] Mallard Drake & [1] Hen Decoys
76.[15] Arrowheads
77.[21] Arrowheads
78.[33] Arrowheads
79.VINTAGE Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Camera
80.[28] Bird Points
81.[23] Bird Points
82.[19] Bird Points & Arrowheads
83.14" ANTIQUE Canvas Clad Mallard Drake Decoy
84.16" Ducks Unlimited Decoy
85.11" ANTIQUE Hand Carved Decoy
86.[14] Native American Artifact Clay Pipes
87.[8] Pcs. Of Stone Tools, Fragments & Artifacts
88.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
89.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
90.1979 "Muppets" Lunch Box with Thermos & 1983 "Cabbage Patch Kids" Lunch Box with Thermos
91.13" Fitted Brown Glass Wiesbadener Rathsbrau Reusable Bottle
92.10" Ceramic Apple Cookie Jar. NOTE: Small Chip
93.VINTAGE c1940 Walnut Floor Model Philco Radio
94.17" x 21" Clown Print
95.15" Cast Iron Cornbread Fish Pan
96.ANTIQUE Crank Butter Churn That is Complete & Working Condition
97.10" Blue Enamel Chamber Pot
98.ANTIQUE Produce Crate
99.46" x 16" ANTIQUE Reverse Cut Buffet Mirror
100.No. 7 Cast Iron ANTIQUE Tea Kettle
102.Antique 10" Footed Cast Iron Deep Fry Pan
103.[4] 2.5" - 4.5" Vintage Cow Bells
104.ANTIQUE Country Store Plug Cutter
105.7" ANTIQUE Cast Brass School Bell
106.Collection Of Pottery & Arrowhead Artifacts
107.7" x 4" ANTIQUE Two-Sided Small Animal Cage
108.9" Enamel Coffee Pot
109.10" ANTIQUE Cast Brass School Bell
110.15" Hand Crafted Metal Motorcycle
111.15" Hand Crafted Wooden Motorcycle
112.11" Hand Crafted Metal Motorcycle Crash Car
113.10" Hand Crafted Wooden Motorcycle
114.[3] 1:12 Scale Doley & SS Motorcycles
115.20" Cast Iron Fish Fryer
116.12" Antique Footed Cast Iron Gypsy Pot
117.[4] 500-1500 Pc. Puzzles
118.13" x 7" EXTREMELY RARE 6 Dozen Egg Carrier. NOTE: Complete w/Dividers & Separators
119.Coleman Model 530 White Gas Camp Stove Complete w/Accessories
120.Antique 1903 Family Scale
121.6" & 10" Wheeling Regal Steel Frying Pans
122.11" ANTIQUE Cast Iron Muffin Pan
123.11" Model JK-40 Juice King Juicer
124.7" Antique Enamel Child's Potty
125.14" Painted Stainless Steel Cream Can
126.ANTIQUE 11" Sifter & [4] Green Handled Kitchen Utensils
127.2-Gal Galvanize Sprinkler Can
128.19" Sq. Leaded Glass Stained Glass Transom Sash
129.[2] 20" Sq. & 20" x 18" Stained Glass, Leaded Glass Antique Sashes
130.31" x 21" Gilt Frame French Mirror
131.14" x 16" c1925 Art Nuevo Print
132.24" x 33" Antique Stained Glass Leaded Glass Sash
133.24" Hand Wrought Cast Iron Waffle Iron
134.15" Hansen 160 Lb. Commercial Scale
135.12" Cast Iron Cornbread Pan
136.ANTIQUE Porcelain Wash Bowl & Pitcher
137.ANTIQUE Dresden Chamber Pot & Lid. NOTE: Bottom Chips
138.c1860 Victorian Wash Stand w/Towel Bars & Hand Dove Tailed Drawer
139.32"W x 30"H x 13"D Hall Table For Restoration & [6] Pcs. Of Enamelware
140.22" ANTIQUE Hires Root Beer Keg w/The Original Charles E Hires Co. Brass Label
141.51"W x 28"H Cast Iron Umbrella Stand
142.7" Antique Goofus Glass Vase
143.[8] 5" Sniffers
144.[4] 4.5" Cordials
145.11" ANTIQUE Hand Blown Beaded Enamel Victorian Decanter
146.8" Antique Goofus Glass Vase
147.[6] 7.5" Wine Stems
148.4 Pcs. Of China Including Platter & Bowls
149.10" Kikusuic Japanese China Covered Veggie
150.5.5" Signed Orrefors Crystal Bowl
151.5.5" Camphor Glass "Bee Hive" Candy Dish
152.6.5" Iridize Vase, Toothpick Holder & Ruby Plates
153.13" Antique Bracket Oil Lamp
154.5" Hand Thrown Regnia Icard Pottery Vase
155.4 Pcs. Of Stainless Steel Bar Equipment
156.[2] 12" Contemporary Oil Lamps
157.Collection Of Bangle Bracelets
158.24" x 30" Portrait Of Robert E Lee By John A. Elder
159.24" x 21" NICE Feather-Grained Gesso-Decorated Oval Frame & Ship Print
160.12" "Pioneer Woman" Cast Iron Skillet
161.25" Contemporary Oak Howard Miller Time & Strike Regulator Wall Clock W/Key & Pendulum
162.22" Cast Iron Griddle
163.20" VINTAGE Postage Stamp Dispenser.
164.6" Cast Iron Wagner Skillet
165.10" ANTIQUE Victor Cast Iron Skillet
166.11" ANTIQUE Hand Wrought Cast Iron Skillet
167.10" ANTIQUE Cast Iron Griddle
168.46" Hand Painted Decorative Canoe Paddle
169.18" Cast Iron Deep Fish Fryer
170.25" Syroco 8-Day Winding Jeweler's Clock w/Key
171.Size Small US Military Green Camo Flak Jacket
172.RARE Florence Model W.1B Kerosene Fired Water Heater.
173.OUTSTANDING 42"W x 20"H x 20"D Heart Pine, [4] Till ANTIQUE Carpenter's Tool Chest.
174.31" ANTIQUE Leather Working Horse
175.11" Hand Painted Ginger Jar
176.15" ANTIQUE No. 1 Finger Oil Lamp
177.[6] 5.5" Wine Stems
178.[6] Shot Glasses & [4] Tequila Shots
179.11" W x 13.5"H Lt. Ed. 297/5000 By Sam Nottleman & The Loon Lake Decoy Co.
180.[4] Vintage 5" Striped Glasses
181.[5] Assorted Milk Bottles
182.Mike Bottle & Graduated Handee Jar
183.[3] Cobalt Blue Mike Of Magnesia Bottles
184.[2] Brown Glass Grolech Reusable Bottles
185.[2] Jumbo Coors's Glasses
186.[5] 5" -9" Sq. Reticulated Milk Glass Plates
187.[7] 5"-9" Round Reticulated Milk Glass Plates
188.10" Beaded "Lyre" Cake Stand
189.Lot Of Costume Bracelets
190.11" x 15" c1925 Art Nuevo Print
191.Lot Including Antique Bread Crate, Masonite Box & [5] Part Trays
192.Antique Shipping Crate & Oak Keg
193.8' Wooden Step Ladder & 8' Wooden Straight Ladder
194.UNIQUE 19"W x 12"H x 12"W Coca Cola Chest
195.47" Antique Wooden Ironing Board
197.[4] 22" x 4" Model 'A' Spoke Rims
198.White Enamel Bed Pan
199.GE Battery Powered Camp Lantern
200.Antique Buck Saw
201.16" & 29" Hand Saws
202.Vintage Petrometer (Octane Rating) w/Tank Gauge
203.[4] 1963 14" Chevy Super Sport Spinner Hubcaps For Impala, Chevy II and Chevelle.
204.72" x 52" x 25" Vintage Grocery Store Bread Display
205.43" x 73" Native American Navaho Blanket
206.26" x 58" Native American Navaho Blanket Shaw
207.45" Antique Iron Hay Mowing Machine Wheel
208.30" Antique Commercial Krout Board
209.[2] 15" & 19" Cream & Green Enamel Pans
210.10" Cast Iron Griddle
211.10" Cast Iron Griddle
212.ANTIQUE c1890 Cast Iron N.Y.C. & H.R.R.R. Toy Floor Pull Train Including No. 999 Engine, Tender, Vanderbilt Passenger Car, & Wagner Buffet Vestibule Car. The Total Length is Approx. 58". NOTE: Missing Parts & Some Damage
213.Collection Of Cigar Molds
214.22" Decorative Bull Horn
215.[4] Pcs. Of Green Handle Kitchen Ware
216.Antique Counter Mounted Mincer
217.1897 Climax Food Chopper
218.VINTAGE Universal Bat-Wing Toaster
219.Vintage Bakelite Radio In Wooden Case
220.10" ANTIQUE Cast Iron Stew Pot
221.ANTIQUE Sifter & 5-Pieces of Green Handle Kitchen Ware
222.32" Union Super Steel Professional Carpenter's Tool Box
223.Vintage Croquet Set
224.12" Galvanized Cricket Box
225.Antique Wooden Ironing Board
226.Vintage Galvanized Minnow Bucket
227.[3] 7' & 9' Shepherd Crooks Birdhouse w/[2] Mouse Guards
228.[4] Open Face Spinning Reels On Rods
229.[4] Open Face, Close Face, & Bait Casting Reels & Rods
230.24" Heavy Duty Laundry Sink
231.Cast Iron 17-Ton Ratcheting House Jack
232.Vintage Galvanized Minnow Bucket
233.3.9 HP Mercury Single Outboard Motor Serial No. 1740252. NOTE: This Motor Was Last Used Aug. 2018
234.51" x 29" Gilt Framed Beveled Glass Antique Mirror
235.[2] 20" x 47" Vintage Window Sashes
236.25" x 29" Gilt Frame w/Non Glare Glass
237.16" x 19" Vintage "Boy With Rabbit" Print
238.[2] 19" & 22" Antique Convex Glass Frames w/Portraits
239.[2] 23" x 26" Antique Gesso Frames w/"Child & Dog" Prints. NOTE: Both Have Original Wavy Glass
240.Lot Including Mirrors, Art Work & Frames
241.52"W x 53"H x 30"D Antique "Quick Meal" Cast Iron & Porcelain Gas Range
242.Vintage "Chop Rite" No. 16 Cherry Stoner
243.10" Antique Cast Iron Stew Pot
244.Vintage Cast Iron No. 962 Griswold Danish Cake Pan or Egg Poacher
245.[2] 8" Cast Iron Frying Pans
246.10" Antique Footed Deep Frying Pan
247.Vintage No. 5 Alexanderwerk Food Chopper
248.Antique American Family Kitchen Scale w/Original Stenciling
249.[2] Cast Iron Trivets
250.52" Antique Commercial Fruit Shredder & Press
251.48" Antique Iron Wheel Warehouse Dolly
252.48"W x 17"H x 31D" Slant Front Lighted Wooden Table Top Display Case
253.48" x 18" x 30" Slant Front Lighted Wooden Table Top Display Case
254.[17] Arrowheads In Display
255.[37] Arrowheads In Display
256.[95] Arrowheads In Display
257.5" Vintage Tin Lithograph House Trailer
258.[7] Vintage Assorted Alarm Clocks
259.1882 Buffalo Cast Iron & Brass Bar Scale
260.7 Pc. Antique Cruet Set. NOTE: Some "As Is"
261.Vintage Westinghouse Electric Fan
262.[4] Assorted Beer Tap Handles
263.[4] Assorted Beer Tap Handles
264.74" x 80" Antique Yo-Yo Coverlet
265.64" x 80" Antique "Roman Bars" Quilt. NOTE: Wear
266.78" x 86" Vintage "Bethlehem Star" Quilt
267.74" x 84" Vintage "Three Stripe" Golden Dawn Wool Camp Blanket
268.48" x 72" Hand Woven Vintage Caribbean Blanket
269.74" x 84" Vintage "Three Stripe" Golden Dawn Wool Camp Blanket
270.80" x 70" Antique "Double Wedding Ring" w/"Bethlehem Star" Center Quilt
271.64" x 72" Vintage Youth Camp Blanket
272.64" x 72" Antique "Oak Leaf & Reel" Quilt Top
273.72" x 102" Vintage Camp Blanket
274.72" x 92" Vintage Hand Sewn Quilt
275.[2] 35" x 42" & 50" x 50" English Crown Jewel Blanket & Shaw
276.48"H Antique Oak Panel Back Full Size Bed w/Original Rails
277.Antique Carved Back, Spindle Back Oak Rocking Chair
278.28"W x 12"H x 14"D Antique Flat Top Pine Trunk
279.30"W x 38"H x 19"D Antique Child's Roll Top Desk NOTE: For Restoration
280.31"W x 28"H x 16"D Antique Oak Wash Stand
281.Antique Transfer Ware Bowl & Pitcher
282.[2] Queen Anne Style Arm Chairs
283.38"W x 40"H x 24"D "Hot Point" Enamel Vintage Electric Range. NOTE: Restoration
284.22" Dispenser & Stand
285.6" Antique Winding Tin Lithograph Egg Laying Chicken
286.[4] 6" - 12" Antique Grey Agate Pots, Pan & Colander
287.26"W x 68"H x 30"D Grocery Store Pastry Display Rack
288.39"W x 60"H x 28"D Antique "Home Enterprise" Cast Iron Wood Fired Range.
289.[4] 5" - 9" Copper Pots & Pans
290.1884 Enterprise No. 10 Food Chopper
291.[6] X-FACTOR Comic Books
292.[6] Super Heroes Comic Books
293.[6] Super Heroes Comic Books
294.[6] Star Trek Comic Books
295.[5] Superman Comic Books
296.[8] Spider-Man & Other Comic Books
297.[5] Children's Comic Books
298.[6] Assorted Comic Books
299.1973 Lt. Ed. John James Audubon's "The Wood Thrush" In Solid Sterling Silver Weighing 5.68 TOz.
300.28 Sets (56 Quarters) Of Uncirculated State Quarters
301.80" x 80" Hand Sewn "Pinwheel" Quilt
302.66" x 78" Antique "Grandma's Flower Garden" Quilt
303.71" x 81" Antique Patchwork Quilt
304.67" x 84" "Pinwheels" Quilt
305.69" x 69" Antique Quilt Top
306.[7] Vintage Alarm Clocks
308.[37] Count Assorted City 6.5 Oz. Coke Bottles
310.[31] Assorted City 6.5 Oz. Coke Bottles
311.Antique Barley Twist Claw Footed Piano Stool
312.38" [12] Case Coca Cola Store Display. NOTE: For Restoration
315.Cast Iron Porcelain "No-Spring Honest-Weight" Grocery Store Scale
316.42" Vintage Porcelain On Cast Iron Sink
317.24" Railroad Signal (12" Light) Light
318.42"W x 85"H x 17"D Antique Corner Cabinet
319.Drawer Of Assorted Silverplate Flatware
320.Shelf Lot Of Assorted Stemware
321.Shelf Lot Of Assorted Bar Glasses & Platter
322.Shelf Lot Of Collectible Glassware
323.Konica Minolta bizhub 200 Commercial Copier/Printer Printing Up To 11" x 17"
324.24"W x 40"H x 24"D Coca Cola Store Display Rack For Restoration
325.20 Ct. Vintage 1-Pint Pepsi Bottles
326.Vintage RCA Victrola AM Radio & Record Player
327.Lot Of Knitting Room Spindles
328.[7] Vintage Alarm Clocks
329.Antique c1880 Full Size Solid Mahogany Federal Style Bed w/ Original Rails. NOTE: Excellent Condition
330.32" Cast Iron Manure Spreader Gear
331.16" Farm Implement Wheel
332.[2] 30" Iron Hay Rake Wheels
333.[2] Treadle Sewing Machine Drive Wheels
334.30" Iron Wagon Wheel
335.Antique c1890 Panel Back Oak Twin Bed w/Metal Rails
336.31"W x 66"H x 18"D Wrought Iron Baker's Rack
337.13"W x 27"H x 12"D Contemporary Night Stand
338.16"W x 10"H x 9"D Vintage Boys Scout Of America Dove Tailed Equipment Box
339.[8] Vintage Alarm Clocks
340.Lot Of Vintage & Antique Kitchen Utensils
341.Excel 101 Antique Food Chopper
342.No. 5 Keystone Antique Food Chopper
343.[5] Vintage GE & Westinghouse Ice Trays
344.Pr. Of 7" Pewter Washed Copper Tea & Coffee Pots
345.[2] Contemporary Hanging Dock Lights
346.[4] 6" Large Game Traps
347.Lot Of Early Electric Wall Sconce Lights
348.[4] 4" Small Game Traps
349.1884 Security Alarm Store Till w/Unusual 4-Finger Combination Lock
350.Collection Of Patent Medicine Bottles & Jars
351.Collection Of Patent Medicine Cork Top Bottles
352.Collection Of Patent Medicine Cork Top Bottles
353.Collection Of Patent Medicine Bottle & Jars
354.25"W x 30"H x 15"D Contemporary Printer Stand
356.1915 No. 20 Sterling Slicer
357.1918 Todd Protectograph Steno Machine
358.Vintage Brearle Co. Baby Scale
359.9" Antique Grey Agate Coffee Pot
360.6" Port-Starboard Signal Lamp
361.36" x 48"(Plus 12" Leaf) Retro Dinning Table For Restoration
362.[4] 39" & 43" Wooden Buggy Wheels w/2-Wheel Brake Drum
363.62" x 32" 4-Wheel 0-Turn Warehouse Cart
364.26"W x 10"H x 14"D Hand Crafted Walnut & Pine Trunk
365.21" Antique Cast Iron Wash Pot
366.48" x 24" Warehouse Dolly
367.15"W x 52"H x 27"D Hon 4-Drawer Letter Size File Cabinet NOTE: Good Condition
368.18"W x 52"H x 27"D Hon 4-Drawer Legal Size File Cabinet NOTER: Good Condition
369.46" Hand Truck
370.39"W x 25"D x 22"D Antique Flat Top Pine & Canvas Clad Steamer Trunk w/Tills & Fitter Interior
371.[2] 12' Sections Of 3" Sump Pump/Irrigation Hose. NOTE; Like New w/Filter
372.43" x 43" Antique Oak Beveled Dresser Mirror
373.33" x 39" Antique Walnut Beveled Wash Stand Mirror
374.39" x 44" Antique Oak beveled Dresser Mirror
375.32" x 47" Antique Oak Beveled Wash Stand Mirror & Towel Bar
376.33" x 20" Antique Oak Beveled Tall Dresser Shaving Mirror
377.42"W x 13"H Antique Oak Buffet Mirror Frame
378.30 Pieces Of Replacement Silverware
379.15 Pcs. Of Replacement Silverware
380.26 Pcs. Of Replacement Silverware
381.37 Pcs. Of Replacement Silverware
382.Full Budweiser Can w/Misprinted Label
383.Full Iron City Beer, Pittsburgh Steelers Beer Can
384.Mfg. Flaw 6.5 Coke Bottle
385.36 Pieces Of Replacement Silverware
386.35 Pcs. Of Replacement Silverware
387.29 Pcs. Of Replacement Silverware
388.38 Pcs. Of Replacement Silverware
389.[11[ Children's Spoons & Forks
390.36"W x 40"H x 24"D Lighted Berg Motor Driven Jewelry "Ferris Wheel" Show Case NOTE: MSRP $3200.00, With Key
391.40"W x 16"H x 24"D Military Equipment Box
392.Vintage Craftsman Reel Push Mower
393.34"W x 44 "H x21"D Fairbanks 500 lb. Warehouse Scale
394.Vintage Blue Grass Silent Reel Push Mower
395.LP Gas Brush Burner
396.25" Antique Sawmill Blade
397.42"W x 63"H x 15"D Vintage Steel Kitchen Cabinet For Restoration w/Contents
398.18" x 30" Deliveryman's Bread Tray
399.17" x 37" Antique Printer's Tray
400.Full Size Mahogany Pineapple Poster Bed Project. No Rails
401.[5] LIKED NEW Adult Life Vests
402.10" Antique Cast Iron Stew Pot
403.12" Antique Footed Cast Iron Stew Pot
404.Vintage Craftsman Plane
405.Antique Carpenter's Nail Box & Block Planes
406.1908 No. 8 Griswold Cast Iron Swivel Waffle Iron
407.9" Grey Enamel Coffee Pot
408.Vintage Heddon 8.5' Split Bamboo Fly Rod w/Original Tube. NOTE: Found In The Wall Of A House Being Torn Down. The Inscription is "Heddon Expert" On The Reverse Side is "#125-8 1/2 - 2 - F - HD Hov E"
409.Universal No. 3 Food Chopper
410.Universal No. 2 Food Chopper
411.Antique White Enamel Pail & Grey Enamel Chamber Pot
412.100 Plus Pieces Of Replacement Silverware
413.100 Plus Pieces Of Replacement Silverware
414.17" Bongo Drum
415.Vintage Hamilton Beach Mixer
416.22" Vintage Jacob Store Scale
417.32" Vintage Carpenter's Box w/Tools
418.Antique Crate, Vintage Steamer, Sifter & Ricer
419.[7] Pcs. Of Vintage & Antique Enamelware
420.[6] Pcs. Of Vintage Aluminum Ware
421.20 Vols. Of 1909 "Little Master Pieces"
422.24 Lb. Columbia Family Scale
423.Vintage Drive In Theatre Speaker
424.Nintendo Wii Game
425.Wood Lot Including [6] Antique Sewing Machine Drawers, Wood Keg, Wine Box & What Nots
426.Glass Collection Of Brown Glass, Cobalt Bottles, Glass Juice Bottles
427.18" Glass Pickle Jar
428.120mm Projectile Tube
429.Retro Kitchen Table "As Is", Mesh Chairs & End Table
430.40"W x 82"H x 18"D Roll Around Warehouse Ladder
431.Hoover Steam Vac.
432.Technics Turn Table, Elan Fan Table, Yamaha DVD Player & Receiver
433.Sylvania VHS Player, RCA VHS, Marantz Receiver & Sherwood Receiver
434.Atlantic Speaker, Magavox DVD, Sharp VHS, Trutech DVD, & JVC VHS
435.Patch Cords & Cables
436.Vintage Silvertone 4-Speed Record Player
437.Vintage GE Bakelite AM/FM Radio
438.Vintage GE Bakelite AM/FM Radio
439.Granada 23 Channels CB Radio
440.12" Zethair Vintage Electric Fan
441.12" GE Vintage Electric Fan
442.Steward Vintage TV Sound & AM/FM Radio
443.Antique Kitchen Scale
444.[3] Biltmore Milk Bottles
445.[2] Antique 3 1-Qt. Milk Bottles
446.[6] Assorted Dairy Milk Bottles
447.[6] Edisto Dairy Quart Milk Bottles
448.[6] Assorted Dairy Milk Bottles
449.Antique Fulton Corn Sheller & Bin
450.Table Lot Of Collectibles
451.Table Lot Of Collectibles
453.[11] Assorted Milk Bottles
454.[17] Assorted Milk Bottles
455.Table Lot Of Collectibles
456.Table Lot Of Enamel Ware & Collectibles
457.Edmond Guitar & Case. NOTE: Needs Strings
458.Global Guitar & Case
459.Shelf Lot Of Copper, Porcelain & Collectibles
460.Shelf Lot Of Collectibles
461.Shelf Lot Of Tinware & Toaster
462.Antique Ironing Board For Restoration
463.20" Antique Cast Iron Cauldron. NOTE: Holes In Bottom. Make A Good Planter
464.Pr. Of 15" Antique Hand Forged Andirons
465.Vintage Oak Youth Chair
466.Table Lot Of Collectibles
467.Table Lot Of Collectibles
468.Table Lot Of Collectibles
469.Table Lot Of Collectibles
470.Table Lot Of Collectibles
471.Table Lot Of Collectibles
472.Antique Sinclair Scott Co. Apple Peeler
473.50 lb. Hanson Scale
474.Antique Lander's, Frary & Clark Vegetable Slicer
475.Antique Child's Noise Maker
476.12" Antique Footed Frying Pan
477.14" Vintage Aluminum Westbend Percolator
478.Lot Of Green Handle Kitchen Ware
479.Lot Of Red Handle Kitchen Ware
480.[5] Gasoline & Fuel Nozzles
481.[4] 15" 1976-79 Ford F-150 and Torina Hub Caps
482.[6] Pcs. Of Collectible Tin Ware
483.[4] HandKook R205/75R15-97S Optimo H724 Tires NOTE: Used But Good Tread.
484.7.50-16LT Loadrange D Tubeless Trailer Mounted On 6-Lug Wheel. NOTE: NEW
485.23" x 31" Studio Portrait Photograph Of Clark Gable As Rhet Butler