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1.66 Pcs.. Of Alfred Meakin "Fair Winds" China Including [9] Dinners, [3] Salads, [11] Breads, [10] Desserts, {2] Soups, [2] Cereals, {1] Bouilion Bowl, [8] Saucers, [8] Cups, [1] Butter, [1] Covered Veggie, [1] Veggie Bowl, [2] Deep Veggie Bowls, [1] Salt, [1] Pepper, [1] Cream, [1] Sugar * [1] Gravy w/Under Plate
2.10 Pc. 10" Princess House Cut Crystal Punch Bowl w/8 Cups
3.Vintage Silverplate Covered Veggie Dish
4.35" x 31" Custom Matted & Framed Lt. Ed. "Tiger Welcome" Print Personally Signed By Artist Jill Strickland
5.5.75" Early Catawba Indian Pottery Vase
6.5" Catawba Indian Pottery Bowl Signed By The Potter Viola Robbins
7.5.25" Early Catawba Indian Pottery Basket
8.4" Catawba Indian Pottery Pitcher Signed By The Potter Viola Robbins
9.8" Catawba Indian Pottery Wedding Jug Signed By The Potter Beulah Harris
10.5" Cherokee Indian Pottery Wedding Jug Signed By The Potter Amanda Swimmer
11.8" Fine Porcelain Avon Santa Tea Pot
12.[3] 7"-8" Fine Porcelain Sea Nymphs
13.5" ANTIQUE Hand Paint Porcelain Jelly Jar Cover
14.37 Pc. Arrowhead Collection In Walnut Display Box
15.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
16.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
17.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
18.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
19.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
20.[8] 8.5" Haviland Limoge Christmas Plates 1970-1977
21.9" Amethyst Swirl Vase
22.[2] 1 Qt. Beer Glasses
23.9" ANTIQUE Boston & Sandwich Oil Lamp Base
24.[2] VINTAGE Syrup Pitchers
25.[6] 5.5" Cut Crystal Sherbets
26.[22] Pcs. Of VINTAGE Fostoria "American" Glassware
27.[10] 7.5" Beer Glasses
28.5" Hand Painted Nippon Nut Dish
29.5.5" Royal Rochester Hand Painted Fitted Porcelain Trivet
30.[5] Pcs. Of Vintage Fostoria "American" Including Rose Bowl, Under Plate & [3] Vases
31.13 Pcs. 10" Punch Bowl & [12] Wheel Cut Cups
32.[3] 12" x 14" Norman Rockwell Youth Sports Prints
33.Vintage 30"W X 29"H & 26"W X 8"H Glass Pinball Score Board Plate
34.24" x 18" ANTIQUE Walnut Framed Needle Work Cornucopia
35.43" Youth "Bear" Fiberglas Bow
36.18" x 22" Custom Matted & Framed Print Personally Signed By California Artist Martin Roberts
37.VINTAGE Japanese Rice Paper Umbrella. NOTE: Some Damage
38.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
39.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
40.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
41.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
42.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
43.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
44.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
45.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
46.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
47.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
48.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
49.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
50.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
51.Pr. Of Pickled Oak & Welded Steel Frame Bar Stools That Are 48"T w/Seats At 32"
52.[3] 16" - 23" Reed Baskets
53.12" x 12" Hand Crafted Leather Saddle Bag By Porter Leather Co., Love Valley, NC
54.19" x 31" Composition Frame Oval Mirror
55.Fender Squier Stratocaster Electric Guitar w/Roadrunner Case & Personal Amplifier
56.[2] Children's Slat Bottom & Cane Bottom Ladder Back Chairs
57.[5] Assorted Gun Stocks
58.Lot Of [5] Rod & Reels Including Zebco, Dock Deaman, Johnson SC1000, Shapeare Reverb, Daiwa & Sling Shop
59.[11] Assorted Cigar Boxes
60.[4] 16" x 13" Table Top Display Cases
61.1899 "The History Of Our Country" & "The United States 1885-86 Geological Survey" NOTE: As Is Condition
62.[8] Vols. Of The 1889 Chambers's Encyclopedias
63.Complete 1890 Harvard Daily Courant Newspaper In Binding
64.February 1800-December 1803 Harvard Weekly Curant Newspaper
65.12" Sq. Table Top Display Box
66.9.5"W x 4"H x 13"D Steel Strong Box w/Key
67.Ladder Back Slat Bottom Vintage Rocker
68.Lot Of Framed Goods & Mirror
69.[3] Custom Framed & Matted Wildlife Prints
70.16" Handcrafted Stool
71.28" Remote Control Helicopter. NOTE: No Remote
72.24" Plate Shelf w/What Nots
73.30" ANTIQUE Carpenter Box
74.22" Lucas Films Ltd. Jar Jar Star Wars Movie Character
75.Collection Of Old Piano Rolls
76.12" DUCKS UNLIMITED Weather Station
77.[6] 8" Etched Silver On Brass Wine Stems
78.Vintage Sessions Electric Mantle Clock
79.7" Hand Blown Glass Christmas Ornate
80.Sentry 1900 Personal Safe w/Key
81.Vintage Look Victrola AM/FM CD Player. NOTE: Works
82.[2] Atlanta Braves Matt Kemp Bobble Heads In Original Gift Boxes
83.Cane Bottom Ladder Back Rocker
84.Collection Of Lewis Grizzard Books
85.[18] Vols Of c1940-50 National Geographics
86.10 Vols. Of Gun Sports Magazine & The Encyclopedia Of Pistol & Revolvers
87.Collection Of Children's Books
88.Collection Of Novels & Informational Books
89.Collection Of Cookbooks
90.[3] Board Games
91.[2] Box Of Assorted Sport Cards
92.Collection Of Cookbooks
93.Collection Of "Greats Of The Game Card"
94.Assorted Baseball & Football Cards
95.Spy Thrillers & Vintage Books
96.Civil War Books
97.Collection Of Romance & Western Novels
98.Rawlings Lady's Fast Pitch Softball Glove
99.Tee-Ball Glove
100.Display, Craft & Puzzle Boxes
101.2 Dozen Bar Glasses, Etc.
102.Travel Books
103.[3] Parts Organizer Cabinets w/ Contents Plus ATX Power Supply & CD-ROM Drive Kit
104.Garden Tools, 12 V Inflator, Grinding Wheels Etc.
105."Basic Seminar Text Book & Dorland's Medical Dictionary
106.Box Of Assorted Tools, Sockets, Pry Bar, Etc.
107.Adjustable Wrenches, Pipe Wrench & Channel Locks
108.Lot Of Hammers
109.Assorted Tools, Gauges, Chalk Line, Etc.
110.Screwdrivers & Drill Bits
111.Ratchets, Extensions, & Sockets
112.Drill Bits Index, Sockets, Staple Gun & Hole Saws
113.Breast Drill, Rule, Files & Snips
114.Pliers & Snips
115.Wrenches & Sockets
116.Rule, Cutters, Electrical Pliers, Etc.
117.Self Charging Camp Lantern
118.[2] Organizers w/ Contents
119.[3] Organizer Cabinets w/Contents
120.VINTAGE Hand Saw & Crow Bar
121.8" Kool-Aid Advertising Pitcher
122.Sherpa Shoe
123.12" Marilyn Monroe Clock
124.[2] Heavy Duty A/V Patch Cord
125.Route 66 Thermometer
126.Sealer, Antenna & Tripod
127.Wen Wet Wheel Sharpener
128.Can Opener, CB Radio & Dictaphone
129.[10] Designer Watches
130.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
131.J D McDuffie, Dale Earnhardt, Davey Allison, & Harry Gantt Cards
132.PFC, Cpl., Sp. 4, Staff Sgt. Stripes
133.Vintage Japanese Survier Knife & Vintage Pal Hunting Knife
134.[2] Travelers 2-Band Clock Radios. NOTE [1] In Original Box
135.Collection Of Vintage Lighters
136.Old 1911 Copies Of Robinson Caruso & Treasurer Island
137.[5] Original Pcs. Of Ford Mustang Trim
138.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
139.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
140.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
141.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
142.26" Sanyo Flat Panel TV
143.17" Decorative Picnic Basket
144.Office Jet 4635 Smart Phone & Tablet Printer In The Box
145.Lot Of Decorative Brass
146.Lot Of Decorative & Collectible Items
147.Lot Of Oil Lamp Chimneys
148.Lot Of Printed Table Clothes & Basket
149.Lot Of Picture Frames
150.Lot Of Mouse Figurines
151.35 Issues Of Mother Earth News 1960 & 1970's
152.Collection Of Primitive Sling Shot
153.[3] 10", 12" & 16" Decorative Boxes
154.Collection Of [12] Assorted Vintage Railroad Buttons
155.18" Antique Wooden Shipping Crate
156.[2] Wooden Decoys
157.Approx. 3200 Assorted Baseball, Basketball, Football & Nascar Cards
158.Box Of 1988 Score Baseball, 1990 Fleer Baseball, 2008 Tops Baseball & Box Of Assorted Loose Cards
159.[12] Hot Wheels Cars On Cards
160.[12] Hot Wheels Cars On Cards
161.Approx. 250 Baseball & Basketball Cards
162.Approx. 320 Baseball Cards
163.Approx. 460 Baseball & Basketball Cards
164.Book Of Approx. 250 Vintage Nascar Cards
165.Book Of Approx. 900 Basketball & Baseball Cards
166.Marble Chest Set
167.Travel Backgammon Game
168.66" x 78" Hand Quilted Patchwork Quilt NOTE: Some As Is
169.72" x 84" Hand Sewn & Knotted Quilt NOTE: Some As Is
170.Lot Including Brownware, Art Pottery, Precious Moments, Cut Glass & Wedgewood
171.4 Pc. Atlantic Technology Speaker Set Including [2] 12" Side Speakers, [1] 10" Corner Speaker & [1] 16" Sub-Woofer (Not Shown)
172.Vintage Pyrex Nest Of [4] Bowls
173.Spyder TL Deluxe Pack Paint Ball Gun
174.Craig Am/FM CD Player Stereo
175.20" x 16" Golf Ball Display Case
176.16" Springfield Weather Station
177.Pr. Of Weighted Brass Duck Bookends
178.Pr. Of Weighted Brass Duck Bookends
179.Lot Of Decorative Brass
180.7" Electric Candle/Potpourri
181.Winnie The Pooch Tin Box & Collection Of Super Balls
182.Collection Of Assorted Keychains
183.Lot Of Picture Frames
184.Dove Figurine, Golf Duck & Glassware
185.Lot Of Baking Dishes
186.Lot Of Display Cases & Boxes
187.Softballs & Baseballs
188.Pr. Of 7.5 Ladies Cold Weather Sketchers Boots
189.Lot Including Drawer Spacers, Platter, Cheese Board, Etc.
190.Canisters & Planters
191.Lot Of Baskets
192.Akva Filter Decanter
193.Folding Aluminum Walker
194.26" Vintage Aero Pak Suitcase
195.Vintage Portable Deluxe Electric Sewing Machine
196.Antique Tin Ekco Measuring - Sifter
197.Wood Barrel Pen & Pencil Set
198.Antique Remington Typewriter Cover
199.Motion Sensor, Flood Light & Porch Light
200.Life Pro 1-3 Room 1000 Watt/3400 BTU Heater
201.5-Gal. Glass Jug
202.Oil Lamp Repair & Conversion Parts
203.5 Pc. Brass Duck Head Fireplace Set
204.Collection Of Cedar & Other Boxes
205.[12] 8" Ice Tea Stems
206.14" Brio Loom
207.Collection Of Chinese Porcelains
208.Lot Of Frames
209.200 Plus Issues Of "Woodworking", "Woodworking Journals" & "Wood" Magazines
210.Miter Box. NOTE; No Saw
211.Lot Of Matchbox Cars
212.Matchbox Trucks & Equipment
213.Shaving Set
214.23" Plastic Coca-Cola Bank
215.Lot Of Vintage 1940's Children's Books
216.20" Sq. Ottoman w/Sham
217.20" Sq. Ottoman w/Sham
218.[5] Rebel Belt Buckles
219.[5] Rebel Belt Buckles
220.Collection Buttons & Badges
221.Stewart Iron Works Plate
222.Collection Of Buttons & Pins
223.[8] Key Chain Wire Gages/Grill Cleaners?
224.[90] Baseball Cards
225.Collection Of Topps Yu Gi Oh Stickers
226.[2] Sets Of Mixed-N-Match Doll Clothes
227.[90] Basketball Cards
228.[90] Basketball Cards
229.Collection Of Fancy Button Covers
230.31"W x 31"H x 18"D Vintage Walnut Sewing Cabinet w/Domestic Rotary Sewing Machine
231.Antique Hand Woven Cane Bottom Vanity Chair
232.26" New Haven 30 Hr. Box Clock w/Original Paper Label, Key & Pendulum
233.1993 South Carolina ASCS Assoc. "Palmetto's Finest" Cookbook
234.36"W x 76"H x 18"D Antique Bird's Eye Maple Serpentine Wash Stand w/Towel Rack & Mirror
235.12"W x 18"H x 18"W Single Drawer Sewing Table
236.Playskool Baby Trike
237.59"W x 55"H x 21" Tiger Oak HEC/Wardrobe
238.14"W x 4" x 10"{ Strong Box w/Key
239.Primitive Wooden Ironing Board.
240.Lot Of Picture Frames
241.Collection Of Rubber Dinosaurs
242.42"W x 39"H x 20"D Lindsay Furniture Wicker Vanity
243.Lot Of Costume Jewelry
244.Army Duffle Bag & Vintage Boy Scout Alice Frame Pack
245.Lot Of New & Use Picture Frames
246.41" Antique Solid Walnut Settee w/Cane Backs. Note: Cane Needs Repair
247.Folding Plant Stand w/Vintage Pull Toys & Blocks
248.20"W x 26"H x 15"D Mahogany By Dixie Furniture Federal Style Night Stand
249.[2] 8" & 9" Tin Button Portraits
250.A Set Of Vintage Virginia Slims Playing Cards. NOTE: [2] Packs
251.[18] 9" Silver Plate & Brass Wine Stems
252.54"W x 53"H x 22"D Antique Tiger Oak American Empire Buffet
253.1956 First Edition "The Wreck Of The Mary Deare", 1906 N C Edition Spelling Book & Lays Of Ancient Rome. NOTE: All Is "As Is" Condition
254.Paper Collection Including Air Force, Marine & Navy Recruiting Papers, Stamp Collection, Advertising Pieces, Vintage Kool Aid Packs, Valentines, Movie Posters, & Other Paper Collectibles
255.Collection Of Game Call Record, Winchester & Remington Pamphlets, Hunting Regulations, & Fishing Collectibles
256.Collection Of Cooking Pamphlets & Appliance Books
257.Paper Collection Including Post Cards, Pamphlets, Coca-Cola, Magazines, Boy Scout Oath & Black Face Ole Virginia Hickory Chip Bag
258.[2] 18" Antique Shipping Crates
259.36" Action Hockey Face Off Game In Tin Lithograph.
260.20" Mrs. Mouse Bottle Doll
261.Vintage Ben Hogan Roll-Out Golf Green & Cup w/Putter
262.50"W Hand Crafted Room Divider Bookcase
263.Vintage Harley Davidson Skull Cap Helmet
264.4" Military Ammo Box
265.6" Military Ammo Box
266.Collection Of Matchbox Toys
267.Collection Of Matchbox Toys
268.Collection Of Matchbox Toys
269.Collection Of Matchbox Toys
270.Collection Of Matchbox Toys
271.Collection Of Matchbox Toys
272.Collection Of Matchbox Toys
273.Collection Of Matchbox Toys
274.Frame Goods & NASCAR Plaques
275.Lot Of Bakeware
276.Dust Ruffle, Shams, Etc.
277.Lot Of Books Including Biography Of President & Strong's Concordance
278.Pottery, Porcelains, Etc.
279.Enamel Pots & Jars
280.[4] Wooden Cheese Hoops
281.Heart Shaped Picnic Basket
282.[3] 25", 28", 29" Aluminum & Composition Bats
283.Pogo Stick
284.[2] 12" x 15" Norman Rockwell Prints On Canvas
285.31" Crytonics Skate Board
286.19" x 23" "Carolina Wren With Yellow Jessamine" Print Personally Signed By The Artist Anne Worsham Richardson
287.26" x 31" Print "White Roses" In Oak Frame
288.Table Lot Including Glassware, Cups, Display Boxes & Collectibles
289.Lot Of [9] Decorative Tins
290.19"W x 48"H x 10"D Folding Wire Shelfing
291.Pr. Of 9" Native American Candles
292.Jewelry Box & Contents
293.Jewelry Box & Contents
294.2003 First Edition Coca-Cola "Betty's Donut" Town Square Store
295.Table Lot Of Glassware, Seeder, Cord Reel, Glassware & Etc.
296.28" x 24" Gilt Frame Vintage Print On Board
297.Garland, Miniature Trees & Giant Bulbs
298.1959 University Of South Carolina vs Clemson College
299.18" x 15" Custom Matted & Framed Pelican Print Personally Signed By The Artist Balke
300.24" x 20" Farm Scene Print
301.Table Lot Including Hunting Seat, What Not, Baskets & Platters
302.Vinyl & Aluminum Beach Chair
303.22" Hand Dove Tailed Wooden Suitcase
304.Antique 26" Tool Box
305.Vintage Croquet Set
306.Vintage Gasoline Powered DDT Orchard Sprayer Mfg. In York, SC
307.Emmet Kelly, Robert E Lee, & Hunting Prints
308.62" x 72" Remnant Quit. NOTE: Some Damage
309.52" x 75" Hand Sewn Hand Quilted Block Work Quilt. NOTE: Some Damaged
310.49" Heart Pine Deacon Bench
311.ANTIQUE Full Size Cast Iron Bed w/Rails
312.50" Corner What Not Stand
313.32" Military Ordinance Box
314.[3] 15" Wooden Cheese Hoops
315.18"W x 10"H x 12"D Dove Tail Coca-Cola Chest
316.11" ANTIQUE Milking Stool
317.24" Wrought Iron Plant Stand
318.Best Home Recliner. NOTE: Some Soiling
319.Antique Full Size Panel Oak Bed w/Original Rails
320.45"W x 28"H x 20"D Step Down Duncan Phyfe Mahogany Table. NOTE: Some Restoration
321.54" x 80" Vintage 48-STAR American Flag
322.70" Stick & Ball Oak Hat Tree
323.Vintage Navy Seabees Uniform
324.Vintage Navy Seabees Uniform
325.72" Stainless Steel Troche Lamp
326.12" Sq. Antique Oak Stool w/Natural Rush Bottom
327.Antique Rocking Chair
328.49"W x 39"H x 12"D Hand Crafted Pine Bookcase
329.Coca-Cola Cooler Radio In Original Box
330.12" x 18" Handcraft Coca-Cola Medicine Cabinet
331.Vintage Coca-Cola 4-Piece Diecast Truck Set
332.2005 Hess Fire Truck
333.[8] Vintage 8" "Tab" Glasses
334.[2] BP & Exxon Tankers
335.[8] 16 Oz. Coca-Cola Cooler Glasses In Original Box
336.1:24 Lt. Ed. 1/1800 2000 Die Cast Race Car No. 26 Coca-Cola, Greensboro, NC
337.VINTAGE 7.5" Nylint Plastic Bull & 7" 1971 Pillsbury Doughboy
338.1993 21" Coca-Cola Service Station Clock
339.[3] 1996 Coca-Cola Clemson University Centennial Cans. NOTE: Full
340.[3] 1990 Super Bowl XXVI Redskins Champs Coca-Cola Can. NOTE: Full
341.[3] 1991 Atlanta Braves League Champs, 1992 Mickey Mouse Toontown , & 1992 Coca-Cola Christmas Cans
342.Full/Queen Oak Early American Style Bed w/Rails
343.[2] 21"W x 22"H x 16"D Oak 2-Drawer Night Stands
344.F32"W x 36"H x 11"D Oak Adjustable Shelf Bookcase
345.[2] 10" Custom Matted & Framed Charleston Rainbow Row Prints
346.Vintage Set Of Japanese Salt, Pepper & Sugar Dish
347.Vintage Bromco Tin 2-Cup Sifter
348.Vintage Bromwell 3-Cup Measuring Sifter
349.6 Pc. Vintage Japanese Tea Set
350.[5] Depression Era 4" Vaseline Glass Sherbets
351.[4] Vintage Duncan Phyfe Mahogany Chairs. NOTE: For Restoration
352.48"W x 36"H x 20"D Vintage Early American Style Knotty Pine Sideboard w/Fitted Silver Drawer
353.24"W x 40"L Knotty Pine Drop Leaf Table(60"L w/Dropleaves Up & [2] Leaves In) w/6 Rush Bottom Early American Chairs
354.[12] 6.5" Wexford Ice Teas
355.[7] 8" Vintage Western Germany Heinrich Bird Plates
356.[6] Royal Crown Bird Cups
357.[6] 4" Wheel Cut Crystal Sherbets
358.[6] 8" Plates & [1] 9" Serving Dish In The "Chinese Rose" By James Kent Ltd., England
359.11" Hand Painted Porcelain Tray
360.[8] 4" Paneled Glass Sherbets
361.Component L-Shaped Desk System