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Item Description
1.[2] 11.5 " Amyethsis Mantle Vases
2.9" Wheel Cut Cranberry Hurricane Shade w/Sterling Silver Mount
3.11.5" Hand Blown w/Applied Handles Vase
4.[2] Hand Painted Depression Era Vases
5.[4] Silverplate Napkin Rings
6.[2] 4" Dia. Candle Holders
7.11" Wheel Cut Silver Wash Compote
8.12" 3-Position Silverplate Candle Holder
9.9.5" Lt. Ed. "Triumph! Everyone A Winner!" By Edna Hibel
10.Vintage 11" Hall's Tea Pot, Cream & Sugar
11.7" Wheel Cut Lead Crystal Basket
12.7" Occupied Japan Figurine
13.Pr. Of Occupied Figurines
14.Pr. Of Vintage Lefton China Figurines
15.9.5" Blueridge Hand Painted Bowl
16.8" Vintage Royal Heager Vase w/Original Label
17.10" Decorative Metal & Composition "Elf On A Bell"
18.7.5" Antique Spoungeware Covered Bowl NOTE: Chips On Lid
19.6" Frankhoma Covered Sugar
20.5" Catawba Indian Hand Thrown Pottery Basket
21.5" Blue Decorated Miniature Seagrove Cider Jug
22.39 Pcs. Of VINTAGE c1950 Pyrex Dish Set Including [7] 10" Dinners, [8] 8" Salads, [6] 6" Cereals, [6] Saucers, [6] Cups, [1] 11" Platter, [1] 9" Veggie, [1] Creamer & [1] Sugar
23.14" Vintage Griswold Aluminum Roaster
24.Antique Bee Smoker
25.VINTAGE 14" Hand Tooled Aluminum Tray, Steaming Bowl & Ladles
26.52" ANTIQUE c1880 Vienna Walnut Two-Weigh Wall Clock w/ Porcelain Face, Pendulum & Key. NOTE: Beautiful Condition
27.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
28.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
29.[4] 1983-84 Avon Solid Pewter 2" Figurines
30.TINY TREASURES Including WWII Lead Soldiers, Antique Key, Laundry Tag, Children's Police Badges & P38 Can Opener
31.14 Kt 24" Herringbone Necklace & 14KT Ring (No Stones) w/Total Weight Of .15 Toz
32.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
33.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
34.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
35.5.5" Vintage No. 11 120V "Dolly Dell" Child's Electric Iron
36.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
37.8 Pc. Antique Celluloid Travel Vanity Set
38.9" Antique Iris & Herringbone Pitcher w/[6] 6" Glasses
39.8" Antique Fenton Art Glass Cranberry Opalescent Hobnail Vase
40.5.5" Antique Fenton Art Glass Blue Opalescent Hobnail Vase
41.5.5" Antique Fenton Art Glass Blue Opalescent Hobnail Vase
42.9" RARE Fenton Carnival Glass "Dragon & Lotus" Bowl. NOTE: In Excellence Condition
43.5.5" Antique Millersburg "Little Flowers" Carnival Bowl
44.6" Vintage Hand Painted Fenton "Silvercrest" Vase
45.7" Vintage Fenton "Silvercrest" Bowl w/Pink Cased Glass Liner
46.7.5" Vintage Blue Opalescent Basket
47.7" Vintage Fenton Milk Glass Hobnail Basket
48.7" Antique Ansonia Mantle Clock w/Porcelain Face & Royal Bond Porcelain Case
49.5" ANTIQUE Signed Northwood "Cherry" Creamer
50.Antique Porcelain Demitasse Set
51.1973 (Mars dag) "Mother & Child" 1st Issue Plate By Georg Jensen
52.10" Parian Porcelain Madonna
53.[3] 7" Brass Candle Holders & Pitcher
54.5" Silverplate Quartz Alarm Clock
55.7" Iridize Porcelain Noritake Dish
56.7 Pcs. Of Hand Thrown Artisan Pottery
57.7 Pc. Lead Crystal Berry Set
58.4" Pr. Of Sellers Salt & Pepper
59.[2] 9" Brass School Bells
60.Lot Of Bells & 10.5" Candle Holder
61.10" T.J. Carver Wooden Bird House
62.Pr. Of 14" Sq. Varney Abstract Prints
63.13" x 17" Handcrafted Cross Stitch Clock
64.Larry Holmes Collection Including White Satin Everlast Trunks Autographed By Larry Holmes, Pr. Of 12 Oz. Everlast Gloves Autographed By Larry Holmes & 8" x 10" Black & White Photo Autographed By Larry Holmes
65.12" Sq. ANTIQUE Steel Brown's Plug Tobacco Logo Impression
66.48" Sq. Tatted Table Cloth
67.Lot Of Tablecloths, Handwork & Napkins
68.[8] 1987-1994 13" x 22" Snap-On Tools Calendars
69.21" x 22" Autograph Photo Of Darrell Waltrip
70.36" x 30" Custom Matted & Gilt Framed Harbor Scene Print
71.30" x 24" Lt. Ed. 374/400 "Diggers" Personally Signed By The Artist Radd
72.28" x 24" Custom Matted & Framed Mooring Print By Montecaho
73.[2] 22" x 18" Custom Matted & Framed African Wildlife Prints
74.[2] 13" x 17" Custom Matted & Framed Fruit Stillife
75.16" x 12" Print From Pen & Ink Of "The Arch Of Titus-Rome"
76.68" x 84" ANTIQUE Pinwheel Hand Sewn & Hand Quilted Quilt
77.64" x 96" Patchwork Quilt Top
78.64" x 102" Printed Linen Tablecloth
79.44" x 78" Damask Linen Tablecloth
80.60" x 128" Damask Linen Tablecloth
81.? Vintage Automobile Grill Parts NOTE: Maybe 1950s Cadillac With European Driving Lights.
82.Lace & Pearl Chiffon Wedding Dress
83.40 Plus Flat Trunk, Strong Box & Vending
84.[8] Cylinder Trunk & Vending Keys
85.[23] Antique Skelton Keys
86.[20] Antique Furniture Keys
87.[20] Antique Furniture Keys
88.Lot Of House, Automobile & Padlock Keys
89.Lot Of Padlocks & Keys. NOTE: Not Matched
90.4" Bronze Railroad Antique Lock
91.17" Vintage Pull Handle Fire Alarm Box By Gamewell
92.15" Cast Aluminum Warehouse/Marine Telephone
93.TINY TREASURES Including A Gnomes, Plug Gauge, Firebox Key, Boswain's Whistle, Clock Key, Etc.
94.Lot Of Cylinders & Keys
95.Lot Of Costume Jewelry & Box
96.21" ANTIQUE Rayo Nickel Plated Oil Lamp Complete w/Burner, Chimney, Spider & Shade
97.15" "Happy Holiday" Animated Musical Rockin' Reindeer
98.2000 Revel American Graffiti Metal Body 1:25 Scale 1956 Thunderbird Model
99.1999 Racing Champions 24K Gold Plated 1:24 Scale Die Cast Bobby Hamilton No. 4
100.1998 Racing Champions 24K Gold Plated 1:24 Scale Die Cast No. 10 Phil Parsons
101.Pr. Of Girl's Bauer Size 12 Ice Skates
102.[12] 13" Party Under Plate Chargers
103.16" Miksa Celebrations Candle Set
104.23" Glass Silver Line Drug Store Apothocary
105.Pr. Of Vintage 12" Hand Painted Milk Glass Bedroom Lamps
106.Lot Of Glassware, Crystal & Porcelains
107.17" Bedroom Lamp w/Stained Glass Shade
108.8" Unique Metal Fitted Covered Compote
110.16" Vintage Electric Rock Clock. NOTE: Runs
111.18" Dia. Slag Glass Stag Glass Shade
112.[8] 5" Lamp Shades w/2" Receivers
113.18 Pcs. Of Vintage 1950's Pyrex Dishes
114.12" Stained Glass Lamp Shade
115.[4] 8", 10" & 12" Furniture Clamps
116.Pioneer VSXX-405 Audio, Video, Stereo Receiver w/Remote
117.Child's Safety Swing
118.New Commode Seat
119.Lot Of Assorted Household Goods
120.Antique Wooden Produce Crate
121.Antique Wooden Shipping Crate
122.Pr. Of 1996 Honda Accord Lamp Assemblies, Pr. Of 1996 Accord Headlight, Pr. Of 1996 Accord Front Lamps & Pr. Of 1994 Accord Clear Lamps
123.Lot Of Glassware, China & Silverplate
124.Converter For Bicycle To Wind Machine
125.Enamel Canning Pot
126.16"W x 21"H x 6"D Vintage c1950 Ideal Tin Dutch Cupboard
127.[6] Collectible Cups & Saucers
128.[6] Collectible Cups & Saucers
129.[6] Collectible Cups & Saucers
130.[6] Collectible Cups & Saucers
131.[4] Vintage "Tab" Glasses
132.[3] Celluloid Dresser Pieces
133.[3] Celluloid Dresser Pieces
134.[3] Celluloid Dresser Pieces
135.[11] Vintage Solid Oak Folding Chairs. NOTE: All In Good Shape
136.[3] 8", 16" & 17" Concrete Garden Statues
137.26" Sterilite Ultra Wheeled Hamper/Waste Can
138.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
139.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
140.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
141.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
142.Mont Blanc Ink Bottle & Dixon Caligraphy Pen. NOTE: Ink Is Good
143.Vintage Cast Iron 1930 Draftsman Ink Well & Dixion Caligraphy Pen
144.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
145.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
146.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
147.Lot Of Odd Earrings
148.Lot Of Odd Earrings
149.21 Pcs. Of Assorted Collectible Individual Salts w/Collector Book
150.[6] 3.5" Hand Painted Nippon Salt Dishes
151.[5] 4" Silverplate Lenox Christmas Ornaments w/Original Gift Boxes
152.[3] Lenox Christmas Ornaments In Original Gift Boxes
153.[2] Gorham Christmas Ornaments In Original Gift Boxes
154.18" Composition Bedroom Lamp. NOTE: Like New
155.Pr. Of Antique Mule Hanes
156.30" x 26" Gilt Frame Mirror. NOTE: Some Repair Needed
157.20" x 17" Antique Print Of The Governor's Mansion At Williamsburg
158.17" x 14" Custom Matted New England Photo Display
159.52" x 28" Gilt Frame Ocean Print By J. Konings
160.29" x 23" Custom Matted & Framed Lt. Ed. 32/300 Railroad Print By Wentworth Polknis
161.22" x 28" Matted & Framed Original Watercolor Signed By The Artist
162.31" x 21" Custom Matted & Framed Duck Print Signed By The Artist Earnest Squires
163.27" x 23" Custom Matted & Framed Lt. Ed. 96/750 Signed By The Artist T. R. Moore
164.32" x 26" Matted & Framed Church Print
165.34" x 23" Map Of The "Blueridge Parkway In Western North Carolina"
166.[4] 13" & 24" Duck Prints
167.[4] 13" - 19" Assorted Prints
168.[3] 22"x 27" Duke Power Station Photographs
169.24" Vintage Griswold Gas Stove.
170.32"W x 12"H x 14"D Antique Pine Tool Chest
171.30" Folding Craft Table & Stool
172.[2] 30" Folding Card Tables
173.Rope Hammock
174.Coleman Igloo & Whirlpool Coolers
175.Collection Of Paperback Novels
176.[10] 13" Decorative Metal Trays
177.27" Brass "Touch" Table Lamp
178.27" Brass "Touch" Table Lamp
179.10" Silverplate Basket
180.[21] Titles Including Recipes, Health, Etc.
181.Lot Of Appliances
182.Lot Of Appliances
183.Lenox Clock & [4] Porcelain Frames
184.[6] Wheel Cut Wine Stems
185.8"-12" Dolls Including 1992 Gorham Christmas Angel
186.9" & 10" Dolls Including Madame Alexander Scarlet O'Hara
187.[9] 6" Imperial "Cape Cod" Goblets
188.Glassware Including [6] Wine Stems, [6] Irish Coffee, [6] Sherries & [2] Sniffers
189.[12] Ashton Drake Classic Barbie Ornaments
190.Cane Covered Bottles & Decorative Wall Treatment
191.Collection Of Antique Celluloid & Tortoise Shell Mirrors
192.[10] 4" Imperial "Cape Cod" Sherbets
193.[2] New Sets Of Accudart Competition Steel Tip Darts
194.Coleman White Gas Lantern
195.Coleman Propane Lantern
196.Sear's White Gas Lantern
197.Coleman White Gas Lantern
198.[2] 15' Drop Cords
199.24" Child's Mirror
200.Werco Welder's Arm Shields
201.Marksman's BB Pistol
202.9" Stain Steel Survivor Knife
203.Pop-It 1407 White Pop Up Rack w/Shelf Liners. NOTE: NEW In The Box
204.Craftsman Deluxe Creeper
205.100' Drop Cord & Reel
206.100' Drop Cord & Reel
207.24" Varmint Trap
208.Complete Set Of Used Tail Lights & Running Lights For Chevy Pickup
209.Sequin Applica Tree Skirt
210.[8] Assorted Christmas Stockings
211.3-Pc. Set Of 4" Solid Brass "Joy" Stocking Hooks
212.[3] 7" Snowman Canisters
213.Snow Globe & Santa Ornament & Coca-Cola Ornament
214.[5] 5"-8" Battery Lighted Trees
215.12" Snowman Center Piece
216.18" St. Nicholas Doll
217.16" Electric Animated Santa Claus w/Adapter
218.16" Lighted Mickey Mouse
219.[5] 3" Battery Lighted Angel Ornaments
220.[4] Musical Mice & Snowman
221.16" Vase & Ornaments
222.[4] 7" "Eat, Drink & Be Merry" Glasses
223.8" Snow Man Canisters
224.[9] 4" 2008-2014 Danbury Ornaments
225.[9] 4" 2008-2014 Danbury Ornaments
226.9" Tin Mechanical Wind-up Carousel Cookie Tin
227.Lot of Christmas Ornaments, Candles & Etc.
228.Lot Of Decorative Christmas Items
229.44" Lighted Christmas Tree
230.24" Lighted & Decorated Christmas Tree
231.13" Light Up Snowman
232.3 Pcs. Brass Band w/Electronic Music
233.[8] Small & [4] Large Holiday & Seasonal Flags
234.Christmas Linens
235.Christmas Lights & Decorations
236.Christmas Lights & Decorations
237.Christmas Ornaments, Decorative Ornaments & Ribbons
238.Candles & Decorations
239.Liquid Silver, Soft Chargers, Cups & Bowls
240.Christmas Lights
241.Christmas Decorations
242.Christmas Decorations
243.Christmas Decorations
244.[6] Vols. Of "Christmas With Southern Living"
245.20" Lighted Christmas Wreath
246.Christmas Napkins & Hot Pads
247.Tree Toppers & Greenery
248.6'4" Blue Lighted & Decorated Christmas Tree
249.5' Halloween Goblin
250.Play Station Dual Shock
251.3000 Plus Baseball, Football, Basketball & Hockey Cards
252.Pr. Of Size 9 Men's In-Line Skates & Pr. Of Lady's 7.5 Ice Skates
253.Collection Of Sheet Music
254.1985 Membership Certificate For The "William "Refrigerator" Perry Fan Club" & Pr. Of Size 14 Aero-Jet Shoes
255.Magnavox DVD Player, A Teac Dual Cassette Player & Toshiba Disc Changer
256.[7] Pcs. Of Fostoria "American" Glassware
257.Toshiba VHS Player & Storage Case
258.[5] Vintage Books Including A 1954 Drivers Manual
259.Table Lot Including Light Fixture, Travel Blanket, Extension Cords, Etc.
260.Table Lot Including Pattern Glass, Franciscan Ware & Porcelain
261.A New Porcelain Steel Sink
262.[2] Body Pillows
263.Lot Of Coca-Cola Collectibles
264.Lot Of Assorted Linens
265.Decorative & Household Goods
266.[18] Ty Babies
267.Lot Of Assorted Linens
268.2001 23" Marie Osmond Doll
269.2003 23" Marie Osmond Doll
270.2000 16" Marie Osmond Doll
271.16" Porcelain Doll
272.18" Porcelain Doll
273.18" Porcelain Doll
274.[3] 8" & 9" Christmas Plates
275.[2] 1981 Darrell Waltrip Poster
276.New Children's Outfits
277.Collectible Bottles
278.Decorative & Craft Items
279.Storage Bags Etc.
280.Lot Of Glass Platters
281.Assorted Titles Books
282.50 Rounds Of Winchester 45 Cal. Auto Silver Tip Hollow Point Ammo
283.50 Rounds Of Navy Arms 41 Cal. Short Rim-Fire Cartilages
284.Antique 3" Cast Iron Toy Bear
285.1951 Coca-Cola Service Tie Bar
286.3" Antique German Die Cast Elephant Pin Cushion
287.1909 "Drink" Coca-Cola Bottle Opener
288.Antique Vaughan Co. "Drink Coke" Bottle Opener
289.3" Winchester Coca-Cola Pin Knife w/Union City, Tenn. On The Reverse
290."Drink Coca-Cola" Money Clip. NOTE: Tiny Chip On Logo
291.1909 "Drink" Coca-Cola Bottle Opener
292.Vintage Coca-Cola Service Tie Bar
293.12" Coca-Cola Bottling Co. "Golden Rule"
294.Vintage "Drink Coca-Cola" Steak Knife
295.Vintage Red Plastic "Coca-Cola" Letter Opener
296.J. C. Prosetti Co. Candy Container/Dime Bank
297.Miniature Coke & Pepsi Bottles
298.Vintage "Drink Coca-Cola" Bottle Opener
299.1915-1916 "Drink" Coca Cola "Good For One Free Bottle" NOTE: Bottle Depicted On Reverse Is The Paper Label Bottle
300.[3] Service Pins Including 10Kt. Gold Ten Year Pin, All-Star Coca-Cola Dealer Award & Coca Cola Lapel Pin
301.Official Coca Cola Playing Cards
302.2" Coca Cola Polar Bear Rubber Ball
303.3" ANTIQUE "York Sanitary Milk Co." Bell
304.Vintage P-38 Can Opener
305.5" Wallace's Honey Boy Bread Scoop
306.6" ANTIQUE Armand Marseille Open Mouth Porcelain Head & Limb Doll
307.Collection Of Toy Soldiers
308.1940 New Edition Girl Scout Hand Book
309.8" Cut Crystal Perfume Bottle
310.4" Signed Fenton Pink Opalescent Dresser Dish. NOTE: Hand Painted By The Artist w/Fenton Logo On Both Pieces
311.Evans Chrome Cigarette Case
312.Vintage Set Of 2" Porcelain Dione Quintuplets. NOTE: One Has Broken Foot
313.6-Pc. Set Of Takara Penny Racers
314.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
315.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
316.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
317.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
318.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
319.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
320.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
321.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
322.Lady's Choker & Matching Earrings
323.Lot Of 20 Plus Necklaces
324.52" Convertible Hand Truck/Dolly
325.45" All Steel Hand Truck
326.Nascar Goodyear Eagle Racing Slick Sticker Tire
327.32" Tuscan Style Table Lamp
328.[5] Vintage Dolls For Restoration
329.Handwork & Linens
330.Vintage Rollux Dual -Rule
331.Solid Brass Squirrel Nut Cracker
332.[5] 1977-78 Star Wars Toys In Original Shrink Pack Including; C-3PO, Sand People, Jawa, Land Speeder and X-Wing Fighter.
333.18" Tuscan Style Bedroom Lamp
334.1978 "Blue's Brothers" & "Introducing The Beetles"
335.12" Bronze Golfer Statue Mounted On A Custom Pedestal w/A Total Height Of 31". NOTE: Very Nice
336.Handwork & Linens
337.Antique Porcelain Head & Arm German Schoenhut Doll For Restoration
338.1965 Effanbee Doll
339.12-Page Baseball Card Collection, Sleeves & Seal Cards
340.Tub Grab Bar
341.Mid-Century Walnut Base Desk Lamp
342.Pr. Of Harley Davidson Mirrors
343.38" Hand Crafted "Hobby Frog"
344.21" x 26" Steel Frame Dolly
345.Vintage Craftsman Oilless Sprayer
346.3 Gal. Fire Can
347.22" Step-On Tool Box w/Stacking Trays & Contents
348.Sony CFD-440 Boom Box
349.16 Qt. Mirro-Matic Pressure Cooker
350.16 Qt. Alden-Maid Pressure Cooker
351.[2] Boxes Of China, Crystal & Stainless Accessories
352.26" x 60" Chinese Aubusson Runner & 24 X48 Tapestry
353.20" Husky Soft Tool Box & Contents
354.Pr. Of Automotive Jack Stands
355.Glassware & Decorative Accessories
356.Decorative Accessories, Glucose Monitor & Lamp
357.Sony Under The Cabinet CD Player
358.[7] Decorative Pillows
359.Executive Chair. NOTE: Some Wear
360.[6] Boxes Of Decorative Accessories & Household Goods
361.[6] Boxes Of Decorative Accessories & Household Goods
362.[6] Boxes Of Decorative Accessories & Household Goods
363.Table Of Decorative Accessories & Household Goods
364.Table Of Decorative Accessories & Household Goods
365.Table Of Decorative Accessories & Household Goods